How much is a Tesla Bumper? [Everything You Need To Know]

Having a Tesla is already a blessing, no doubt. But if you go through an accident or the roads are rough, the bumpers can be easily affected.

The best thing you can do is check your bumpers frequently to make sure the roads are smooth and the collusion damage is low. And when you see cracks or dents on the bumpers or the hooks are broken or damaged, it’s safer to repair them and better to go for a replacement.

But should you invest here? How much is a Tesla bumper and how much the installation will cost? We have got you covered! Check out the details on the bumper of Tesla!

How much is a Tesla Bumper

Tesla Bumper Replacement Cost

When the bumper of your Tesla is causing you trouble, you can plan on replacing the Tesla bumper. And in the case of auto repair for fixing the troublesome part of the car or any vehicle, you will need to pay an additional price.

 However, the cost of different parts is different. And also, you will need to invest the different amounts for different auto body shops. This highly depends on the import fees. Along with this, if the labor is highly specialized, it will cost you extra.

On the other hand, keep in mind that different models of the Tesla bumper will cost you differently. If you own a Tesla Model 3, we can help you to sort out how much money you will need to invest for the job. As the replacement of the bumper depends on so many aspects, the amount can vary.

  • And depending on that, this Tesla Model 3 will cost you between $1200 to $2000 and more. However, the average cost you will have to pay for a Tesla bumper replacement is $1700 or close.
  • For Tesla Model Y, the Tesla bumper replacement will require $1500 or close.
  • The price is higher for the Tesla Model X. In this case, you have to invest about $2000 for the job to be done!
  • The replacement cost for the bumper of the Tesla Model S is lower on the other side. It will cost $800 to $1000 depending on the other aspects that affect the cost.

Insurance and the Geographic Location

But here, the factor regarding the insurance comes in too. If you have well-guarded insurance for repairing purposes, the Tesla Bumper replacement cost will be less. But keep in mind that the cost also depends on the geographic location you live in.

In some specific regions, the cost might be lower than usual. On the contrary, in some particular regions, you might need to pay an additional amount for the servicing of the new replacement bumper.

According to the survey, most states have laws for purchasing insurance for their vehicles. And in that case, that will cover for the most part. But it’s important to keep in mind that not every insurance plan will help you cover bodywork for your Tesla.

The insurance highly depends on the cause of the damage to your Tesla. Also, the reason behind the accident is something that plays an important role here.

So, in some cases, the insurance is a savior. But you cannot completely rely on the insurance when it comes to damaged bumpers because the insurance plan depends on so many other factors.

Can Tesla Bumper be repaired?

The first question that comes before replacing a Tesla bumper is if you can replace it at all. Well, it completely depends on the condition of your Tesla bumper after an accident. With Tesla, you will get two Body Repair Tech Notes.

These will cover the bumper repair issue. Of them, one is for repairing the plastic components which will cover all the plastic types of components along with the front and rear bumpers. However, the repairs are only available on the front cover.

And in this case, you must ensure that they are not performed on the radar area or whatsoever. So, well, you can already understand that Tesla bumpers can be repaired if they are not enough damaged.

But we always recommend you to invest a little and get a new one if you are confused. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

How much is a Whole New Bumper for Tesla?

The price of a whole new bumper for a different vehicle varies. In the case of luxury vehicles like Tesla, the price can be higher. The cost of a new bumper will cost you about $500 to $1000. But keep in mind that it depends on the Tesla model you are carrying.

Why Does Tesla Bumper Replacement Cost So Much?

As we have mentioned the amount you need to pay for a Tesla bumper, you might be already in a worry. Yes, we agree that the price you need to pay is high for the bumper. But why does it cost so much if you are planning to replace the Tesla bumper?

Moreover, the cost for the Model 3 Tesla is higher than the others. What is the reason behind it? The reason is mere because manufacturing the Tesla parts cost higher than the regular models of cars. As the manufacturing cost is high, the cost of the bumper gets higher with it.

As a result, the bumper gets expensive. On the other hand, another reason that affects the price of the bumper is the supply of the bumper for Tesla. At times, the lack of supply can be the reason you will not get Tesla bumpers is the regular rate.

In this situation, the rate will increase causing you extra money for the replacement job. If you compare Toyota Corolla which will require $800 to $1400 for replacing the bumper, you will surely find that for Tesla, you need to spend more.

The same goes for the Honda Accord. It will only cost you about $130 to $1300 and no more for the bumper. So, compared to all, the manufacturing cost of the Tesla bumper is high. Besides, the availability is not enough.

This is why you pay extra for it! And also, we must not forget that Tesla is a luxury brand. When you carry such a brand, unfortunately, you have to accept the pressure on your wallet.

How much does it Cost to Install a Bumper is Tesla?

We have discussed the amount for the whole new Tesla bumper along with the whole cost for the replacement.

However, if you want to know how much you need to pay for only the installation, we can help you there too. The installation of a new bumper along with the painting will cost you $400 to $1200 or more.

The cost solely depends on the shop where you are repairing, the damage along with the model you are using. If you check out the full pricing, you will understand which model will require how much money.

Wrap Up

So, we have covered everything you need to know when you have a cracked or damaged Tesla bumper. All you need is to invest enough to be safer on the roads.

Make sure you check the bumper quite often because if the bumpers of your Tesla don’t work, the road will be too long to survive!