Tesla Cabin Camera: Everything You Need to Know!

Tesla Cabin Camera: Everything You Need to Know!

Tesla cabin camera is a great feature that senses the driver’s behavior on the road when using EAP (Enhanced Autopilot) options. It is located near the rearview mirror and is available on all the latest cars. And the cabin camera was first added in 2017 in Model 3 and other series.

If you are interested, I’ll explain all about the cabin camera in this guide and give additional details. Let me lift the veil for you!

What Is Tesla Cabin Camera and How It Works?

Most Tesla does have a camera in the interior zone which is a cabin camera. It has a small round lens that checks if the driver is paying attention to the road and makes beeping sounds to remind them to be safe.

What Is Tesla Cabin Camera and How It Works

Unlike other cameras location of Tesla, you can find it on top of the rearview mirror. To be specific, it’s directly on the trim panel of the rearview mirror.

And you may not find this interior camera on all Tesla cars. Here’s the list of all cars that has this camera:

  • Model S (made in 2021 or in the future)
  • Model 3
  • Model X (built in 2021 or above)
  • Model Y

Plus, this thing works when you turn on Autopilot. After that, the car system starts to track and gives alerts like putting your eyes on the road or hands on the steering wheel.

Also, Tesla uses this camera to detect the driver’s eyes, head, and hand to understand whether you are attentive on the road or not. If not, you’ll immediately get an alert. This is what the interior camera does in Tesla!

How Can You Access Tesla Interior Camera Footage?

You can access the inside camera shots or videos in the car as long as you have the mobile app. Here’s how to access Tesla cabin camera footage in a minute:

  • Via Touchscreen: Use the car’s screen and go to Controls > Service > Camera Preview. Then, you’ll need to select the Cabin at the top section.
  • Via Mobile App: In the car’s touchscreen, go to Controls > Safety > View Live Camera via Mobile App. Then, open the Tesla App on your phone and click on Security bar. Next, click on View live camera (in Sentry Mode), and select the cabin camera.

Be sure to fix Tesla cabin camera issues like this if it doesn’t seem clear on the preview or gets all black.

Tesla Cabin Camera: Everything You Need to Know!

How to Disable Tesla Cabin Camera?

To disable or turn off the cabin camera, Tesla doesn’t offer an option for this. However, you can still turn it off by using a DIY technique of blocking the camera. Here’s how you can do it yourself:

  1. Use a small piece of black tape on the cabin camera’s lens.
  2. Insert the ultra-thin cover on the lens and side the covered part.
  3. Simply use your hand when you feel like blocking the camera.

Are Tesla Cabin Cameras Always Recording?

All Tesla’s cabin camera do record inside and it does all the time when you are granting permission. In other words, Tesla is recording the entire cabin.

This is because the car’s system wants to make sure you’re paying attention for safety. But don’t worry, it will record you but won’t share the data if you decide to.

To stop it, just go to Controls > Software > Data Sharing > Allow Cabin Camera Analytics. And then, turn it off. Plus, this choice will stay the same no matter which driver’s profile you are using.

The camera inside the car doesn’t recognize your face or try to know who you are. Also, the pictures it sends to Tesla aren’t linked to your car’s identification number (VIN). But Tesla will use these pictures for intelligence to make the system better.

Ending Notes

Tesla cabin camera is a cool thing to have in the car. The only downside of this is always recording things. However, you can stop it by trying the given techniques when you do not want it to record.

Hope you find this guide helpful and detailed to understand the cabin camera in Tesla cars. Keep up the good work!

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