Tesla Backup Camera Not Working: Causes and Fixes!

Tesla Backup Camera Not Working: Causes and Fixes!

All owners of Tesla need to use the backup camera for rearview. And when this doesn’t work properly, it becomes a nightmare for drivers.

Just find the causes of the Tesla backup camera not working and then you can fix them. For example, to fix the black or frozen screen, you’ll need to detach all the devices from the port, reset the car, and then update the software. Based on the error type, the solution is different!

In this guide, I’ll break down the most common issues of Tesla Model X, Y, S, and 3 to give individual solutions. Plus, you’ll learn other related details.

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Tesla Backup Camera Not Working: Causes and Fixes!

The Tesla Backup Or Rear Camera Not Working

Based on the most common issues of Tesla Model X, Y, S, and Y, I’ll share the solutions after describing the causes. Let’s get started.

Error #1: Tesla Model X Backup Camera Not Working

Many users of MX face the Tesla backup camera black screen or freeze issue. These issues occur due to internal bugs or update is at the door that causing the car’s backup camera to get black or freeze. 

If you also face this sort of problem, here’s how you can fix it:

  • Unplug All Devices – Take out phone, laptop, and other devices from the USB ports.
  • Do A Full Reset – Hold the 2 scroll buttons on the steering wheel and place one foot on the brake pedal for 10 seconds or so. At this time, the screen might go off. Then, wait for some while so that the logo comes back on the display.
  • Attempt Tesla Software Update – If a software update notice pop at the top of the touchscreen, click on Controls > Software > Software Update bar. Next, wait for the software to update.

Error #2: Tesla Model S Rear Camera Not Working

A lot of folks who own MS complain about the Tesla backup camera flicker, glitch, or blink issues. It usually happens when the sunlight is reflecting on the camera, or the unit requires replacement. 

After knowing the causes, let’s resolve it:

  1. Move The Car Under Tree – Drive your Tesla MS under a shelter to check whether the issue is with the camera or the sunlight.
  2. Reboot The Tesla – Hit and hold the scroll buttons of the steering wheels for up to 10 seconds. Keep on doing it until the main or central screen resets. During that, you might see an airbag icon in the dash and stop hearing the ticking sound.
  3. Shake The Rear Camera – Try tapping the rear camera lightly as sometimes dust or sand can cause flicker or glitch issues.
  4. Replace The Camera – Check the voltage of the unit using a voltmeter to ensure it need replacement or not. After confirming it, contact Service Center to change the rearview or backup camera. 

For Your Information: Tesla Service Center might take no more than $200 – $1,000 for backup camera replacement based on difficulty.

Error #3: Tesla Model Y Backup Camera Not Working

The backup or rear-view camera of MY sometimes can’t able to access properly due to system malfunction or tons of loads in dashcam/sentry mode.

To troubleshoot this issue, do the following actions:

  1. Do Power Cycle or Hard Reset – Go to Controls > Safety > Power Off and wait for 3 minutes. If this doesn’t solve, remove the negative pin of the battery and high-voltage loop plug for 5 – 6 minutes. For further explanation, check the Tesla two button reset.
  2. Clean or Format Dashcam Clips – Go to the Controls > Safety option and find the Dashcam section. Then, click on the ‘Delete Dashcam Clips’ option and then check whether it works or not. If not, hit the Format USB Drive > Format to resolve the issue.
  3. Clear The Tesla Supercharger Details – In the search bar on the maps and navigation section, you’ll find all the destination lists. Next, slide all the addresses to clear out details. Or, hold on to the list until you get the ‘x’ mark and hit on it.
  4. Turn Off The Bluetooth – Go to Controls and locate the Bluetooth icon at the top section. Now, turn it off and ensure to delete saved devices to avoid extra data access that can cause failures in the system. Then, test out if the rear camera works or not.
Tesla Model 3 Rear View Camera Not Working

Error #4: Tesla Model 3 Rear View Camera Not Working

A lot of users look for solutions to the Tesla Model 3 rear camera blurry or foggy issues. To simplify it, this occurs due to dirt buildup, system issues, or extreme use of chemical-based cleaner on the camera.

Follow the given directions to fix the trouble with the backup camera in M3:

  1. Soft Reset Tesla Model 3 Camera – Use the 2 scroll buttons to reset the car for 10 seconds and let it reboot.
  2. Use Water To Clean The Camera – Put the water inside the spray bottle and directly spray it on the backup camera to flow water. Do it until the camera seems clean. Be sure not to use a brush or wiper as it can damage the surface.
  3. Change The Unit – Get the help of the Tesla Service Center to replace the backup camera and resolve the bug.
backup camera location in back license plate
Image: Tesla.com (MY)

For Your Information: All Tesla cars (including MX, MY, MS, and M3) have a rear or backup camera. And, it is located above the back license plate.

Symptoms Of Tesla Rear Camera Not Working!

The Tesla rear or backup camera can show signs if it is having issues or can’t able to access properly. Let me share some symptoms below:

  • The backup camera lens shows a black view on the screen.
  • Slight glitch or flicker when seeing the rear view of the car.
  • The rearview image sometimes stops or freezes.
  • Foggy image of the rear camera view.

Note: Sometimes the Tesla left camera not working occurs due to system failure, which is a sign of the rear camera having internal issues.

How To Replace Backup Or Rear Camera?

By knowing the replacement process, you can save bucks and simply change the backup camera. Here’s the instruction:

  • Power off your car and simply open the rear hood using the Tesla app or other methods.
  • After that, use the pry bar to gently remove the hatch trip and camera frame. Be sure to remove the retaining clip by pressing the button.
  • Next, take out the front and side panels inside the hood. Then, you’ll find one bolt on both sides and remove them using the T25 Torx bit.
  • Take out the main or center (larger) panel using the pry bar. Next, detach all the plugged parts.
  • Now, locate the blue female outlet that connects the camera to the Tesla car. After that, unplug it by pressing the tab.
  • Use the heater tool on the silver tape area that hides the backup camera (right above the license plate). Then, pry open the silvery tape area and remove the part.
  • Grab the ratchet wrench to remove all bolts around the backup camera to remove the frame. 
  • Then, open the black bracket and remove the camera and reinstall the new camera in that place. Be sure to adjust the cable of the rear camera inside the black bracket.
  • Reinstall all the parts you have removed before.

Ending Note

Trying out the above solutions will fix the Tesla backup camera not working issue. And if that doesn’t help, I’ve given replacement techniques so you can do it yourself.

However, don’t attempt it if you don’t have basic mechanic skills. Or, it can cause harm to the Tesla parts. Instead, get help from Tesla Service Care and get it fixed professionally.

Just make a habit of taking care of the unit to keep the backup camera last longer. Hope you can solve the error!

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