How to Open and Close Tesla Windows!

How to Open and Close Tesla Windows!

When I first started driving a Tesla, I found it confusing to figure out how to roll the windows up and down. Thankfully, I quickly discovered the easy way to do it!

So, how to close and open Tesla windows? It’s simple if you just use the window switches of the car (pull or press the switch) or run the Tesla App (go to Controls > Vent/Close).

As the 2 lines of explanation won’t describe the process clearly, I’ll break this down in this guide with other interesting stuff. Stay Tuned!

How to Open and Close Tesla Windows!

The 2 Ways to Open and Close All the Windows of Tesla!

You can lower and raise all the windows in Model X, Y, 3, and S cars using either the window switches or the app. Here are the instructions on how to roll the windows up or down using these techniques:

Method #1: Via Window Switches

All cars of Tesla offer window switches for 4 door panels to raise or lower all the windows. After reaching the switches, do the given steps to open the windows:

  • Lower the Front or Rear Window Fully: Click on the switch with a single long press to fully drop the window.
  • Lower the Front or Rear Window Partly: Hit on the switch in a soft-press and then take a break. You have to do this a couple of times until the window is at the right height.
Tesla Windows Opening and Closing

Now, do the following steps to close the windows:

  • Raise the Front or Rear Window Fully: Pull the window glass button in the front or rear window switch fully and then quickly release it.
  • Raise the Front or Rear Window Partly: Pull the same window glass button gently and then stop. Do this until the front or rear window glass lift at your desired height.

Method #2: Via Tesla App

To roll down the car’s windows all at once, open the Tesla App. And then, go to Controls > Vent (Open) option right next to Unlock/Lock button.

Window on off by APP

Then again, to roll up the windows, open the Tesla App on your phone (Android or iPhone) and click on the Controls > Close button at the top section.

By doing so, it’ll close all the doors. Apart from this, you can also open or close the windows by clicking on Climate > Vent icon in the Tesla App.

Note that if using the Tesla App, all the windows will open or close at once. There’s no way for you to open a specific window!

Does Tesla Windows Close Automatically?

The Tesla windows can roll up automatically. It only requires you to turn on a setting which is Close Windows on Lock.

Tesla Windows Close Automatically

To do that, you’ll need to click on Controls > Locks > Close Windows on Lock and then turn it on. By doing so, the car will get automatically close when you get inside the car and then lock the door.

If your car is in Car Wash Mode (Controls > Service > Car Wash Mode) on the touchscreen, then all the windows will close automatically by themselves.

Why Won’t My Tesla Window Close Fully?

There are a few common reasons why the window might not close all the way. In most cases, it happens due to the freezing weather, or the door not being closed rightly.

If you see your Tesla window goes up after opening the door, it could mean that the puddle light is loosely fitted or requires replacement.

Apart from this, if the door frame’s striker is not aligned properly, the window can open up a little to indicate an issue. Also, the window won’t close fully if the edges have mud or rock trapped inside.

For a detailed explanation, learn about the Tesla window problems and then fix them by reading this!

Overall Thoughts

Opening and closing Tesla windows is easy if you follow the direction mentioned in the owner’s manual. But the description of the manual sometimes seems unclear.

In that case, just try the above methods and check whether it works or not. If the window doesn’t open or close in Model 3 or Y cars, be sure to reset it. For the Model X and S, find the causes first and then fix the bug or get help from Tesla Service Center if the window not closing or opening. Keep On Working Hard!

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