What Is the Rarest Color of Tesla! [A Comprehensive Study]

Before going into the showroom, folks should get a complete idea about the available and rarest colors. To help you folks with that, I share what I learned this year!

So, what is the rarest color of Tesla? Silver Metallic and Red multi-coat are the rarest shade in all series of Tesla cars. Till today, these colors are hard to find in most paint shops including Tesla’s Giga Berlin.

To understand everything about the rarest paint color of Tesla in detail along with other information, scroll down!

What Is the Rarest Color of Tesla

The Rarest Color of Tesla Is Silver Metallic & Red Multi-Coat!

The rarest Tesla color is none but the Silver Metallic and Red multi-coat. These 2 paint colors have been used by only 6.3% – 10% of drivers who purchase officially. 

In fact, you won’t find these 2 colors anymore in the Tesla paint shop called Giga Berlin (an advanced plant). Plus, it’s hard to locate these shades in other paint shops.

Even though both of these shades are rare enough to find in Tesla, still their popularity level seems to raise recently.

What Color Tesla Has Highest Resale Value?

According to most drivers of Tesla, the Pearl White Multi-coat, Midnight Silver Metallic, and Solid Black are some of the colors that have the highest resale value.

The Pearl White multi-coat and Solid Black are great under cool or sunny temperatures. If the weather is above 54.44 degrees C, the Solid Black color of Tesla would stand better. Similarly, at 45 degrees C temperature, the Pearl White Multi-coat color performs well.

In the hot or cold weather when temperature raises or decreases, the Midnight Silver Metallic does best beating both white and black.

However, you might need to consider the cleaning + maintenance since both white and black would show dirt, scratch, and other marks visibly. In that case, the Midnight Silver Metallic performs well.

In terms of price, the Pearl White Multi-coat color won’t take a single charge for paint however the Solid Black will need around $1k – $1.5K based on series. 

The Midnight Silver Metallic will cost $1.5k on MX and MS series. But, in M3 and MY, this shade would cost nothing to paint on.

In short, both Pearl White Multi-coat and Solid Black have good resale value in different terms for interior and exterior, unlike most colors.

Note: All the interior color option in Tesla holds similar resale value.

How Many Colors Does Tesla Offer & Their Cost?

All series (Model 3, Y, X, and S) of Tesla come with 5 paint options on the exterior and 2 – 3 color choices on the interior. Some colors cost more while other shades take fewer bucks to paint. Let me explain the matter below:

Color Of Exterior

In Model 3 & Y

Tesla gives 5 color options in Model 3 and Y which includes:

Pearl White Multi-coatIncluded (no charge)
Midnight Silver MetallicIncluded (no charge)
Deep Blue Metallic$1,000
Solid Black$1,500
Red Multi-coat$2,000

In Model X & S

Tesla comes with 5 color options on Model X and S. These are:

Pearl White Multi-coatIncluded (no charge)
Solid Black$1,000
Midnight Silver Metallic$1,500
Deep Blue Metallic$1,500
Red Multi-coat$2,500

Colors Of Interior

In Model 3 & Y

Tesla offers 2 interior paint options in the Model 3 and Y which are:

BlackIncluded (no charge)
Black & White$1,000

In Model X & S

Tesla let its users have 3 special color options in Model X and S. Like: 

All BlackIncluded (no charge)
Black & White$2,000
Tesla model 3

Which Paint Color Is Holds Up Best on Tesla?

In my opinion, the paint color that holds up best on Tesla is none but Silver Metallic (SM) and Midnight Silver Metallic (MSM).

These shades won’t catch dirt easily and ruin the beauty of the car thanks to the mixture of black and white.

Now about the scratches and marks, the SM and MSM do excellent to cover up them without making the surface look ugly. The cleaning of these paint colors on Tesla seems good no matter how much you wash the car.

Most & Least Popular Colors of Tesla

According to one survey, a lot of drivers (around 1,800) vote for popular colors in Tesla Model 3, Y, X, and S, and show the result:

PaintsPopularity Level (%)
Pearl White Multi-coat (most popular paint)30.33%
Deep Blue Metallic17.83%
Midnight Silver Metallic17.72% 
Solid Black13.17%
Silver Metallic11.23%
Red Multi-coat (least popular paint)9.72%


Knowing what is the rarest color of Tesla and beware of the shade before doing the paint in the car is a wise thing.

When doing the paint from the Tesla paint shop, be sure to consider the painting price, cleaning, maintenance, resale value, environmental factor, quality, and so on.

Hope this guide helps you to be familiar with the rarest color of Tesla with other related stuff. Pick The Nicest Color for Your Car!

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