Is Tesla Mobile Charger Waterproof

Is Tesla Mobile Charger Waterproof: Yes or No?

When you go from your house to a different location, sometimes you might have to put your phone charger outside, whether it’s sunny or rainy. But before you do that, you should find out if it’s safe to do so.

In short, the Tesla mobile connector isn’t watertight or weatherproof. That means it won’t survive under harsh weather at all. But, if it stays under light rain, the mobile charger won’t get damaged.

To know more about this topic and other related details, keep reading this guide as I’ll tell you everything you need to know. Let’s Go!

Is Tesla Mobile Charger Waterproof

Tesla Mobile Connector Is Not Waterproof, But Sealed!

The casing of the mobile charger is sealed which means it works fine to stay outside or get a small amount of moisture and snow. But, if you think of leaving it outside to stay under heavy rain or snow, it won’t last a day. Let me break it down so you get the point:

Mobile Charger Gen 1

The Gen 1 mobile charger has a mixed reaction on waterproofness. As usual, Tesla used to offer two different types of mobile connectors which are corded and universal.

Tesla Mobile Charger Gen 1

The universal type mobile charger (Gen 1) isn’t waterproof. But, you can use them under the soft rain as it has good sealing which won’t allow water to sip inside.

On the other hand, is the Tesla corded mobile connector waterproof? No, it gets spoiled if contact with a small portion of water. In fact, Tesla suggests protecting the mobile charger (Gen 1) from water and moisture at all times.

It’s because the surface may face corrosion or parts damage from water. In that case, you’ll need to change the mobile charger (Gen 1).

Tesla used to offer the Gen 1 mobile charger bundle between 2012 to 2017, for almost 6 years.

Mobile Charger Gen 2

If you have the latest mobile charger Gen 2, it isn’t fully waterproof. It can bear the small drip of water that the exterior case faces as this won’t cause a short circuit.

But, if it’s about leaving the mobile charger outside on a rainy day, it won’t survive as the surface isn’t fully sealed.

Based on the warnings given in the user guide, Tesla advices keeping the mobile charger (Gen 2) protected from water, moisture, and any other objects. That way you can save it from severe damage.

Tesla Mobile Charger Gen 2

Plus, it is suggested to protect the cable especially when you are charging the car. The raindrops that reach the charging cable can cause both the electrical outlet and the charging port to get wet.

In other words, you’ll face electrical shock (even if it’s rare)! If accidentally it happens, you should first turn off the breaker before detaching the mobile charger (Gen 2).

In case the charger is badly wet or covered in snow, you’ll need to change it ASAP. It’s because the surface has good sealing which may not be enough to resist rain, sleet, snow, and so on.

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Can I Use a Tesla Mobile Connector in the Rain?

No! Letting the mobile connector or charger stay outside under rain will cause its surface including the cable, case, and interior parts to get wet. Due to this, the charger becomes useless and won’t operate at all.

However, if you mean only the EVSE ((Electric Vehicle Support Equipment) cable that Tesla offers to use in any electrical outlet, then it won’t cause much harm. As it meets the standard to use under the light rain, you can use it.

In that way, both the car and EVSE cable will communicate and start the charging process only when it seems safe to transfer the power. Even if it can be used, I suggest not taking risks regarding electrical parts!

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How to Waterproof Tesla Mobile Connector?

To make the outside mobile charger waterproof, you’ll need to add little plastic wraps to cover the main unit properly.

How to Waterproof Tesla Mobile Connector

This thing will save your mobile connector from rain for a short while. So, do not rely on it as this can cause heat issues later.

bigger box to hold the mobile charger

Instead of this, you can get a bigger box to hold the mobile charger inside when the weather is bad. That way you don’t have to fear about water, snow, or heat damage.

Overall Thoughts

Tesla mobile connector isn’t waterproof enough to resist moisture so you keep it outside all the time during the rainy season. Instead, it is sealed or covered perfectly which can take a small amount of moisture or water.

Just ensure to add a big box to hide the mobile charger in a safe way or do the temporary fix via the plastic wrap. Hope you find this guide helpful and informative to know the answer!

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