How To Replace Tesla Yoke Steering Wheel

How To Replace Tesla Yoke Steering Wheel? [Do It In 5 Steps]

Seeing the new yoke steering wheel designs from different shops a lot of people want to replace their ones.

Well, Tesla yoke steering wheel replacement is easy. To do that, you’ll need to turn off the car and disconnect the power plugs. Then, detach the old steering wheel or yoke and take out the OEM button controller. Next, insert it in the new steering yoke and reinstall it on the car.

Don’t worry if it seems confusing to follow as I’ll share the instruction in 5 steps so you can do it yourself. Let’s get started!

How To Replace Tesla Yoke Steering Wheel

The Tesla Yoke Steering Wheel Replacement Procedure!

If you are planning to change the yoke steering wheel by yourself, then gather all the tools. Afterward, follow the given instruction:

Required Tools

  • Small pin puncher or flat screwdriver.
  • 10mm Allen socket.
  • 10mm breaker bar.
  • Needle pliers.
  • 5/64″ Allen key.
  • Yoke steering wheel.

Step-by-step Procedure

Step 1: Preparation

  • Power Off the Car: Go to Controls > Safety > Power Off. Then, click on Power Off.
  • Disconnect 12V Lithium Ion Battery: Open the frunk via the Tesla app. Then, unscrew 2 bolts that hold the filter cover and remove that. Next, unplug the 12v lithium-ion battery plug.
  • Disconnect High Voltage Battery: Locate the high voltage battery connector and unplug it from the battery pack.

Step 2: Remove the Old Steering Wheel or Yoke

To begin with, locate the hole on both sides of the steering wheel (behind). Then, use the pin puncher or flat screwdriver on both sides and pull the airbag module carefully.

Next, check the wiring harness that plugged in both the airbag module and steering wheel/yoke. After that, unplug the yellow and maroon/purple plugs.

Take Out the Steering Wheel

To do that, just use your fingers or a pair of needle pliers and press the two tabs then pull the plugs out.

Now, take a 10mm hex bit and insert it on the breaker bar to remove the bolt from the center of the steering wheel. After that, remove the steering wheel or yoke from the column.

If you own MX and want to replace the yoke with the round wheel, learn the cost of Model X steering wheel replacement here.

Step 3: Detach the OEM Button Controller

After you’ve removed the steering wheel or yoke, it’s time to take out the button controller part that in inside the case. This step is only for those who bought a steering yoke that doesn’t comes with an OEM button controller.

Firstly, just take the small flat screwdriver and take out the 4 screws. Then, flip the steering yoke or wheel and pop out the black plastic rings from the back using a pair of needle pliers. Next, take out the case.

Detach the OEM Button Controller

Now, use a 5/64″ Allen key to remove 12 bolts (each controller part is secured in 4 bolts). Afterward, flip the frame and remove the black cases.

Next, you’ll find wire connectors that connect directly to the steering wheel or yoke. Remove all of them and take the OEM button controller part.

Step 4: Install the Button Controller to New Steering Yoke

You’ll now need to bring the new steering yoke and remove the 4 screws in the front side using the same screwdriver. Then, flip the yoke and pop open the black plastic rings with needle pliers.

Install the Button Controller to New Steering Yoke

After that, remove all the bolts using the Allen key and flip the frame to detach the black cases. Next, unplug all the connectors from the new steering wheel.

That way you can remove the non-OEM button controller from the yoke. Now, do the reverse steps of removal to install the OEM button controller inside.

Step 5: Install the New Steering Wheel

After you have inserted the OEM button controller in the new one, attach the steering yoke directly to the steering column with hand pressure.

Then, insert the bolt and tighten it out using the breaker bar. Next, connect the yellow and maroon/purple connectors to the steering yoke. Lastly, push and attach the airbag module in the proper way.

Install the New yoke Steering Wheel

Now, connect the 12V lithium-ion battery and high-voltage battery plugs to the right spot. Turn on the car by pressing the brake and then hit the horn to finish the process. After that, be sure to adjust the Tesla steering wheel or yoke like this.

How Much Is a Yoke Steering Wheel for Tesla?

The price can vary based on the quality, parts, and other factors. In general, the steering yoke will cost no more than $500 – $3,900 if talking about the aftermarket ones. However, it can cost less than $500 if you buy it from eBay, AliExpress, or similar types of shops.

Can Tesla Yoke Be Replaced (Yay or Nay)?

Just like upgrading the Tesla steering wheel, it’s possible to replace the Tesla steering yoke in all series including Model X, Y, 3, and S.

However, you’ll need the perfect size yoke or steering wheel to insert into the steering column. Or else, the yoke may not fit or align and later cause issues like bad control. You can basically change the part via an expert or try the DIY technique (given above).

Ending Note

In the end, it is pretty simple to replace the Tesla yoke steering wheel. The whole procedure only takes 20 – 35 minutes if you have basic mechanical skills. I hope you find the instruction easy to follow and be sure to give it a try. Best of luck with the task!

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