How To Defog Tesla Windshield | Easy Methods!

Whether we are driving to our favorite destination or to our fast-paced workplace in our Tesla, knowing how to defog Tesla windshield is a handy tool whenever our car goes under the weather. 

The easiest way is to tap the “windshield defrost” option in your climate control panel once.

With the advanced technology and accessibility options in our Tesla, it is easy to get lost in the copious amounts of options and techniques to avail the best driving experience. 

Hence, today, I will explain the process of defogging the Tesla windshield properly and easily.

How To Defog Tesla Windshield | Easy Methods

Why Does My Tesla Windshield Fog Up?

Before we delve into the deeper technicalities, it is always good to know why the windshield of our Tesla can fog up. 

This is especially rampant on cold days because any moisture in the car can accumulate on the windshield and fog it up. 

This occurs by a process called “condensation,” which is very similar to what happens on the surface of a very cold beverage bottle when it is taken out of the freezer.

Usually, on cold days, when there is more than one person in the Tesla, it is easy for the moisture in the air to build up from the exhaled air of the collective. 

Moreover, wearing warm boots in the winter, or driving the Tesla right after an intensive workout, can cause more humidity to be released in the air, fogging up the windshield.

There are many ways to defog the Tesla windshield, starting from conventional ways to using the advanced technological approach as dictated by the Tesla touchscreen or even the Tesla mobile application. 

Conventional Ways To Tackle Fogging Of Windshield

Even though the Tesla is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to help with your foggy windshield, there are some easy tricks to quickly remove the fog without technological intervention. 

One of the ways is to simply turn on the air conditioner, which will automatically adjust the temperature inside the Tesla to deal with the foggy windshield. 

This will dry out the moisture inside the car quickly and easily. The windows of the Tesla can also be slightly opened to let in the cold air so that the air inside can adjust to the air outside.

However, on cold days, it is not comfortable to turn on your air conditioner, and we would rather want to turn on the heater. 

Similarly, it is not always comfortable to let cold air in through cracked windows. In these circumstances, the best way to defog our Tesla would be to use an option called “Climate Controls.”

Understanding Climate Controls

The climate control option appears at the lower end of the Tesla touchscreen, and it can be used for various climate adjustments, such as defrosting and defogging the Tesla windshield, calibrating the inside temperature, heating options, and many more.

The climate control, just like any other controls or options in the Tesla, is set to Auto by default. 

This Auto option is quite versatile, as it readjusts the temperature and environment inside the Tesla as suitable for the current climate. This includes air conditioning, heating, fan speed, and other options that maintain the temperature inside the Tesla.

The climate control settings come with two very important cautions. 

First, since the climate control system is operated by high powered battery, it will decrease the driving efficiency as the control system will use up a lot of battery power. 

Secondly, the climate control system can heat the touchscreen, and users should practice caution to avoid any unnecessary burns from sustained use.

How Do I Defog My Tesla Windshield?

It is very easy to defog the Tesla windshield with the help of the Climate Control settings. If you stick to the following instructions, you can easily defog our Tesla windshield in no time.

Find the defogger in Tesla Model 3

The defogger in the Tesla Model 3 is located right in the middle of the climate control options. 

The defrost icons (which will commence the initial defogging sequence in the Tesla) can be found right over the steering wheel, on the right side of the Auto icon, and on the left side of the A/C icon.

What Button Do You Press To Defog Windshield?

To defog the Tesla, touch the defrost icon, which is on the right side of the Auto button on the climate control screen. 

There are two defrost icons, one for the rear windshield and one for the front windshield. Touch the defrost icon on the right once to initiate the defogging sequence of your front windshield. 

Similarly, touching the defrost icon on the left will start the defogging sequence of your rear windshield by heating the windshield. 

This will also occur on the exterior side mirrors when the rear windshield defrost icon is touched. After 15 minutes, the rear windshield defroster will automatically turn off. 

Where Is Defrost Icon In Tesla App?

One of the best technological approaches to the new Tesla is the introduction of the mobile application. You can easily find the defrost icon in the Tesla app by navigating to Climate and then going to Defrost Car option.

Concluding Remarks

You can defog tesla either from your dashboard or your app. We’ve explained both the processes here and they are really easy to follow. So, choose whichever option that seems convenient to you. 

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