How to Install 240V Outlet for Tesla Charging [Complete Guide]

The 240V outlet can charge the Tesla in a faster way so a bunch of folks want to know about its process to try it.

Installing 240V outlet for Tesla charging will need little effort and the procedure includes:

  • Detach the circuit breaker panel.
  • Choose a spot.
  • Cut chosen spot in the square.
  • Insert the outlet box.
  • Pass the wire & insert it into the outlet.
  • Make a hole in the circuit breaker.
  • Test out the connection and connect the wire.

Secure the drywall into its place.

Keep on reading to know about its cost, installation process, and charge speed!

Installing 240V Outlet for Tesla Charging

How to Install 240V Outlet for Tesla Charging:

For all my newbies out there, this section will help you understand the DIY technique to install a 240V outlet on your car. This will take around 40 – 50 minutes based on your skill. And be sure to get all the tools if you haven’t. Here’s the instruction:

Tools Required:

  • (6 – 3 plus ground) 6-gauge wiring harness.
  • 240V outlet.
  • 2-pole circuit breaker.
  • Thermoplastic outlet box.
  • Cover plate.
  • Sandpaper for drywall or all-purpose type.
  • T-straight scale.
  • Multimeter.
  • Drill and paddle bit.
  • Tape measure.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Pencil.
  • Utility knife.


Remove The Circuit Breaker Panel

All right, go to the circuit breaker panel and remove the metal panel to reach inside. No need to shut the power off as you can close the lid and then remove all the bolts using a screwdriver. Do not touch any part!

Pick A Decent Location

  • Choose a spot to insert the outlet. The best location would be the left side of the Tesla car to charge comfortably when inside the garage.
  • Use a magnet and locate all the screws that are outside the drywall. Then, mark all the spots using a pencil. Find a good spot with no screw on the other side of the drywall.

Cut The Drywall in Square

  • Draw a nice big square using the pencil and T-straight scale.
  • Drill holes on the square edges which you have drawn recently.
  • Use the utility knife to cut the drywall surface where you have drawn the square. You’ll need to use a little pressure so be sure to take breaks in between.
  • Pull out the drywall cut part from the wall to reach the interior stuff. Just do it carefully.

Pass Wire Inside Each Stud Hole

  • Now, you have to drill through the studs (inside the drywall) using a 1” paddle bit so that wire can get inside the drywall interior studs to make the way to the actual circuit breaker panel side.
  • Insert the 6-gauge wire inside the holes that you have made just now. Insert the wire all the way to the stud’s hole to reach the desired location.

Add The Outlet Box

Attach the thermoplastic outlet box to the desired location and insert screws. Tighten them out using the driller or screw gun. Get the 240 Volt Nema 14 50 outlet that is suitable for Tesla.

Connect The Wire on Outlet

  • Cut the 6-gauge wire but not deeply (only outside cover) with the utility knife so that you can reach the 4 inner wires (black, white, red, and copper).
  • Insert the wire inside the thermoplastic outlet box. Just be sure the white wire is coming through the bottom hole and red & black wires coming through the sides (left and right) of the outlet box.
  • Insert the ground on the 240V outlet directly to the right spot.
  • Now, cut out the outside of the red, black, and white wires using the utility knife.
  • Insert the red, black, and white wires exposed cable on the right zone of output and tighten it out using the screwdriver.

Drill The Edge of The Circuit Breaker

  • If your circuit breaker is sealed and not exposed to insert the wire, then drill a little spot (enough for the wire to pass easily) in order to insert the other side of the wire to enter the circuit breaker panel.
  • Put the 6-gauge wire through the hole of a circuit breaker panel. Ensure to cut the outside cover of the 6-gauge wire to find the 4 inner wires that you are not able to pass.

Test & Insert Other Side of Wire 

  • Find the main circuit breaker panel (that gives power to your house).
  • Open the lid and turn off the power circuit. And be sure to turn everything else.
  • Test the wiring connection using the multimeter.
  • Insert the copper wire into the ground connection terminal.
  • Attach the white wire (common) to the long common terminal.
  • Plug in the 2-pole circuit breaker on the bottom plastic nautch.
  • Add the red and black wire to the right spot on the circuit breaker panel.
  • Turn on the power circuit and other circuits as well.
  • Again, test the 240V outlet using the multimeter.

Insert The Drywall Square Piece

  • Put the drywall back to the spot and insert screws where you have drilled earlier. Tighten the screws out using the driller or screw gun. 
  • Be sure to cut the small square for the outlet to show and then adjust the gaps using a reliable sealer.
  • Lastly, paint out the cracks if you want to give it a good look. Dry it out for a day and done!

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How Much Does It Cost to Install 240V Outlet for Tesla?

The installation cost of a 240V outlet for Tesla will be different if done by yourself or with the help of an expert. Let me explain how much will it take in both ways:

How Much Does It Cost to Install 240V Outlet for Tesla?
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Cost To Put 240V Outlet Via DIY

Since the do-it-yourself involves you spending energy and tactics to complete the task, this only requires part cost only. That means it’ll take up to $35 – $150 for adding the 240V outlet in Tesla.

However, you will need to have some tools that will need during the installation procedure. If you don’t have these, then the cost will rise and stand at $200 – $350.

Cost To Put 240V Outlet Via Electrician

Based on the location and difficulty level, the total expense can raise or lessen if being done by an electrician. However, it won’t cost more than $275 – $3,500 to install a 240V outlet in Tesla.

  • For a basic installation, it will cost you up to $250 – $700 (including material + labor + other costs).
  • For the station and 50-amp wiring to mount in a special zone, this will charge you up to $400 – $1,700 or more (including material + labor + other costs).
  • It will need around $1,000 – $2,000 labor cost if the location where you want to install the 240V outlet is tough.
  • The part cost is not more than $35 – $150 at max.

How Fast Does a Tesla Charge On 240V Outlet?

According to Tesla, one is able to charge up to the Tesla 30 miles of range per hour through a 240V outlet. Still, the answer depends on the capability of the wall connector and wiring. Look at the given detail to understand the topic in a better way:

How Fast Does a Tesla Charge On 240V Outlet

Wrapping Up

Installing 240V outlet for Tesla charging is pretty simple with the right plan. Be sure to get the permission of the landowner to do this kind of DIY method that involves cutting the drywall. Hope You find this handy and detailed!

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