What Is The Tesla Bumper Made Of – How To Confirm It?

What Is The Tesla Bumper Made Of – How To Confirm It?

Seeing the Tesla bumper cost from the official website causes people to get curious about the material.

Most folks think the bumper is crafted with steel or alloy elements to give a strong finish and prevent accidental damage. But it’s not true!

So, what is the Tesla bumper made of? It’s mostly plastic with a touch of polytec, carbon fiber, and other composite components on the front and rear sides.

In this guide, I’ll explain it in detail so that you can determine the material and learn other related topics. Let’s Start!

What Is The Tesla Bumper Made Of – How To Confirm It?

The Tesla Bumper Is Made of Plastic & A Few Other Materials!

If you are searching for what materials are bumpers made of in Tesla, then I’ll suggest reading this section carefully. The front and rear bumpers of Tesla are crafted using diverse materials. Let me explain the matter below:

Front Bumper Material

Lots of folks ask whether is Tesla front bumper plastic or steel and the answer always shocks them. 

All series (including M3, MY, MS, and MX) of Tesla front bumper is made with plastic, carbon fiber, and composite materials. And, the surface is finished with the painted surface.

Good Sides:

  • Provides effective shock absorption on rough terrain.
  • Less cost for repair.
  • Low weight on the front side.

Bad Sides:

  • Fragile and easily breakable during an accident.
  • Often require replacement after 1 – 2 years.

Rear Bumper Material

To ensure Tesla bumper protection, the rear bumper in M3, MY, MS, and MX is made of plastic, carbon fiber, polytec, and other composite materials. 

Due to the high use of plastic and the mixing of other components, this part stays shock-proof and ensures good resistance. Also, it’s mostly finished with alloy to hide the plastic feel.

Good Sides:

  • Reduce the vehicles’ weight.
  • Ensure less cost for repair.
  • Won’t catch rust for a lifetime.

Bad Sides:

  • Weaker than steel or metal components.
  • Cause peeling issues if contact with water or other stuff.

Fun Fact: The Tesla Model 3 aftermarket bumper is made with mostly PP plastic (Polypropylene plastic).

You Can Check the Tesla Bumper Material Yourself

To detect the bumper material in Tesla Model X, Y, 3, and S, you’ll need a small magnet tool. Follow the given direction to easily figure out if the material of the Tesla bumper is plastic or not:

  1. Hold the magnet on the front bumper.
  2. If the part doesn’t attract at all to the magnet, then the material is either thermoplastic or plastic.
  3. Knock at the front bumper using your hand on the front bumper and listen to the sound. Next, knock on the steel part and listen to the sound. 
  4. Match the noise on the steel side and the plastic side to understand if the component makes more plastic piece sound or not. If yes, then it’s plastic or mixed with composite materials.
  5. Do the same thing (from steps 1 – 4) on the rear bumper to find out the material.

 Is Tesla A Metal or Plastic – Based on Each Parts

According to experts who analyze each part of Tesla using a magnet, listen to the noise by knocking, and check the impact level, they state it’s mostly made with metal. Here’s the table of Tesla OEM parts and their material:

Tesla OEM PartsMaterials 
Body and chassisAluminum
Reinforcing partsBoron steel
Electronic partsRare earth metal
Battery, front and rear bumper, grill, and other components Plastic and composite
Front and rear seatLeather
RoofGlass and steel or aluminum
Tire treadRubber
Motor and engineCopper and steel
Battery casing, separators, solar polymer cells, and other indoor partsPlastic
Tesla logoSteel
Front and rear hoodAluminum
Front storage cargoSteel
Front and rear doorsAluminum
Lower and upper liningSteel
WindshieldPlastic and silicon

Ending Note

Understanding the material of Tesla bumper is essential for all drivers to analyze the damage level beforehand.

As you know, the Tesla bumper is mostly plastic but that doesn’t mean the part won’t work well. If you drive safely on the road, there’s no chance of serious damage.

Be sure to maintain the right driving pattern. And also do your best with regular upkeeping.

Hope this guide about what is the Tesla bumper made of helps you to brush your knowledge without confusions!

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