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The MG Cyberster Is Another EV Upping The Ante Overseas

Automaker MG teamed up with British adventure duo Hugo and Ross Turner for an 8,500-mile PR tour across Europe to promote their new electric vehicle (EV) roadster, the MG Cyberster, titled Charging Into The Future. The next leg of the tour will see the Turners take the Cyberster along the famed Silk Road route on their way to destinations in the Middle East, India, and eventually Shanghai.

It’s just the latest example of EV testing making global waves. Last month, Chinese automaker Nio took their new ET7 saloon on an impressive 648-mile run on a single charge. A month before that, Volkswagen revealed that its ID.3 shined during its 62,000-mile test when the Little EV That Could retained 93 percent of its battery capacity after undergoing WV’s rigorous, long-term test.

Charging Into The Future

It’s an ambitious ploy, but with Charging Into The Future, MG wants everyone to know that their Cyberster roadster is ready in the real world as a reliable daily driver. Autoweek has reported that after driving the Cyberster through France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, and the Czech Republic, Ross Turner has confirmed the tour to be a success so far when he said, “Like all major projects, Hugo and I have undertaken not everything has gone quite to plan. A few thousand extra miles have already been added to the trip because MG fans and EV enthusiasts have heard about the tour and want to see the car, so we’ve been asked to several extra events.”

There will be challenges for the Turners and the Cyberster as they travel into Asia on portions of the famed Silk Road. Still, based on how the electric roadster has responded to the tour thus far, Hugo Tuner is confident that it will continue to prove its real-world capabilities, “All of our experience has been with a pre-production car, but it’s been amazing. The car is as responsive as you would expect from an EV, but it sticks like glue when you throw it into a corner.”

The MG Cyberster Roadster EV

According to Autoweek’s report, sporting a dual-motor, the Cyberster looks to be as much a noteworthy track toy as a daily driver; it generates around 536 horsepower. The Cyberster will also launch from 0 to 60 in less than 3.0 seconds.

If anything, the Cyberster looks to be a refreshing EV offering from MG. So many EVs that come out these days are of the luxury sedan or SUV variety that a true electric roadster will be a welcome addition to the EV segment of the automotive market.

However, as Autoweek reports, the MG Cyberster will not be debuting in the United States, so any EV enthusiasts on this side of the pond hoping for an electric roadster will have to cross their fingers and hope that Tesla eventually does release their Roadster follow-up. With that said, if the MG Cyberster proves popular in Europe, you can expect some wealthy car collectors to find a way to bring one stateside under the Show or Display statue. (Thanks, Bill Gates.)

Author: Jarret Hendrickson

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