Is Tesla Full Self-Driving Worth It: The Insights And Outsights Of Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Motors shocked the world in 2014 when they announced their Autopilot mode for all of their cars. Despite all the criticism, the Tesla Autopilot feature is still running on and on.

But now the question arises: Is Tesla’s full self-driving worth it?

Even the Tesla owners often ask this question to the Tesla Customer Support group. There might have been some minor accidents when the driver was on Autopilot mode, and some critics say Tesla’s full self-drive isn’t worth it.

In spite of all that, Tesla’s full self-driving feature is absolutely worth it. To find out why it’s worth it, just stick with us till the end.

Is Tesla Full Self-Drive Worth It

What is the full self-driving capability?

Tesla has developed the Autopilot mode where a driver can leave the steering wheel and still can get to their destinations. It was just the simplification of the entire self-driving concept.

Now, let’s talk about the self-driving capability and kit the Tesla cars have. First of all, The Autopilot mode is a sum of other convenient features. Those features are Autosteer, Auto Braking, Auto Acceleration, Auto Parking, Summoning, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, Lane Keeping, Auto Lane Changing, etc. All of these capabilities are required when you are going on Autopilot mode on Tesla.

All of the Tesla cars have these features, including the Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model X, and Model Y. With those features, Tesla cars can get you to your desired location while finding the fastest and traffic-free route with Tesla Live Traffic Visualization.

Is Tesla Full Self-Driving really worth it

You’ve known what capabilities Tesla’s self-driving feature has. But they aren’t free at all. First, you’ve to purchase a Tesla, which is one of the most expensive cars on the market, right? Next is purchasing Premium Connectivity.

Through Premium Connectivity, you can unlock Autopilot features, the Sentry Mode, Live Traffic Visualization, Video Streaming, Caraoke, Internet Browser, Music Streaming, Satellite Maps View, etc.

Tesla Full Self-Driving

Is full self-driving subscription worth it?

If we look into the matter, purchasing the Full Self-Driving (FSD) subscription isn’t half bad. It’s because you have to purchase Premium Connectivity for that. 

Premium Connectivity has two options for Tesla owners. The first option is for monthly planners. You have to spend 9.99 US dollars per month to get the monthly Premium Connectivity Tesla subscriptions.

And you need to spend only 99 US dollars if you like to subscribe for the yearly subscription.

Now, we have already mentioned to you what features you are getting when you subscribe to Premium Connectivity. 97% of the Tesla owners subscribe to Premium Connectivity even for once. Without it, you cannot really get to use your Tesla with its full potential. 

So, our conclusion is that Tesla Full Self-Driving subscription can be worth the money you’ll be spending on it.

Is Tesla self-driving getting better?

Certainly, it’s getting better day by day. The first Autopilot feature came on Tesla in September 2014. Since then, Tesla Motors has been working hard to keep its self-driving feature on the run.

It’s pretty risky to let an Artificial Intelligence take control over your car, isn’t it? Most people don’t feel secure. The Tesla Autopilot is also doing fine. But still, there are some complaints about the Tesla owners facing some minor accidents while being on Autopilot mode.

Thankfully, there are no cases of major accidents occurring while being on Autopilot mode. Tesla is constantly developing their Autopilot software.

For example, Tesla Model S had a Robot Feeling in the Autosteer mode. The car was taking a bit of delay in both braking and acceleration. But Tesla fixed their issue by developing the software.

Also, the previous versions of Tesla needed the driver’s input to change the lanes, but now an Auto Lane Changing has been introduced that doesn’t need the input of the driver anymore.

See, the Tesla self-driving is getting better with time passing.

Can Tesla transfer the full self-driving subscription feature?

Unfortunately, it can’t. You can’t take away the features from when you sell your Tesla. It is like deactivating Supercharging ability in Tesla. When you deactivate that your Tesla is going to be considered as salvage officially.

The Full Self-Driving feature is also being removed if your Tesla is listed with the Salvage title.

But still, you can purchase the subscription for Premium Connectivity to obtain the full self-driving capabilities again.

The Risks of Tesla Self-Driving

The risks of the Autopilot mode, or rather the entire self-driving system is arguably a lot. People don’t really want an AI to drive their cars. They can’t trust them entirely. Still, it’s worth taking a shot.

If for some reason, the self-driving program starts to crash and the driver is unaware of it, it will harm many lives.

According to NHTSA, Tesla cars have been involved in 273 vehicle accidents caused by their advanced driver-assist program. Also, they included that 70% of the driver-assist accidents had the involvement of Tesla cars. 

Not only that, without the drive-assist, Tesla cars have been involved in 392 accidents.

The statistics are showing that people might be relying more upon the self-driving program than they should be.

Final Words

Of course, Tesla Motors has put a lot of innovation behind their cars. Every feature included in Tesla cars shows that every penny you spend on Tesla cars is worth it.

Nothing is perfect, so there might be some mixed views about the Full Self-Driving mode of Tesla. But our opinion is on Tesla’s side. Although there might be some accidents caused by Tesla’s drive-assist, which has some involvement with the self-driving system. But you must admit that nothing is perfect, right?

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