How To Make Changes To Tesla Order

How To Make Changes To Tesla Order? [Complete Guide]

You might have made a Tesla order but changed your mind later about something specific. Perhaps you’ve got the name or model wrong, or you might have messed up with the color. 

So, can you change your tesla order? Yes, you can. And here you’ll learn how to make changes to tesla order easily. For making the changes, you need to log into your account and edit the order. We’ll discuss the steps in detail here. 

How To Make Changes To Tesla Order

Can I Modify My Tesla Reservation?

In simple terms, the answer is yes. You can definitely modify your Tesla reservation. 

To make a change to your Tesla reservation, the first thing you need to do is log in to your Tesla account. Proceed to the ‘manage’ button and click on the ‘submit request’ option.

The next step is to view your current order and make any necessary adjustments. You can cancel your order or change any detail regarding your current order. However, this will work only if your car hasn’t been designed. 

In any case, if your car has already been designed, this method will not work, and the best you can do is contact Tesla directly. 

A representative from Tesla will let you know the status of your order and whether any cancellation or change is possible. If it’s possible, he/she will also guide you on how you can make a change or cancel your Tesla order. 

The cancellation will take approximately 15-30 days if you’ve chosen to cancel your current Tesla order. 

How To Change The Tesla Color After The Order?

Tesla has some stunning colors to choose from. From solid black, metallic blue, pearl white, and metallic silver to an attractive red- you can’t get enough of these stunning Tesla colors

All the colors of Tesla are so amazing that anyone is bound to get confused and make a mistake on their first order.

But you can change the color of your car after you’ve placed your order. If you’re buying a Tesla for the first time, we know how much it means to get something unique and perfect.

To change your Tesla color, all you need to do is log in to your Tesla account and look at your final invoice. If the final invoice is pending, it means your order hasn’t been processed completely yet, and that’s a relief.

Make sure you decide on which color to go for so that you can make a final submission. Click on the ‘Edit your order’ button and choose the color that you have in mind. 

And that’s it! Your Tesla color will be changed immediately, and the best part is that it doesn’t require any kind of additional charges.

Can You Change Your Mind After Ordering A Tesla? 

Yes, as long as it’s not too late, you can definitely change your mind after ordering a Tesla. Just go to your Tesla account and submit a request to cancel your Tesla order. 

The recent Tesla updates have made it possible to change configurations of your Tesla car by maintaining the same price. This can work out in your favor if you’ve thought of making some changes to your Tesla order.

You can make changes to the color and details of your car, and you won’t have to pay any additional charges. Besides, if you’ve decided to rename your Tesla car, you can proceed to do it with this option.

How Late Can You Cancel The Tesla Order?

You can change your Tesla order until Tesla has issued a final invoice for your current order. Once your final invoice has been provided, it’s not possible to cancel your order any more. You can still try contacting Tesla directly to discuss the cancellation of your order, but the chances are pretty slim. So, we suggest canceling your Tesla order as soon as possible once you’ve made up your mind.

Does Tesla refund the order fee?

Tesla maintains certain protocols when it comes to refunds. In most cases, if it’s relevant, the payment for every Tesla order is usually subtracted from the down payment. 

However, if it’s not relevant, then Tesla usually gives a full refund on the order fee once they’ve collected the amount from the funding platform. 

If your refund is applicable, your order fee will be wired back to the same debit/credit card that was used to deposit the payment.

Final Words

It’s totally possible to make changes to tesla order and now you have learned how. All you need to do is follow the required protocol and move on to make the necessary adjustments. 

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