What Is the Problem with The Model Y Seats?

What Is the Problem with The Model Y Seats? [Fix It!]

After getting the Model Y, people often complain about the seats or having pain in the hips or thighs because of the seats.

Due to the driver’s tall height or body proportion, some folks find problems with the Model Y seats. To add comfort, try to add pads on bolsters or cushions in the seats and lumbers. In rare cases, adjust the headrests or calibrate the driver’s seat if these are bothering you.

Here I’ll break down the solutions to the Model Y seats issue and derive whether they are comfortable and higher or not. Stay Tuned!

What Is the Problem with The Model Y Seats?

Fixing The Problem with the Model Y Seats!

Most drivers who own Model Y complain about the seats. The most common problem with them is due to the seating space, comfort, and headrest.

Because of the unique body shape of each person, the same seats are comfortable for some people while others find them terrible to sit in.

To fix the issue of Tesla Model Y, here are a few things that you might want to do:

1. Add the Seat Bolsters

The first thing you can do to add comfort to the seats of MY is modify the bolsters. For that, insert more padding in the seat bolsters to ensure the hand area is comfortable.

To do that, I’d suggest getting an expert’s help to add extra pads inside the bolsters or on other sides. Do not do it yourself as it can void the warranty.

2. Add Seat Cushions

Another way how you can ensure comfort is by using a support or cushion on each seat. You’ll find different types of car seat cushions in the online or offline markets to add to the seats.

Among all, it would be best if you go for ergonomic car seat cushions that are sleek. By using this, you can ensure better posture while driving!

3. Calibrate the Driver’s Seat

If the Model Y driver’s seat is stuck or showing weird issues, you can calibrate it. To do that, go to Controls > Service > Driver Seat, Steering & Mirrors Calibration option.

And then, hit on the Start bar and ensure to remove stuff behind or underneath the driver’s seat. Next, get out of the car and let the seat get reset.

4. Adjust the Headrests

As front seats in Model Y cars contain integrated headrests, you can’t adjust them. But, for the rear seats, you can adjust them like this:

Adjust the Headrests Model Y
  • To lift the rear seat’s headrests, pull them upward until they reach the desired height.
  • To drop the rear seat’s headrests, long press the button that is located on the base of the outer post. Then, push the headrests downward while holding the same button.
  • You can raise the headrest of the child safety seat by pulling it upward. Then again, hit the button on the base of the outer post and drop the headrest.

5. Use Lumber Cushions

The last thing that you can do to add comfort to seats is to use support or cushion on each lumber. Adding ergonomic accessories like lumber cushions will help to get maximum back support.

Be sure to adjust Tesla seats if they are folded as sometimes, they can make terrible noise or vibration during driving.

Are Tesla Model Y Seats Comfortable or Not?

The owners of Model Y have mixed opinions on the comfort of the seats. A couple of folks think the seats are cozy, while others don’t like the design and often complain.

To be specific, a few tall drivers who are 6 feet or taller find the seats uncomfortable as they feel difficult to sit up straight in the seats. This is because the upper body of tall people doesn’t fit comfortably against the front or rear seats.

On the other hand, nearly all shorter drivers like the seating design and say the seats are comfortable. However, some of them have complaints about the headrest.

Does The Model Y Sit Higher or Lower?

As the MY cars are crossover, you might find it higher to sit up. To ensure better driving position, Tesla made the seats on risers to make you feel you are higher up.

But at the same time, they also focus on the law of physics and so raises the roof line along with the center of gravity and add more side wall to the tires. Plus, that’s one of the reasons why you’ll feel the car seats are higher than the Model 3 cars.

Ending Notes

As some drivers have problems with the Model Y seats, it doesn’t mean these aren’t comfortable. As Model Y is a sports car, the seats are designed to give an aggressive vibe rather than a comfy one.

Be sure to try the above solutions to make the seats comfortable if you are having trouble. I hope this guide is helpful to you.

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