Tesla Add Driver not Working

Tesla Add Driver Not Working [Common Issues and Solutions]

Now, with the Tesla app, you can provide a new driver temporary access to your EV. No matter if it’s your spouse or just a lease driver, you can add or remove them whenever you want without giving them your credentials. 

Though Tesla has been offering this feature for a while, customers have encountered issues with Tesla Add Driver not working. Today, we will discuss the easy solutions for this problem. 

Tesla Add Driver not Working

Add Driver not Working Fixes for Tesla 

When you try to settle for the “Add Driver to Tesla” feature and there’s an error, don’t get worried. We have a few fixes ready for you!


Tesla’s ‘Add Driver’ feature not working is a very common issue that users have faced when it comes to adding an additional driver. 

Well, it usually goes away by waiting for a little while. So, when you see the ‘Tesla Add Vehicle error please try again later,’ do as it says- try again later! 

All you need is to wait a few hours and try afterward. Hopefully, then, you will be able to add the new driver to your Tesla car.  

Logging Out 

Just like any other temporary glitch, it can be an app glitch. And to fix this, the new/second driver needs to log out of the app first.

And then, wait for a while and log in again. Try adding the driver after he logs in again and that’s all! 

Account Country/Region Check 

At times, the Tesla Add Driver feature doesn’t work because of the mistaken information while opening the account. 

If you see the Tesla Access Vehicle link not working for your spouse or any other driver, you can simply check the country details of both accounts. At times, your car will not be able to add a new driver if the countries are different. 

Check the country details of the other driver and if the new driver has accidentally added the wrong country, that might be the reason behind it. 

You need to ensure that both of the accounts are from the same country for using the Tesla vehicle. 

Also, you can tell the driver to open a new account and then choose the region properly before being added as an additional driver to fix this issue. 

Install the Latest Version of the App 

You are all set to go and you add a new driver with the link but the driver’s app says ‘Tesla Access Vehicle link not working.’ Why does it happen? 

Well, it simply might be a technical glitch. Tesla recommends you and your additional driver use the same version of the app when it comes to using one car. 

All you need is to install the latest version of the app and tell your driver to do the same. After installing it, all you need is to add the driver again. This time, it will surely work! 

Share the Credentials

We highly suggest you use the Tesla Add Driver feature when it comes to adding a new driver and keep your Tesla account credentials to yourself. 

It’s IT best practice not to share your credentials, that’s the whole point of the driver-adding feature. 

However, if you do not find any other way to fix the issue and you need to share the car with your spouse or any close family or friends that you can trust, you can simply share the credentials.

Then both of the drivers can use the same credentials to log in to the app and use the car. 

However, keep in mind that sharing credentials will give access to all of your information to the new driver you are planning to add. So, make sure the person you share it with is trustworthy. 

Tesla Account Support 

When none of the above-mentioned steps work for adding the new driver, try asking for help from Tesla. Contact Tesla Account Support and let them know the problem you are facing. 

They will fix it for you! All you need is to choose OTHER and then describe the difficulties. You might need to select an appointment. 

And finally, they will afford you a mobile window for the selected date and time. They will respond to you after viewing your issues. The entire process is done remotely, so it’s easier than you think. 

How many people can use the Tesla App?

How many people can use the Tesla App

Tesla brings out a lot of features and among them, adding a driver is one. Can 2 People use Tesla App and use the same car? 

Well yes, you can add two people and both of them will get access to the car along with the customized adjustments. But not only one additional driver, but you can also add up to five different drivers to your car. 

All you need is to send a link and when they accept, they will have access. Also, any new driver can use your credentials and use the app from their phone remotely.

Wrap Up 

Adding more than one driver to your Tesla helps you give them access to drive your car and yet keeps your credentials private. And with the mentioned fixes, you can easily add a new driver again! This will not only be helpful for the family cars but also the car renting facilities. 

For further issues, you can contact customer care too. Tesla’s customer support center is exceptionally active and if you try to seek help, they won’t disappoint you. 

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