How to Replace Tesla Model X Key Fob Battery

How to Replace Tesla Model X Key Fob Battery?

Tesla has released the Model X in 2017, and as usual, there have been some issues with the car. One of the problems is that the key fob battery only lasts for a few months, and after that, it starts to fail. If you’re not able to get your car open, or if the battery is completely dead, there is no other way to get in except by calling Tesla and waiting on the phone.

There is an easy task that can be done with just a few tools and some basic knowledge about cars. By following the instructions, you will be able to replace your key fob battery in no time at all. In this article, we will show you how to replace the Tesla Model X key fob battery.

How to Replace Tesla Model X Key Fob Battery

How to Replace the Tesla Model X Key Fob Battery?

Each Tesla user gets a key fob feature with low energy 4.0 Bluetooth. When you get close to the car, you can open and close the car doors automatically. Key fob sensors are mounted on the front door and rear bumper of your car.

This sensor has a range of 3 feet or about 1 meter although the range depends on the battery power of the key fob. When you see that the car handles are relatively less responsive when you approach Tesla, realize that it is time for Tesla Model X key fob battery replacement. Also, you will get a warning message on the car screen.

Let’s take a look at a simple step-by-step process to replace the Tesla Model X key fob battery.


  • A CR2354 battery and
  • The Tesla-provided toolbox or a small flathead micro screwdriver.

Step 1: Open the Battery Cover

First, you need to open the Tesla Model X key fob battery cover. For this, keep the fob upside down. Notice that there is a small groove at the end of the fob. Use a small screwdriver with a flathead to open the battery cover. The funny thing is that you can do the work of a screwdriver with the help of your nails, but in this case, you are likely to get pain.

Step 2: Remove the Old Battery

After removing the cover, you will see the old battery. You must remove the old battery before installing the new one. Therefore, press down on one side of the old battery and slide it at an angle. Then the battery will come out.

Step 3: Install the New Battery

Take the Tesla Model X key fob battery CR2354. In some cases, the new battery has a protective backing. So be sure to remove the backing before installing the battery. Remember to wear gloves if possible. Because if you touch the surface of the new battery, its lifetime will be reduced. So clean the battery to avoid it.

Now notice that there is a positive sign in the center of the key and also the battery has a positive side. Match the positive sides and install the battery at an angle by pressing down. The process is just the opposite of removing the battery. However, make sure that the ‘+’ side of the battery is on the positive side of the key.

Step 4: Close the Battery Cover Again

Once the battery is successfully installed, the last thing you need to do is close the cover again. There are some tabs around the cover as well as some slots on the key. Align the tabs and slots properly and press with your fingers to make sure the cover fits in the previous position. Yes, the Tesla Model X key fob battery replacement is complete.

How Do You Pair a Tesla Key Fob?

To pair a key fob with your Tesla, first, go to the Locks tab from the Controls displayed on your car screen. Now pair your key fob with Tesla by following the prompts shown on the screen. When the pairing is completed successfully, you will see recently paired keys in your car key list. From there, you can change, rename or unpair it if you want.

How to Deactivate My Lost Tesla Key Fob?

It’s normal to lose your Tesla key fob unknowingly. But make sure the Tesla is not operated by anyone but your family members. Follow the solution below to get back the lost Tesla key fob.

First, go to Control from your car screen. From there go to Security & Safety> Drive PIN. Now follow the steps below to confirm this security setting.

Step 1:

You need to disable the lost Tesla key fob. To do this, go to the Lock menu from Control displayed on the screen.

Step 2:

Find the desired key from the list of the key fob. Now touch the trash icon shown with the image and delete the key.

Step 3:

Be sure to take some precautions when deleting the key. When prompted to confirm the removal of the key, scan an already-proven key card in the key reader behind the cup holders above the center console of your car. Once deleted, it cannot be returned.

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As technology evolves so does our reliance on gadgets. From smartphones to cars, we can’t go a day without using some form of the electronic device. One such gadget that’s been in demand is the Tesla Model X key fob. Though it seems like a minor issue, replacing the battery on this nifty gadget can be quite a hassle.

In this blog post, we have guided you through the entire process of how to replace the Tesla Model X key fob battery, from pairing the fob with your Tesla to deactivating it if lost. We believe that once you follow our instructions correctly and do the job of replacing the Tesla Model X key fob battery, you will succeed.

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