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Mr Bean’s Dislike Of The Electric Car Is Hurting EV Sales In Britain

British actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson, most famous for playing Mr. Bean and Blackadder, has taken the blame for low EV sales in the United Kingdom. 

The British comic was recently singled out for “damaging” the reputation of EVs in the UK and severely impacting their sales following a report by environmental watchdog Green Alliance.

Green Alliance criticized the actor in a British Parliamentary committee, coming not long after Atkinson published an opinion piece in the British newspaper, The Guardian.

Atkinson Feels Duped by Electric Cars

In his opinion piece, Atkinson said he was an early convert to electric vehicles but now feels duped by them. He criticized the process involved in manufacturing EVs, stating that figures from Volvo claimed greenhouse gas emissions during EV production are nearly 70 percent higher versus a gasoline-powered one.

The actor went on to say this was due to the batteries of electric cars. Atkinson said they are absurdly heavy, we need vast energy to make them, and they only last around ten years. Atkinson then noted that the positives are the new solid-state batteries on the way, which should be more efficient and lighter than lithium-ion ones, and the research on hydrogen car production.

Green Alliance Called The Article “Most Damaging”

Following his article, Green Alliance said that Atkinson’s article was one of the most damaging on the subject of EVs. They said, “Unfortunately, fact checks never reach the same breadth of the audience as the original false claim, emphasizing the need to ensure high editorial standards around the net zero transition.”

The Green Alliance did not just criticize Atkinson, however. They also said problems facing EVs in the UK are the lower numbers of charging points and prohibitive pricing. The absence of “consistent messaging from the government,” which has shifted year-to-year, was also a point of content for the alliance.

The Guardian Responded To Atkinson’s Comments

Remarkably, even The Guardian responded to Atkinson’s article. Deputy editor Simon Evans said the article was a “failure to recognize that electric vehicles already offer significant global environmental benefits, compared with combustion-engine cars.” Evans said that was Mr. Bean’s biggest mistake in his opinion piece.

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