Tesla Bot Technical Details

Tesla Bot – All You Like To Know About!

Tesla celebrated their AI Day every August and on the Tesla AI Day in 2021, the company came up with their big announcement- TESLA BOT! Tesla Bot is Tesla’s designed revolutionary new humanoid robot.

This one is more like a robot servant that the company is gifting this world. And with this robot, everyday boring, repetitive, and dangerous tasks will be taken care of- that’s what Elon Musk said!

Today, we will discuss every detail that Tesla has revealed regarding their new AI technology. And with this, we will also talk about the expectations, estimations, and the limitation of the launching of this robot here.

Tesla Bot Technical Details

Tesla Bot Technical Details

The company has revealed that the face of the robot will have a screen. And on this screen, all the useful and necessary information will be displayed. The construction is done with lightweight material. However, it is ensured that the materials are durable.

A robot to do the everyday work just like a human will require joints for proper movement. And this is why this robot has 40 electromechanical actuators. This works as joints and muscles and helps in movement.

In the hands, there will be a group of 12 actuators altogether and another 12 in the arms at the elbow and shoulders. The same amount will be added to the legs. Here, two will be for manipulation of the neck and the other two will be for bending the torso.

For balancing, they will have feet and there is also feedback sense added. Now the question comes is- is Tesla Bot and AI? Well, yes, that’s what it is supposed to be! If you have checked the Tesla automobile’s Artificial Intelligence, the Tesla Bot is almost identical. In the head, there will be autopilot cameras.

And the same computers will be added to the torso. For movement training, Tesla has used their Dojo Supercomputer. With this method, they have designed a neural network that is capable of planning and making a decision just the way a self-driving car does.

According to Elon Musk, self-driving vehicles and computers can be called synthetic animals. And the same goes for Tesla Bot! The shape of the robot, as we have already guessed, will be just like a human body.

The Job of Tesla Bot

We have talked about the technical details of the robot. But what is the Tesla Bot used for? What will be the job of this robot in people’s lives? Musk is very clear about his thoughts on why they planned on making Tesla Bot.

He explained that their plan on working on their humanoid robot is not concerned with their manufacturing needs. Yes, they are making these pieces that are required for some useful humanoid robots.

He also went on to say that if Tesla doesn’t make it, somebody else will! As Tesla can make it, it’s also necessary for them to ensure that it is made more safely.

The everyday tasks that humans are tired of doing; this is where the robot will come in. If you check the presentation of Tesla Bot, you will know how they have explained their new-tech robot. According to them, this AI robot will help you in the “dangerous, repetitive, and boring tasks.”

In short, the dangerous tasks we do just because there’s no one to do them for us -are no anymore a concern. Now, Tesla Bot can do it for us! The same goes for the daily repetitive and boring tasks. We are all tired of doing the same jobs again and again.

But now, Tesla Bot will do it for us reliving us time to enjoy and rest. Musk emphasized in this part that there might be no physical work in the future. He mentioned, “in the future, physical work will be a choice.”

According to him, if humans want it, they can do it. Or else, they can skip it too as they won’t need to do it. There will be other technologies that can do the work for them!

Is the Tesla Bot Real

After the unveiling of the Tesla Bot, the brand also cleared that it is not yet operational right now. The prototype is planned to be prepared in the later year. Musk has always been the person that shared the big goals as Tesla’s CEO.

Musk also talked about “basic functionality” for the Level 5 autonomous vehicle. He mentioned that he was confident about level 5 and also emphasized on this one occurring soon. However, after claiming that, he did not provide any formal updates regarding the Level 5 autonomous vehicle.

If we look up to Dojo, this is another incomplete project. This is a supercomputer that will plan on train cars so that they can navigate the city street. And here, no human assistance will be required. However, people are still looking forward to it.

There will be hundreds of Tesla-designed D1 chips added for the job. This is planned to be launched the next year. And this is why people are still confused about Tesla Bot. But well, hold your breath, because yes, Tesla Bot is real! Musk himself confirmed, “Tesla Bot will be real.”

How much will a Tesla Bot be?

We know the fans and followers of Tesla are looking forward to Tesla Bot as if this works, it will be one of the prime inventions of the era. And this is why people are concerned about the price of the robot.

Though Tesla has not revealed the price yet, we would like to take a chance and guess it depends on the sources. According to multiple sources, the price of a Tesla Bot will be close to $10000.

This is a good point and people can buy it if they want. However, the technology and effort the brand has put into Tesla can increase the price too! All we can do is wait and hope for the best!

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Wrap Up

Tesla is one of the popular companies of these times and has all the plans to go one and make servant robots that can help this human world. Though these are run by computers, it is said that they are trained carefully beforehand. As a result, we are only expecting the robot to be safe for society.

However, there are still concerns regarding if Tesla will be able to give us the robot or not- that’s a million-dollar question! Stay tuned for the next update on Tesla and Tesla Bot!

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