How To Open The Frunk On A Tesla

How To Open The Frunk On A Tesla? [Detailed!]

As a new Tesla owner, many often prefer to know all the essentials about it including ways to open the frunk. I can relate to that as this happened to me too! So, how to open the frunk on a Tesla?

You can simply pop open the front trunk by performing the 5 quick techniques. It includes:

  • Try the key fob.
  • Mobile app trick.
  • Using the touchscreen.
  • Voice command hack.
  • With hand pressure.

If you are interested to learn all the above methods in a step-by-step process, I’ll share it with other helpful details. Here I Go!

How To Open The Frunk On A Tesla

The 5 Methods To Open The Frunk On A Tesla

Keep in mind that due to some problems the Tesla frunk may fail to open. But if there’s no issues with the system. You can use these five simple and time-saving techniques to open the front trunk of the Tesla (Model 3, Y, S, and X). The methods are given below:

Method #1: Using The Key Fob

Does Tesla key fob open frunk without causing issues? Yes, if you can use the device in the right way. Here’s what I mean:

  • Bring the key fob near the Tesla car.
  • Figure out the first pressable point in the key fob.
  • Click on it 2 times and wait for the Tesla to open the frunk.
  • Test it out.

Method #2: Open Frunk With Mobile App

With the help of a mobile app called the Tesla app, you can easily open the front trunk. Let me show you the directions:

  • Android devices –
    • Download the Tesla app from the Play Store.
    • Set up the account to enter the inner settings.
    • Go to the Controls option.
    • There you’ll find the Front Trunk option (on the side of the Trunk). Click on that option.
  • iOS devices –
    • Download the Tesla app from the App Store.
    • Add your account and enter the app.
    • Hit on the Controls option.
    • Press the Front Trunk option to open the frunk.

Method #3: Apply Touchscreen Hack

To open the frunk, you can use the touchscreen by pressing the Unlock option on the front trunk shows the Tesla on the Car Status screen. Just click on the frunk and you’ll see an Unlock/Open option pop on the front side.

Method #4: Say “Open My Frunk” With Voice Command

Using the voice command on Tesla helps open the frunk with the specific voice codes. Check the given command technique:

  • For Model S and X –
    • Long press the voice button (upper right side of the steering wheel).
    • Say a command like “Unlock frunk” or “Open the frunk”.
    • Wait for the voice command to catch the phrase that you’ve said.
  • For Model Y and 3 –
    • Tap on the microphone button (on the touchscreen) or hit the voice button (right scroll button on the steering wheel) to activate the voice command.
    • Say the command in your way.
    • Let Tesla analyze the command.

Method #5: Try Out The Hand Trick

In the case of an emergency where you lost your key fob or phone and the car is locked, then using the hand trick will save time to open the frunk. To do that, follow the given direction:

  • Wear safety gloves or cover your hand with a cloth.
  • Then, use your fingertips to reach the gaps where the latch belongs in the frunk.
  • After reading the spot, press it downward so that the latch unlocks and the frunk opens.
  • Lastly, pull up the latch that is downward by using your fingertips.

The Alternative Way To Open Frunk!

If you have no power on the Tesla, here’s how do you manually open Tesla Model 3 frunk as well as other series front hoods:

What Is A Frunk On A Tesla

Open Frunk Of Model 3, Y, & S

  • Find an external low-voltage power supply like a portable jump starter.
  • Locate the tow eye cover on the front side of Model 3, Y, and S. Open the plastic surface using a pry tool.
  • You’ll find 2 wires inside the tow eye-opening that have 2 terminals.
  • Connect the low voltage power supply’s positive (+) cable which is red color on the positive terminal of Tesla.
  • Similarly, connect the low voltage power supply’s negative (–) cable which is the black color on the negative terminal of Tesla.
  • Activate the external power supply. You’ll see the frunk opening immediately.
  • Take out the negative cable and then the positive one of the low-voltage power supply from the Tesla.
  • Reinstall the tow eye cover (plastic piece) after aligning it into the Tesla.

Open Frunk Of Model X

  • Find the tow eye cover that you’ll find on the side of the bumper grill area.
  • Take a flat screwdriver into the up and bottom slots to take out the tow eye cover by pulling it towards you. Now, pull out the 2 wires.
  • With the external voltage power supply, wire the positive (+) cable on the positive side of Tesla.
  • Wire the negative (–) cable on the negative side of Tesla.
  • Turn on the external power supply. You’ll then see the front trunk open.
  • Take out the negative cable and then the positive one.
  • Add the tow eye cover in the Tesla.

Can You Open Tesla Frunk While Driving?

When you are driving, it’s not possible to open the Tesla frunk. Even if you try all the methods to open the front trunk during the driving state, the screen will show it’s unlocked but won’t open for safety purposes of the stored items inside.

It is Possible To Open Tesla Frunk Automatically

If you are thinking about whether does Model 3 frunk open automatically counting other series (Model 3, S, & X), then the good news is yes. Using the power frunk lift kit will help the Tesla to open or close automatically without the need for hand use.

Does The Tesla Trunk Pop Open?

The method of popping open the Tesla trunk (also known as the rear trunk) is easy. It requires you to locate the illuminated mechanical release on the rear of the trunk.

Then, hold and firmly press the latch directly on the arrow or towards you based on your series type. If the mechanical release button contains a cover remove that beforehand. After that, keep on pressing the latch until you see the rear trunk pop open.

The procedure of trunk opening is dissimilar to frunk. Be sure to check the Frunk vs trunk on Tesla if you don’t know their differences!

Overall Thoughts

Learning the right way how to open the frunk on a Tesla is handy for all beginner drivers. Since the process is easy, it won’t take more than 2 minutes to try in real life.

Plus, I’ve given the related details like the alternative ways to open the frunk in case of urgent situations.

Hope this guide helps you to get the exact details that are essential to know.

See You With The New Topic Soon!

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