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Is This the End of The Line For The Nissan GT-R?

According to a report from Car and Driver, the Nissan GT-R R35 could be approaching the end of its iconic run. The iconic Japanese car, known as Godzilla, sports all-wheel drive and has been tearing up the streets in its current R35 iteration since 2009. However, Car and Driver has reason to believe that 2025 could be the final year that the R35 gets to roar.

The Final Days of Godzilla

Car and Driver alleges that Japanese automotive magazine Mag X has a scoop that Nissan will discontinue the GT-R R35 next year, with the automaker citing struggles with manufacturing the R35’s parts in the future. While Car and Driver are taking the Mag X report with a grain of salt, they also note that the 2025 GT-R reveal is upon us, according to Mag X, which means that we’ll hear the news straight from the horse’s mouth very soon.

Nissan’s announcement will allegedly detail the final GT-R R35’s limited-run numbers. According to Car and Driver, there will only be 1,500 units available, and 300 will be high-performance NISMO trims. However, they state that Mag X did not clarify if those are global or domestic production numbers.

Car and Driver states that they got in touch with a US spokesperson for Nissan to verify the report’s claims that the GT-R R35 will end production next year while also being limited to 1,500 production units; however, the spokesperson said that they are unable to comment on or confirm the company’s plans for future products.

Suppose this is the end of the line for the GT-R R35. In that case, we’re sure that car enthusiasts will pay a pretty penny to get their hands on one, just as many are undoubtedly throwing down plenty of cash to procure a 1999 GT-R R34, which car enthusiasts can finally legally import into the United States this year.

While that endeavor will cost at least six figures, paying for such a highly coveted car is a small cost. At a May 2023 auction, someone spent $1.3 million for the GT-R that the late actor Paul Walker drove in the Fast and the Furious film franchise. Between those films and the Grand Turismo video game series, the GT-R has been a dream car staple for many car enthusiasts of the past generation. So, if next year is the end of the road for Godzilla, you can bet that plenty of car enthusiasts will be eager to acquire it.

Author: Jarret Hendrickson

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