BMW Super Bowl 2024 Commercial

This Year’s Car-Themed Super Bowl Ads Packed A Punch

Another Super Bowl has come and gone, and while there’s plenty of buzz around the nail-biting game that transpired between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, there’s plenty worth discussing in the car commercials that aired during the latest edition of one of North America’s most significant cultural events.

Which brand made the best showing? It depends on who you ask. All these spots are noteworthy, with beautifully crafted narratives that supply viewers with plenty of emotion and entertainment!

“Perfect 10,” The Kia EV9

"Perfect 10," The Kia EV9
Image Credit: Super Bowl Commercials/Youtube.

Kia went straight for the heartstrings with their “Perfect 10” commercial. The ad tells the story of a young ice skater giving a stunning performance to a boisterous crowd at an ice skating rink. However, her sweet moment is tinged with sadness when she looks into the stands and sees the only empty seat in the arena next to her supportive father. Someone important to her could not see her skate, and she’s sad about it.

After the performance, her dad drives them off in a Kia EV9. We follow the comfortable-looking electric SUV through winding mountain roads of a winter scene straight out of a Hallmark movie – and then the narrative takes a Hallmark turn in the best way possible. They arrive at a cozy house next to a frozen pond where the dad hooks up Christmas lights and speakers to the EV9’s charging port and uses the vehicle’s headlights to the frozen pond as his daughter skates while her grandfather watches from inside the house. His granddaughter’s performance moves him so much that he traces a ten on a foggy window. We’re wiping tears from our eyes just thinking about it.

It’s a moving commercial that shows off the EV9’s smooth ride and creative uses for its battery pack.

“An American Love Story,” Volkswagen

"An American Love Story," Volkswagen
Image Credit: Best Commercials/Youtube.

Who doesn’t love a good story or a storied history? Well, Volkswegen’s commercial, “An American Love Story,” had both. What’s more American than a love story, by the way?

The ad traces VW’s history in the United States, starting with its iconic Beetle and following its other vehicles throughout the decades, showing how cars change with the times before ending with their all-new ID. Buzz. More than just a car commercial, “An American Love Story” is a love letter to American pop cultural history that underlines how fun and memorable VW’s best cars have been while pointing towards how exciting this next chapter can be.

It’s sure to make you smile, especially if you’re a VW fan.

“Dareful Handel,” The Toyota Tacoma

"Dareful Handel," The Toyota Tacoma
Image Credit: Toyota US/Youtube.

While Toyota’s “Dareful Handel” spot did not feature the narrative sophistication or emotional punch of the previous two ads, it was simple and fun. It’s an appropriate ad for a pickup truck like the Toyota Tacoma, which drives up and down rugged terrain in this spot like it’s nobody’s business. There’s a running gag throughout it showing passengers gripping their grab handle for dear life as they exclaim how scared they are, while the driver, who’s all smiles, shows off the Tacomas’ off-roading capabilities.

It’s a fun spot; however, it’s not as memorable as the previous two commercials.

“Talkin’ Like Walkin,” BMW

BMW Super Bowl 2024 Commercial
Image Credit: BMWBLOG/Youtube.

Hands down, the funniest and most witty of this year’s car commercials was BMW’s spot “Talkin’ Like Walkin.” The ad doesn’t show off the i5’s features or performance so much as it gives viewers a minute of comedic gold. Random people doing Christopher Walken impressions right in front of the iconic actor as he goes about his daily business is hilarious. The Usher cameo at the end serves as a delicious cherry on top before the commercial wraps up by telling us that despite the many imitators – there’s only one Christopher Walken like there’s only one BMW.

It’s memorable for how simple, light, and funny it is while also making a point about originality. In some ways, it’s the perfect Super Bowl commercial. 

Author: Jarret Hendrickson

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