How To Use Tesla Key Card

How To Use Tesla Key Card? [An In-depth Guide]

With a new Tesla, you’ll get the tough and sleek plastic key card. It’s a handy gadget that lets you access the car without using a phone or key fob. But some beginners find it puzzling to use.

So, how to use Tesla key card? Simply hold the key card on the B-pillar reader for a few seconds to lock or unlock the car. Then, get inside the car and place the same card in the interior card reader. After that, remove it and press the brake pedal.

To understand the usage of the Tesla key card in Tesla with basic topics that’ll help you, keep on reading till the end!

How To Use Tesla 
Key Card

Using Tesla Key Card In 3 Quick Steps!

In order to access the car with the key card, you need to learn proper usage of it. Let me show you how to use it in three steps:

Step 1: Scan The Card In The Exterior Card Reader

To begin with, you’ll need to hold the card and place it in the right way on the card reader. For that, do not scan the card by flipping the card as it causes Tesla to not detect it.

Instead, you’ll need to put the card’s other side (that shows instructions of usage in the picture) on the driver’s side door panel or B-pillar’s reader.

Where To Put Tesla Key Card

Then, hold and scan the card for a few seconds. When you see the mirrors unfold or fold, it indicates the car is unlocked or locked. After that, you’ll need to press the car handle’s right side (which is clickable) and then pull it to open the door.

If Tesla doesn’t grant access to you, it indicates an issue with the key card. If this happens, check out this guide to fix the key card issue.

Step 2: Put The Card In The Interior Card Reader

Next, it’s time to scan the card in the interior reader area. For that, know that the location of the reader is different based on your car series. In Model 3 and Y, the interior card reader spot is behind the cup holder on the center counsel.

Put The Card In The Interior Card Reader

Then again, the spot of the interior card reader is on the left side of the phone charger against the center divider in the Model S and X.

the spot of the interior card reader

Once you find the spot, place the card in the reader and wait for 1 – 2 seconds. And then, remove the card.

Note: After you scan the key card, Tesla suggests it to remove the card from the reader and store it on the cup holder (not mandatory).

Step 3: Press The Brake Pedal

Lastly, you’ll need to use your one foot on the brake pedal and simply press it hard one time. This will help the car to authenticate the saved key card in the system. It usually takes not more than 2 minutes.

Pressing The Brake Pedal on Tesla

If you don’t hit the brake pedal in under 2 minutes, the car will need reauthentication. In that case, just place the key card again on the card reader and wait for the car to restart the 2-minute authentication process.

How To Pair Tesla Key Card With Phone (Or Phone Key)?

Pairing your Tesla key card with your phone is simple. You can connect up to three key cards to your Tesla at once. Here’s how to pair Tesla key card using your phone:

  1. Download the Tesla app on your smartphone. After that, open the app and log into your account by entering the username and passcode. Be sure to stay logged in to the account when pairing the key card with the phone.
  2. Then, turn on the Bluetooth on your phone. Next, enable Bluetooth within your phone’s settings for Tesla mobile app (go to Settings > Tesla app and then turn on the slider for Bluetooth setting).
  3. After that, turn on the location and set it to always position (go to Settings > Tesla app > Location > Always).
  4. Next, enable the Allow Mobile Access on the Tesla’s touchscreen (go to Controls > Safety > Allow Mobile Access).
  5. In the vehicle, open the Tesla app and click on Security > Set Up Phone Key on the phone. Then, follow the prompts on the app and set it up on the touchscreen.
  6. Look at the key list on a touchscreen to finish the pairing process (go to Controls > Locks > Keys).

Note: Some devices can turn off Bluetooth automatically if the phone is in a low-power state. So, ensure your phone’s battery is high before trying the steps.

How To Program Tesla Key Card?

You’ll need to have at least 2 active cards to program the key card. Otherwise, it won’t program the new key card. Ensure to bring them and then start the procedure. 

Firstly, click on Controls > Locks > Keys on the car’s touchscreen. Then, hit on the plus (+) or add sign. Next, scan the new key card in the card reader. After that, tap the existing key card on the same spot for a few seconds and that’s it.

Now, you’ll see the new key in the key list. For a detailed explanation of this, learn the right way of activating the key card in 3 steps. Lastly, you can rename it by clicking on the pencil icon.

Overall Thoughts

The whole process of using the key card will take not more than 30 seconds if you do it rightly. Hope you find it helpful and detailed along with other tricks to give a complete view of exactly how to use Tesla key card. Be sure to try it if you are a fresher and enjoy the application. 

Good Luck!

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