Why Do People Tap The Tesla Charger? [Explained]

You might have seen the scenario where some Tesla workers or owners display you by tapping the charger on the taillight and saying it will help you to charge faster.

Or, you are just charging your Tesla on a Tesla charging outlet and you just noticed the worker out there tapped the charger on the tail light. Why do people tap the Tesla charger? A common question that might have popped up in your mind.

There are some myths regarding the issue. Some say it’s for a faster charge, some say it is to remove debris from the charger hole, some might say that it is for a social media challenge, and some people might just do it out of habit. Either way, it won’t be any help to you.

Why Do People Tap The Tesla Charger

The “Urban Myth” and the “TikTok Myth” that started it

The origin of this myth started from TikTok. In a recent TikTok video, which was about a Tesla charging, the user stated to make sure the worker had tapped the charger on the tail light. It said that the tap was for faster charging.

As specified by TeslaToro, Tesla owners tap their charger on the tail light to get help with charging speed and better connectivity. 

But it’s all a myth. The only thing that tapping the charger on the tail light would help with is removing dirt, mud, and debris from the charger which might be interrupting connectivity.

Reasons of why do people tap the Tesla charger on the tail light

Well, not all people think that tapping the charger only makes it faster to charge. Some have other ideas in their mind. Let’s see what are the reasons people tap their Tesla charger on the tail light.

Opening charger port at Non-Tesla Charging outlets

Non-Tesla Supercharger pilots don’t have the option of pressing the button on the charging nozzle to open up the charger port door. It’s only available on Tesla charging outlets.

So, it’s reasonable to tap your Tesla many times around the tail light area to open the charging port door. Otherwise, there isn’t any way to open it up in a Non-Tesla charging outlet.

Removing debris from the charger hole

The only way all these tappings seem logical is when they do it to remove the debris or dust from the charger hole.

Dust, dirt, and debris might accumulate from time to time when you use your charger more often. It’s no surprising matter. And tapping can be a useful way to clean your charger hole.

That dirt is most likely to interrupt the connectivity between your Tesla and the Tesla charger. So, it’s a handful to tap the charger on the tail light to get better results.

Tapping with a Phone

If you somehow get careless and forget to open the door from the dash, then you can just use a phone or a key FOB, which is available for Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, and Tesla Model Y.

You just need to tap either the key FOB or the phone on the charger pot door to open it up from the dash.

Out of habit

Not always the Tesla owners need a specific reason to tap the charger. Sometimes, it just becomes a habit, right?

Many Tesla users might agree with us, people have a sort of tradition or habit when they are spacing out. And it could be something like that.

Activating the charger

To be honest with you, no Tesla charger works by tapping on the tail light. It’s just an urban myth. Although there were times when that method did work. But that doesn’t mean it was designed that way.

When we enter our charger in the Tesla’s charging port, it doesn’t activate. To fix that kind of scenario, we tap on the charger nozzle many times on the back of our Tesla.

Then, if we re-enter it, it activates and starts charging. But it might be because there are some issues with the circuit or whatnot, which may be fixed by tapping on them. But heed our advice, Tesla didn’t design it that way.

For faster charging

As you already have heard from us, this trend went viral via a social media platform called TikTok. It’s pretty absurd to think that your Tesla would charge faster when you tap it.

Activating the charger is somewhat logical, but faster charging is nothing but a hoax. You will never get a faster rate at charging by simply tapping the Tesla charger on the tail light.

For social media challenge

Until now, we’ve shown you some reasons that might be valid to tap the charger on the tail light. But this one right here has no valid reason whatsoever.

As you are aware that it was trending on TikTok for quite a long time. So, people eventually tried to attempt the tapping trend on the Tesla charger.

For some time, we have seen many Tesla owners and charging outlet workers have taken the TikTok challenge to see if their Tesla actually gets a faster rate of charging.

Final Words

Now you know why do Tesla owners tap the tail light. Well, it had been a common sight in Tesla and Non-Tesla charging outlets for a while. Some people still use this method for the reasons stated above.

If you were one of them and didn’t know what was the actual reason for you to do that, then we hope that this article was helpful to you. If you have any more queries regarding Tesla, you can come by here some other time.

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