What To Do When You've Lost Your Tesla Key Card

What To Do When You’ve Lost Your Tesla Key Card!

Many people often lose their key cards either by forgetting them or misplacing them. When it happens, this can give a big headache for some.

If you lost Tesla key card, it is suggested to quickly delete the key from your car, or else a person with the card can steal the car. Then, use the Tesla app to unlock or start the car. If it isn’t possible, contact Roadside Assistance to do so. Lastly, get help from Service Center.

Don’t panic if you’ve lost one! In this guide, I’ll break down everything that you can do after losing the card. let’s Dive In!

What To Do When You've Lost Your Tesla Key Card

 Do This When You Lost Your Tesla Key Card!

Losing the Tesla key card is a common scenario many folks face. Before you ask what do I do if I lose my Tesla key card, here are a few things to do:

1. Delete Key Card from Car

You’ll need to deactivate the key card by clicking on the lost one’s name on the touchscreen. And then, scan the existing card to complete deactivation. To know the direction in detail, I’ve described the deactivation method below.

2. Download Tesla App and Start the Car

Next, it’s time to unlock and start the car using either a key fob or phone. Based on what you use the procedure will be different.

If you choose to use the Tesla app, open the app on your phone. Then, go to Controls > Unlock. Afterward, get inside the car and click on Controls > Start in the phone to drive the Tesla.

Download Tesla App and Start the Car

However, if you use a key fob, hit the unlock/lock button, and simply open the Tesla. Then, press the brake pedal one time to power the car. Next, select drive mode and start driving the car.

3. Call TRA (Tesla Roadside Assistance)

You’ll need to call TRA If locking or unlocking the car is impossible as it needs a key card. In that case, just use the phone to contact TRA and tell them your situation. They’ll help under the Lockouts service.

4. Contact TSC (Tesla Service Center)

If you lose all the key cards and don’t have an existing card, then it is impossible to delete the saved keys in the car.

In that case, you’ll need to go to TSC and simply get the new key cards. For that, learn the cost of a key card here. Once you get 2 key cards from them, be sure to delete the lost key cards.

Note: Be sure to use the key fob to open or close the car if the Tesla app doesn’t work.

Can I Use Tesla Without Key Card?

Yep! If you have a phone or key fob, it would be easier to use Tesla with no key card. To do that, just open the Tesla app and then open or start the car easily. You can also employ a key fob to do the same thing.

Can I Use Tesla Without Key Card
Image: Tesla.com

However, another way you can use Tesla is via the phone’s NFC method. To do that, you’ll need to enable the NFC on your phone and pair the Tesla app to the car.

After setting this up, you can use the phone as a key card and scan in the card reader (on the driver door’s door pillar) to easily use the car.

Can I Disable The Lost Tesla Key Card?

In the owner’s manual, there’s an easy way to deactivate or disable the card. It’s only possible if you have at least one key card in your hand. Let me show you how to deactivate a lost Tesla key card:

  1. Get in the car and use the touchscreen. Then, click on Controls > Locks > Keys section.
  2. After that, find the lost keys that you want to delete. It would be better if you label each key card with different names like (A, B, C, or 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on) and then put stickers on the card.
Can I Disable The Lost Tesla Key Card
Image: teslamotorsclub.com
  • Once you find one lost key card name, hit on the trash icon right on the right side. Then, a prompt will show asking for scanning the card to confirm the deletion.
  • After that, place one key card that you have right now and scan it on the interior card reader.
  • Do the same thing to remove other lost key cards from the car.

Note: If only one key card remains on the key list, you can’t delete it unless add a new one.

Can I Track My Tesla Key Card That Is Lost?

Well, it’s quite impossible to track a lost key card. However, there are some things that help to find it. Here’s how to find a lost Tesla key card and try it out:

  • Download some device tracker apps on your phone like Tile or TrackR. These apps help to track the key card via the phone if it goes missing. If you have this app, it would be easier to find the key card.
  • If your key card contains an effective built-in GPS tracker gadget, this will help you to find the card.
  • For those who know or can guess the location where the key card is lost, try reaching those places and use a metal detector to find it.

Ending Note

If you have lost Tesla key card, it’s the right time to do the above actions. FYI, it’s best to use the Tesla app or key fob after losing the card.

With an existing card, it would be easier for you to remove the lost key from the car and then contact TSC or order to get a new card. Then, activate the key card like this and then enjoy using the new one.

And ensure to mark the new card and insert some GPS device or add it to tracking apps to avoid losing it in the future. Hope this helps!

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