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Tesla Boombox 101: What Is It and How to Use It?

To turn your car into a big and powerful portable tape player, the Tesla Boombox is added after the 2020.48.25 software update. It just plays recorded sounds from the car’s external speaker when it is in the park.

You can use this whenever you want to by going to App Launcher > Toybox > Boombox. After that, hit on either Play current media or Megaphone.

In this guide, I’ll break down what is Tesla Boombox and then show you the right way of using it so you know it well. Let’s Begin!

Tesla Boombox 101: What Is It and How to Use It?

This Is Exactly What the Tesla Boombox Is!

The Tesla Boombox is like a special mode for your car that turns it into a music player when you’re not driving. To use it, you’ll first need to shift the gear to park and then play the Boombox.

When you use this mode, your car can make different sounds that you can choose from a list in the Boombox menu.

To make it easier to understand, the sound comes from the Tesla external speaker when your car is in Boombox mode.

You see, the car will play recorded music when you hit the Play Current Media through the outside speakers and expose your voice inside the car when you select Megaphone.

And, if you turn on the Horn sound and Driving sound, the car’s horn will make a different sound (that you choose from the list) when you press it and play a song when you drive.

In some cars, there’s an option called Summon sound that can play a song when summoning the car. That’s what the Tesla Boombox mode is all about!

However, if the speaker doesn’t work properly, you may not hear sound from the outside so ensure to fix it by reading this guide.

There’s one important thing to know which is using this mode to play music loudly in some public places might not be allowed by the local rules. So, make sure to check the local laws in the area before you turn up the music.

Also, you can only use the Boombox mode if your car has something called the Pedestrian Warning System (PWS). So, if your car doesn’t have this feature, you won’t be able to use the Boombox mode at all.

How To Use Boombox Tesla?

You can easily use the boombox mode in Tesla cars once you confirm that your car contains the PWS feature. To use it, you’ll need to shift the gear to Park (use the drive stalk on Model 3/Y cars or the center console’s Park button on Model S/X cars)

Then, go to App Launcher (3-dot option) and select the Toybox option. After that, click on Boombox and hit Play Current Media to instantly play any song.

How To Use Boombox Tesla

You can also select Megaphone if you want to project a modulated version of your voice. Based on your need, pick the given options:

  • Horn sound: If you turn this on, the car will make a horn sound based on what you select from the list.
  • Driving sound: It’ll make a sound that you’ve chosen from the list when you start driving.
  • Summon sound: The car will make the sound that you select from the option when summoning the car.
  • Preview: You can listen to the sound for a sneak peek by pressing it.

If you turn on the Camp Mode in Climate Controls (below Keep and Dog Mode), you can get out of the car and use the mobile app to adjust the volume.

How to Add Boombox Sounds to Your Tesla?

  1. Firstly, remove the USB flash drive of your car and insert it into the laptop or computer.
  2. Then, format the USB flash drive to exFAT, MS-DOS Fat (for Mac), and so on style based on your laptop or computer type.
  3. Next, make a folder on the USB flash drive and rename it to Boombox.
  4. Afterward, insert .wav and .mp3 audio files inside the folder. Note that, you can only select from the first 5 files based on the alphabetic list.
  5. Now, detach the USB flash drive and put it into the USB port of your car.
  6. Lastly, pick a sound from the USB drive by picking from the Boombox dropdown menu.

You can make the car play the first 5 seconds when you press the horn of any song when using a compatible USB device.

Overall Thoughts

Tesla Boombox is a great mode that lets folks entertain a big crowd outside by playing random sounds through media. And, it’s pretty simple to use that takes a second.

Hope you find this guide detailed to know what it’s about, how to use this mode, and other aspects. I’ll catch you in the next guide, Bye!

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