Is Tesla Home Charger Worth It? [Explained]

Are you considering purchasing a Tesla home charger but unsure about it? And you are out here to find, is Tesla home charger worth it?

Despite the conflicting opinions out there, let me assure you that the Tesla home charger is an excellent device to own.

And yes it is absolutely worth it for a number of reasons. Not only does it come in two types depending on your budget, but it’s also simple to install with the help of a technician. Plus, it boasts rapid charging capabilities and even adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Owning a Tesla home charger also serves as an asset.

In this article, I’ll delve into the details of why this device is a wise investment and help you navigate a popular debate on this matter. Let’s get started!

Is Tesla Home Charger Worth It? [Explained]

Why The Tesla Home Charger Is Worth It

Apart from charging Tesla with generator trick, all drivers can charge the car if using the home charger. It’s worth the price and fame thanks to its unbeatable benefits. Let me share all the reasons why a home charger’s worth it:

Reason #1: Great Variety Based On The Price

One can verily think about the price range and then decide on Tesla Charging at Home space. For that, the manufacturer offers 2 kinds of home chargers. These are:

  • Wall Connector.
  • Mobile Connector.

The Wall Connector option is costly but ensures quicker charging speed by taking less time to charge. Then again, the Mobile Connector will take more time to recharge the Tesla but is affordable.

Reason #2: Installation Process Is Easy

With the great advantage of using the home charger near the house for around 4 years, the reason it is worth the price is the ease of installation.

Basically, both Wall Connector and Mobile Connector are simple to install that requires less effort and cost to get done professionally.

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Installation Procedure:

  • From the Tesla website, click on “Find an Electrician”.
  • Type the zip code in the “Enter Location” search box.
  • Mark one location that seems nearby from your home.
  • Then, you need to tell them about the installation work type and other details through email or maybe call it based on the given number. That is how you can request a quote.
  • Wait for the electrician to reply to you and then you’ll need to order some home charging equipment online.
  • Based on your time and date, forward the Order Shipment Confirmation email to the chosen electrician, and simply schedule the installation.

To know about the fees that an expert will take, learn more about the Tesla home charger installation cost here!

Reason #3: Fast Charging Speed

Tesla charging time at home using the home charger is quite stable and faster. However, Wall Connector and Mobile Connector might not be as fast as the Tesla Level 3 charger. Here’s a sneak peek of charging time using the home charger:

Tesla SeriesCharging Time Of Wall ConnectorCharging Time Of Mobile Connector
Model S41 MPH (7 hours)27 MPH (10 hours)
Model Y38 MPH (7 hours 30 minutes)27 MPH (10 hours 30 minutes)
Model X35 MPH (8 hours)23 MPH (12 hours 18 minutes)
Model 344 MPH (6 hours 36 minutes)30 MPH (9 hours 33 minutes)

For a good understanding, I’ll suggest you check How many kilowatts to charge a Tesla and then count the charge time!

Reason #4: Adds Good Aesthetic

The next thing that I would like to add here to justify its worth is the decent looks that the home charger provides in the garage or outdoor space.

No matter if you talk about the Mobile Connector or Wall Connector, both seem dope and add value to the home positively.

Reason #5: Great As A Long-term Investment

If you have a good sense of vision, then it’s clear that the one purchase of a home charger will go more than 4 years (with care). 

So, if you buy another car or maybe stay with the same, it will turn out to be a long-term investment. Saving both the cost and effort, the home charger will make your Tesla battery run longer with a healthier charging habit!

Note: Ensure to learn whether Is it OK to charge Tesla with 120V outlet? or not if you are planning to add the home charger.

Is It Better To Charge Tesla At Home Or At Supercharger?

From the perspective of the battery’s health, it is better to charge Tesla at home than Supercharger. Here’s the reason:

  • Slower charging means less stress for the battery to get recharged which is possible with a home charger. If you use Supercharger that will charge the car within 15 – 25 minutes using high power, that’s not good for Tesla’s battery.
  • The home charger will around $230 – $450 to last more than 4 years (great for the long run). On the other hand, charging at Supercharger cost $0.25 per kWh of battery meaning it’ll cost $18 for full recharge per day.
  • Charging at home will cause less degradation to the battery. Then again, studies show charging in the Supercharger station results in more battery degradation.
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Ending Note

That’s all for today! I hope now you are considering the Tesla home charger worth with more information on hand.

In my view, Its superior features and benefits make it an investment that will pay off in the long run, especially when compared to the Supercharger.

By opting for the Tesla home charger, you can enjoy easy usage, improved battery health, and reduced degradation. Whether you choose the Wall Connector or the Mobile Connector, you can rest assured that you’ve made the right decision.

I can’t wait to bring you more interesting and informative content in the future. Goodbye for now!

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