Aftermarket Wheels and Rims on Tesla: Revolutionize or Preserve

Tesla wheels can often come with a hefty price tag, ranging from $2,000 to $6,000 USD. However, there is a more cost-effective option available: aftermarket wheels. The question is, can you put aftermarket wheels on your Tesla?

Indeed, it is possible to install aftermarket wheels on your Tesla, although it can be a little tricky due to the specific rim sizes that Tesla uses. By knowing the size of your Tesla’s wheels, you can easily customize aftermarket wheels that are a perfect fit for your vehicle.

To determine the size, refer to the dimensions of the Tesla wheels available for your specific Tesla model. It’s important to note that while installing aftermarket wheels on your Tesla is an option, it may introduce performance-related challenges to consider.

Can I Put Aftermarket Wheels On My Tesla

What rims fit on a Tesla?

Normally, Tesla wheels are perfectly measured out to fit into the Tesla rims. But when we are going to put the aftermarket wheels on those rims, we need the perfect measure to make sure they fit.

So, what is the measure of the rims to fit on a Tesla? For Tesla Model 3, the diameter for the rims is 18 to 20 inches and the width for theirs is 8.5 to 10.5 inches. So, we need rims of these sizes to perfectly fit them into our Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model Y rims

Tesla has a variety of wheels for their cars. Although Tesla Model Y stuck only with three types of rims. Two of them are long range Gemini and Induction wheels. The other one is for the performance Tesla Model Y, which is Uberturbine wheels.

The Gemini wheels are 19 inches, the Induction wheels are 20 inches, and the Uberturbine wheels are 21 inches.

Tesla Model S rims

There are a lot of Model S rims you can get from Tesla. Model S requires OEM rims for the wheels. There are a total of five OEM wheels available for the Tesla Model S.

First, we have 19 inches Base wheels, 19 inches Slipstream wheels, 19 inches Cyclone wheels, 21 inches Turbine wheels, and 21 inches Arachnid wheels.

Tesla Model 3 rims

Just like the Model Y, the Tesla Model 3 also has only three wheels options available. And all of them are OEM based wheels. The most intriguing part about Model 3 rims is that all three of them have a Tesla logo in the middle of the wheels. Not all wheels have this.

The wheels we are talking about are 18 inches Aero wheels, 19 inches Stiletto wheels, and 20 inches Stiletto wheels. The Stiletto wheels have two different size variations.

Tesla Model X rims

There are no wheels available for Tesla Model X below 19 inches. They also have color variations like the Sonic Carbon Gray version which can cost up to 2,000 US dollars.

The wheels available for Model X are 20 inches Slipstream wheels, which have the Sonic Carbon Gray color variation, 19 inches Cyclone wheels, 20 inches Helix wheels, and 22 inches Turbine wheels, which are the performance wheels for Tesla Model X and also have an Onyx Black color variation.

Can I Put Aftermarket rim On Tesla

Can I put aftermarket rims on a Tesla?

Now, we have to deal with the real one here. Obviously, we can use an aftermarket rim on a Tesla. Just we have to be thoroughly detailed about the sizes of our Tesla wheels. Otherwise, we might end up building wheels that can’t fit on our Tesla.

You might be aware that each of the Tesla wheels offers us some special features that might be impossible for other wheels to provide us, right?

Just, for example, the wheels we use on Model Y have two purposes, one is to ensure our long-range driving, and the other one is there to ensure we don’t complain about performance.

But can all other aftermarket wheels offer us that? We don’t think it can. But we can customize one to act like one of the Tesla wheels. And more importantly, it might cost us less than Tesla wheels. It’s because other than standard Tesla wheels, others can cost us above 2,000 US dollars, even if it’s for only color variation.

So, you can certainly put aftermarket wheels on a Tesla as long as they fit into there. But you might be sacrificing aesthetics there. But don’t worry not all Tesla wheels can offer you the maximum level of aesthetics. You can at least manage what type of wheels you want by saving some money.

Can you upgrade Tesla rims?

Yes, you can definitely do that. But it will require at least 2,000 US dollars to upgrade. Well, the cost varies from Tesla model to model and also what you need for the wheels.

For Tesla Model S, the standard wheels are the Slipstream wheels and the Base wheels. But you have to pay additional 4,400 US dollars to have the upgraded Cyclone wheels. The Turbine wheels will cost around 6,000 US dollars and the Arachnid wheels will cost 4,400 US dollars additional with the car.

As for the Tesla Model Y, the Gemini wheels are the standard ones, and the Induction and Uberturbine are the paid upgrades, which might cost you 2,000 US dollars and 6,000 US dollars.

But if you use an aftermarket wheel, that will come a lot cheaper than these Tesla wheels.

Tesla wheels vs Aftermarket wheels

When we are putting wheels on a Tesla, it’s certain that the Tesla wheels will always benefit. Meanwhile, the aftermarket wheels might be cheaper, but can’t provide us with the benefits like Tesla wheels can.

But the problem is with the price. Even among Tesla wheels, there’s always a debate. For example, Tesla Gemini vs Induction wheels is one of the spiciest debates among Tesla wheels. It’s because there are at least three wheel options available for each Tesla model.

In terms of features, aftermarket wheels can’t win against Tesla wheels, but when it comes to pricing, the aftermarket wheels will always be our first choice. Well, the Tesla wheels are a bit pricey, aren’t they?

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I put different wheels on my Tesla?

Of course, you can. As long as the wheels fit perfectly on the Tesla, you can put any wheels you want on them. So, first, get to know the sizes of your Tesla car, and then customize as you will.

2. Can you put rims on a Tesla Model 3?

Well, the Tesla Model 3 has two options available for its wheels. The Aero wheels, which are the standard wheels for Model 3, and the Stiletto wheels. The Stiletto wheels have two variants, the 19 inches one and the 20 inches one.

Other than these wheels, you can put a different rim on your Tesla Model 3. Just make sure you have the size right. To measure the sizes, just take the measurements of the Tesla wheels mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

We completely understand why you are searching for aftermarket wheels for your Tesla. Yes, sometimes the Tesla wheels upgrade price seems to be a bit overpriced, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

But that’s where the aftermarket wheels come, right? They can save us a few bucks and they can fit into our Teslas if the size is right. Yes, we could be sacrificing some aesthetics there, but as long as the car drives fine, we are fine with it.

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