Can’t Fix Tesla Bluetooth That Not Working

Tesla Bluetooth Troubleshooting! [Complete Guide]

Sometimes the Tesla can show an extreme error when connecting the saved or new Bluetooth device. I’ve been through this for around several months until I got the solutions.

If you are suffering from the same kind of issue, here’s the reason why Tesla Bluetooth not working:

  • Tesla app can’t run in the background.
  • Not logged in to the Tesla app.
  • Need set up in (Tesla app) settings.
  • Require Tesla app and software update.
  • Tesla needs proper pairing.

In this guide, I’ll just break everything down here with solutions and inform all the necessary stuff which will help during your riding journey. Let’s Go!

Can’t Fix Tesla Bluetooth That Not Working!

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Tesla Bluetooth Not Working

Being a daily driver, you can spot bugs in Tesla with the Bluetooth connection often during the usage period. This mostly happens due to the 5 strong reasons which are given below:

Reason #1: App Not Running On The Background.

First of all, the Tesla Bluetooth stopped working unlike usual occurs when the Tesla app on your phone isn’t operating in the background.

This app needs to run all the time in the background so that the car can access it when you give the command.

It gives signals to the car about the Bluetooth connection when the app runs in the background. But when the app not running, the car can’t catch the signal to locate your phone nearby, and therefore Bluetooth not working.

Reason #2: Logged Out From The App.

Typically, when you log out from the Tesla app, it can cause the car Bluetooth to not find your device which results in Tesla Bluetooth not connecting automatically issue. Even if the app doesn’t log out naturally unless you accidentally hit the log out.

Reason #3: Tesla App Settings Need Setup

Your car’s Bluetooth not accessing even if the Tesla app is running in the background and logged in properly on the phone. Then, the real issue happening is in the app settings.

To put it simply, you have to Allow Tesla To Access some of the internal settings (like Location, Bluetooth, Local Network, Microphone, Notification, Background App Refresh, and so on) through your smartphone.

If any of the options don’t contain the green mark (access), then the Bluetooth on the car might not work.

Reason #4: Need Update To Access

Another reason why the car Bluetooth fails to operate and connect to the phone is due to the delay in the update.

Sometimes users avoid updating due to the busy atmosphere or not checking the app once in a while on the play or app store. Plus, this kind of issue can occur when Tesla itself needs the latest software update.

Reason #5: Tesla Needs Proper Pairing To Add The Device

If you have changed your phone or using your friend’s phone to connect to Bluetooth in a tesla car, which doesn’t connect. It happens since you have to properly pair the new device by hitting the Add the Device bar.

Tip: Be sure the phone is inside the Tesla in an open space. Meaning not under your pocket, inside the bag, or something else since these can also cause Bluetooth not connecting issues.

Tesla Bluetooth Troubleshooting In Model X, Y, S, & 3!

After knowing the possible causes, it’s time to fix the problem by yourself. Follow the given methods to fix Tesla Model 3 Bluetooth issue as well as other series (Model X, Y, & S):

Fix #1: Run The Tesla App

  • Turn your phone on and unlock it.
  • Go to Settings> Connections> Bluetooth to turn it on and connect to the Tesla by pairing it with an Android phone. If you have an IOS device, then go to Settings> Bluetooth and turn it on then connect to the Tesla.
  • Locate the Tesla app and turn it on.
  • Check your car monitor if the Bluetooth is turned on or not. Then, click on your saved device of yours and wait for it to connect. Done!

Fix #2: Login To The Tesla App If You Haven’t

  • Turn on the Bluetooth connection on your phone global settings for the Tesla app and car monitor.
  • Open the Tesla app and log in by pressing your Tesla account credentials.
  • Go to your car monitor by pressing Controls> Safety> Mobile Access.
  • Check on the Tesla app details to confirm the Bluetooth option is enabled.
  • After that, hit your saved device on the car monitor and it should connect just fine.

Fix #3: Setup The Tesla App Settings

  • Use your phone and locate the Tesla app.
  • Go to the Tesla app settings.
  • You’ll find Allow Tesla to Access tab on the phone. And then, hit the Bluetooth, Local Network, Microphone, Notification, Background App Refresh, and so on to give permission.
  • Then, turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and car. 
  • Now, connect like you normally do.

Fix #4: Update The Tesla App & Car Software

  • Go to the Tesla app based on your phone’s OS.
  • Then, click on it and hit the Software Updates bar.
  • You’ll see a pop-up tab that says ‘Install Now?’ with 2 options Cancel and Install. Click on the Install to update it now.
  • Wait for some while until it finishes installing. After that, check below by scrolling down to see the latest version of the Tesla app.
  • Now, move to your car (Tesla) monitor and turn the Wi-Fi in on position. In case it shows issues, then learn how to fix Tesla WiFi not working here!
  • Click on the Alarm sign on top of your car monitor. After that, set the Time (for example 12:03 PM) if you want to start a schedule update or simply hit the ‘Install Now’ to immediately update.
  • Go to Controls> Software.
  • Click on the ‘Release Notes’ and wait for a while to get it done.

Fix #5: Pair The Tesla To Your Phone Properly

  • Go to your car monitor screen to turn on the Bluetooth as well as your phone.
  • Then, hit on the Add New Device.
  • Click on the Start Search and wait for a while.
  • After that, you’ll find your Bluetooth device on the Tesla monitor.
  • Click on your Bluetooth device.
  • Look at your phone and you’ll see Bluetooth Pairing Request with 2 options (Cancel and Pair).
  • Press the Pair bar on your phone and it’ll take a few seconds to pair.

Note: You can pair up to 10 devices on the Tesla car.

How Do I Turn On Bluetooth In My Tesla?

Turning the Bluetooth in the Tesla is pretty easy if you follow the actual rules and procedure without missing a beat. Here’s what I mean:

  • Turn on your vehicle and monitor.
  • Look at the center console part of the monitor and there you’ll find the Menu option. Hit on that bar using your finger.
  • Then, locate the Bluetooth (blue mark) app and click on it. This is how to turn on Bluetooth in the Tesla!

This Is How To Reset Tesla Bluetooth!

  • Open your car and monitor to access the Bluetooth option.
  • Click on it.
  • Locate your device and press it.
  • Hit on the Forget This Device to completely reset your device from the Tesla.
  • And then, wait for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth.
  • Look into the Tesla monitor and click on Add New Device > Start Search. 
  • Click on your Bluetooth device. 
  • Connect it by clicking on Pair on your phone.

Reboot The Tesla To Fix All The Bugs

  • Take out all the USB devices that are connected to the Tesla.
  • Hold and click on the scroll wheel’s (two buttons on left and right) sides in the steering wheel.
  • Wait for 10 seconds until the main or central screen starts to reboot.
  • In the Model S and X, you’ll find Airbag Icon getting visible in the dash which later stops the ‘click’ sound that comes from the indicator during the reboot procedure.

Note: Ensure to try this reboot method only in stationary (on Tesla Model 3 and Y cars).

Wrap Up

Apart from the above reasons, the Tesla Bluetooth not working may be a situation due to your phone or the car containing extremely low battery power.

Just be sure to reboot properly to fix most kind of bugs or take it to the Tesla care service to get the needed help professionally.

Thank you for reading this guide till the end!

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