The driver of the electric car inserts the electrical connector to charge the batteries.

An Electric Car Owner Waited Over 1 Hour Before Her EV Was Charged

A TikTok user has posted her electric car charging experience to the platform, claiming she waited over an hour for her car to charge up. The reaction was very divided, with some viewers sympathetic to Niya Esperanza and her struggles, while others were not so kind.

By the weekend of February 10th, over 840,000 people had watched the video, with many EV owners eager to voice their opinions. The drama commenced after a woman pulled in front of Esperanza after waiting an hour to get to the charger before one was free. She started recording her video and was second in the line by then.

A Woman Cut Off Another Charger Customer


It got heated people meant business #carcharging #electriccar

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As she filmed her video, the woman in front of her pulled into a spot with a defunct charger. When a working one opened up, she tried to get into that spot, but she blocked off another customer. Esperanza said everyone started yelling at her to get to the back of the line, but the woman refused.

In the end, it appeared she did go to the back of the line, which meant the line would finally move again. Despite clearly frustrating, not all Esperanza’s followers sympathized with the content creator.

Viewers Encouraged Esperanza To Buy A Charger For Home

Some commenters said that Esperanza should have installed a charger at her home. This is an option many people take advantage of, and it can cost less to charge your car depending on your electricity rates. One viewer said, “Why don’t you get a charger installed at home?” while another added, “I charge my hybrid at my house.”

The predicament did see some people sympathetic to the TikTok user. However, others also said this situation will cause them never to buy an electric car. One user said I love finding ANY GAS STATION and spending FIVE MINS then leavingggg and getting on with my day.” Charging network issues continue to plague EVs, with defunct chargers not uncommon.

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