How to Put Tesla in Neutral? [Model 3, X, Y, or S]

The Tesla Model 3 is a great car. It has a range of Miles which is more than 25 miles from the Chevy Bolt EV. It is also very popular for its high safety score and the affordable base price. However, have you ever wondered how to put a Tesla Model 3 in neutral? 

If you’re like most people, the answer is no – you probably just drive it. But if you’re looking to learn how to do it safely and correctly, read on! Neutral is a critical position for a Tesla Model 3, and putting it in the wrong spot can lead to dangerous consequences. Here’s a guide on how to put a Tesla Model 3 in neutral and stay safe while doing so.

How to Put Tesla in Neutral

How to Put Tesla Model 3 in Neutral?

Now, we need to know how to keep the Tesla Model 3 neutral. On the one hand, this process is very simple and concise. You can do this in just a few steps.

  1. First, push the drive stalk down or up to the first position.
  2. Now you have to hold the stalk for more than one second and shift the car to neutral.
  3. When you leave the seat and get out of the car, the Model 3 will automatically shift from neutral to park mode. Transport mode needs to be engaged to stay in the neutral position.

When you drive slower than 8 km/h you need to shift from neutral. To do this, press the brake pedal.

How to Put Tesla in Neutral Using Transport Mode?

When a Tesla is in Transport mode, the parking is disengaged. If the transport mode is active, it will show a message that the car will be free-rolling. You can put your Tesla in neutral using Transport mode as follows:

  1. First, be sure that your Tesla has low-voltage power.
  2. Place your car in the park.
  3. Enter ‘Controls’ on the screen by holding the brake pedal.
  4. Then press Service> Towing.
  5. Hold down the Transport Mode button until the blue color changes.
  6. The parking brake of your vehicle has now become disengaged. Now you can tow the car at 5 km/h or 3 m/h speed. 

In that case, you can take your Tesla up to a maximum of 10 meters because if you go beyond that, the car gets overheated and the engines get damaged. The company discouraged its consumers from pulling Tesla to the ground with wheels.

How to Put Tesla in Neutral Using Transport Mode

How to Put Tesla in Tow Mode?

Why put a car in tow mode? When a car has a collision, the frame or axles of the car are damaged. In this case, the car is put in tow mode before re-driving even if you do not find any visual damage. This is why Tesla users want to know how to put their car in tow mode. You can put your Tesla tow mode in the following ways:

If there isn’t a Tow Eye 

Sometimes it happens that the tow eye is missing, maybe it is lost or broken. You can then complete the task by mounting the tow strap by following the instructions below.

  1. Notice that there are large holes in the suspension arms at the front bottom of the car. First, attach the tow straps to them.
  2. The underbody of the car should be protected from damage while towing. This is why you can place a slab of wood between the underbody and the tow belt as a protective barrier.
  3. Pull your car on the truck very gradually. Be sure to double-check the tow eye before grabbing it and make sure it is legitimately sewed securely.
  4. When done, press the button at the edge of the car’s gear selector to bring it to Park state.

The tires of the car on the truck must be secured following the eight-point tie-down procedure. No metal part of the strap that you have used should stick to the painted part of the car.

If There is a Tow Eye

  1. First, identify the tow eye.
  2. Then discard the tow eye cover. To do this, you can remove the cover by placing it into a small flat-headed pry bar or screwdriver along the top of the cover.
  3. Now you have to insert the tow eye. Put in it fully and keep rotating it counterclockwise until it is securely and firmly fixed.
  4. Pull your car onto the truck very slowly. Be sure to double-check the tow eye before pulling and make sure it is firmly fastened securely.
  5. When done, press the button at the edge of the car’s gear selector to bring it to Park state.

How to Put a Tesla in Gear on a Hill?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to hill driving with Teslas, as each car experiences differently how much power is needed to climb the incline. However, there are several methods that you can use depending on your vehicle:

Method 1: Use the torque converter automatically. When you reach the top of the hill, press down on the accelerator and hold it until you feel a pull from the torque converter – this will put your car into gear. If your Model S or X has paddle shifters, you can also use them to control the gear.

Method 2: Use your hand. If you’re using a Model S or X with the manual transmission, simply put your hand on the shifter and pull it towards you until the car comes into gear – this works best if there is only one hill in your area.

Method 3: Work together with a friend or family member. If all else fails, work together with someone to push down on the accelerator and pull the Tesla up hills – this will require two people and should be done in pairs for safety reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Put Tesla Model S and Model X in Neutral?

To put a Tesla Model S or X into neutral, you must first disable the parking brake. To do this, press and hold down the “Park” button on both ends of the car for three seconds. After disabling the parking brake, simply push or pull on one wheel to engage neutral. Be aware that leaving your Tesla in gear while it’s in neutral will cause it to heat up and could potentially damage the car.

2. How to Put a Tesla in Neutral Using the Driver’s Door?

The simplest way to put a Tesla Model S and Model X in neutral is to open the driver’s door. To do so, use your hand or a key fob (depending on which car you have) to press and hold down the gearshift until the brake lights illuminate. Now release both buttons simultaneously. If your car has a dual motor mode, one set of motors will disengage while still keeping everything else running; this allows you to move the vehicle without using power steering or brakes.

3. Can You Place a Dead Tesla on Neutral?

Unfortunately, you cannot place a dead Tesla on neutral – doing so may damage the car and could potentially lead to an accident. It’s important to remember that leaving your Tesla in gear while it’s in neutral will cause it to heat up and could potentially damage the car.

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So, our article shows you how to put the Tesla Model 3 in neutral. Putting your Tesla in neutral is an important safety procedure to follow, as it allows the car to slow down without help from the electric motor. 

If you’re ever in a situation where you can’t put your Tesla in drive or park, first make sure to put it in neutral. Doing so will help you conserve energy and prevent any potential accidents. Keep in mind that this procedure is also important for your car’s longevity; by keeping your Tesla neutral, you’re reducing the amount of wear and tear that it can experience over time.