Best Portable Charger for Tesla – 5 Top Picks

Choosing the Right Portable Charger for Your Tesla: A Comprehensive Guide

Teslas can offer great miles per charge. However, you still have chances of getting stranded somewhere remote with 0% charge on the battery.

So, is there a portable charger for Tesla? If so, which one is the best portable charger for Tesla?

The best Tesla portable chargers would be the ones that are compatible with your vehicle, offers a fast-charging rate, is durable, and is highly portable. Not to mention that it should be easy to use too!

Want to know which portable chargers fit those descriptions?

Well, if you keep on reading, you will be able to learn all about the models that are worthy of your money.

Best Portable Charger for Tesla – 5 Top Picks

Can You Charge a Tesla With a Portable Charger Without Voiding Warranty?

So, can you buy a portable charger for your Tesla without worrying about the warranty? Yes, you can!

However, you need to be very cautious about which charging equipment you are using with your electric vehicle.

Tesla does not cover any damage or malfunction done directly or indirectly by, due to, or resulting from abuse, misuse, accident, improper use, or negligence.

Therefore, it is always a good idea not to use any random portable charger.

The same thing applies to the charging cable. You need to make the right decision by considering the voltage parameter.

So, when it comes to choosing the Tesla charging cable 110 or 220, it is crucial to check the parameters of the charger.

What Makes a Portable Charger Best for Tesla?

Before going straight into describing the good portable chargers for Tesla, let’s first look at the things that make a unit worth getting.

So, these are the factors that you should consider before making a purchase –

Compatibility With Tesla vehicles

The thing is, Tesla is not the only electric vehicle out there. There are many.

And although the chargers of electric vehicles might work with each other, it doesn’t mean that they are all directly compatible.

So, for a unit to be the best portable charger for Tesla, it must be directly compatible with your Tesla model. Remember, using the wrong portable charging equipment can damage your electric vehicle’s charging system or batteries.

Power Output and Charging Speed

You do not want to wait for days for a portable charger to fill up your electric vehicle’s battery, would you?

That’s why you should ensure that the charger has a high charging speed and can offer high power output.

It would be impossible to get the best results if the portable charging equipment does not offer efficient and fast charging.

Battery Capacity

Your vehicle’s battery capacity plays an important role in choosing a portable charger. And as you know, not all Teslas have the same battery capacity.

Nonetheless, the main rule of thumb is that you would want to get a fast charger if your Tesla has a high battery capacity.

You can get away with slow chargers if the battery capacity of your Tesla is not that high. Even so, getting a fast charger is a good idea.

Durability and Portability

It is obvious that you will be carrying the portable charger everywhere.

However, if its build quality is lackluster, you cannot expect to handle the abuse you will put on it while moving it around, setting it down, and putting it back on the frunk.

What about portability? Well, it plays a crucial factor too. The charger must have portability features, allowing you to easily carry it around.

Without that, it will be hard for you to set the charging equipment up for charging the electric vehicle.

Brand Reputation and Support

Chargers for Teslas is a very important topic. You definitely don’t want to get a charger from an unknown brand.

It might use low-quality components, which can harm your electric vehicle.

The same thing applies to the support that the brand offers. Choose a charger that has a good support team behind it.

Through that, you can be assured of getting quick assistance when anything goes wrong with the charger.

Extra Features

Last but not least, look for extra features. Things such as safety certifications, LED displays, and features that make the chargers easy to use are cherries on top.

How Much Does a Tesla Portable Charger Cost?

The cost of the Tesla portable charger varies. It depends on the charging capabilities and can cost anywhere from $100 to $700.

In other words, you have both budget and high-end options.

But what about the cost per mile?

Well, the cost of charging a Tesla with a portable charger is pretty much the same as charging it with a Level 2 charger.

In fact, even if you are using a Tesla charging adapter, the total price for charging remains pretty much in line with standard charging. Yes, you will see a difference as you don’t have to pay the Tesla wall charger installation cost.

So, in that sense, getting a portable charger for your electric vehicle is a much better option.

Safety Precautions of Using a Portable

If you want to make sure that nothing goes wrong with the portable charger or your Tesla, you should keep these safety precautions in mind –

  • Make sure that the charger is compatible
  • Do not charge in a less-ventilated area
  • Never overcharge the battery
  • Keep the charger unplugged when not in use
  • Do not use the charger if it has exposed cables or parts
  • Keep the charger away from the water even if it is dust and water resistant

Charger Maintenance Tips

You can carry out some simple maintenance steps to enhance the lifespan of the portable charger. They are –

  • When not in use, store the charger in a dry and cool place
  • Periodically clean the ports and the charger body
  • Occasionally inspect the condition of the wires
  • Avoid exposing the charger to extreme temperatures
  • Use the charger frequently to maintain its performance

Final Words

So, that is all about the Tesla portable chargers. And no matter which one you choose from the chargers mentioned above, you will end up with the best portable charger for Tesla.

That means you can make a purchase without overthinking.

Also, keep the precautionary steps and maintenance tips in mind. Those will enable you to have a good overall experience with the portable charger.

Good luck with your purchase!

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