Tesla Ceramic Coating

Tesla Ceramic Coating – Purpose & Costs  

If you are the proud owner of a Tesla, keep doing your research on the famed electric car because there is a long list of maintenance required for the car. Let’s start with one – the appearance of the car. Well, it’s quite simple – cars get dirty. 

But if you want to give your Tesla the highest level of protection, start by coating your car with ceramic. Tesla ceramic coating will help your car in many ways. 

Here, you’ll get a good deal of information on ceramic coating for Tesla and all the different benefits for which we recommend it. 

Tesla Ceramic Coating - Purpose & Costs  

Ceramic Coating Provides Surface Protection 

The first question you are probably asking yourself is – Is it worth getting ceramic coating on a Tesla? The short answer is yes. 

We’ll start by saying that the ceramic coating will be an invisible shield to enhance the appearance of your car by adding some gloss and depth to your car’s color. 

A ceramic coating will not change or damage the topcoat of your Tesla; rather, it will prevent many consequences of accidental damage to the surface of the car. 

The ceramic coating will prevent the car’s paint from oxidizing. This means that the color of the car will not fade or become dull with time. The paint will also be immune to the effects of strong chemicals in the air. 

This rounded up protective coating will thus keep your Tesla looking brand new for a long time by preventing it from all sorts of dangers ranging from oxidation and rusting, to chipping paint. 

By coating your Tesla with ceramic, you are also decreasing the time required to clean the car’s surface. 

Due to the glossy composition of the ceramic coating, it will be very easy for you to rub away any contaminants such as dirt, grime, pollen and even bird droppings – all that threaten the beauty of the car. 

The Practicality of Installing A Ceramic Coating

Well, the practice of installing a ceramic coating on the topcoat of cars is not a replaceable one. So does Tesla recommend ceramic coating? Yes, it does. There is another protective film that should be installed on the car’s surface, which is PPF. 

Some details about PPF have been mentioned below because it is an essential item for full surface protection for any car. For the sake of this discussion today, we are going to get back to the topic of ceramic coating on cars. 

Tesla Ceramic Coating Cost

Tesla Ceramic Coating Cost

The next question that comes to mind is how much does it cost to get Tesla ceramic coating? Well, there are two factors to consider here. Let’s get into it. 

Condition of the Car Paint

First of all, the condition of the paint on your Tesla matters a lot. The idea is to layer a ceramic coating on an absolutely fresh car surface.

There is some paint correction involved here, which has the purpose of getting rid of all blemishes, dust, grease, and other foreign elements that have started to collect on the surface. 

If you have just got a new Tesla, then it is likely to be in very good condition. In this case, paint correction in a single stage is good enough. 

If your Tesla is used, you will need a deeper cleaning process to ensure a sparklingly clean surface on the car. 

A two-stage paint-correcting method will actually remove all the marks, small dents, and all other micro defects on the surface of your car. 

How Long Do You Plan on Having Ownership of The Car?

If you plan to get the latest models of Tesla, you might only be keeping the car for about 3 years. In this case, just get a mid-range ceramic coating package installed. 

But if you are going to keep the Tesla indefinitely, then you want to give it the best protection in the most efficient way – so if this is your case, choose the best quality ceramic coating available. 

Cost Range

There is no fixed cost of ceramic coating your Tesla; however, based on the first and second factors, we would say that the general range for ceramic coating lies between $300 to $2,000

Also, if you want to keep the Tesla to its end, then you should get the PPF coating that has been mentioned already. PPF, in other words, paint protection film, basically has additional benefits like UV ray protection. 

With a ceramic coating on top of PPF coating, your Tesla will have the highest surface protection against damages of nature and accidents. Coating the Tesla with PPF before the ceramic will definitely bump up the price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to ceramic coat a model 3?

Ans: The ballpark amount to coat a Tesla Model 3 with ceramic for protection is close to $1000. 

2. Does ceramic coating on a car replace the need for a car wash?

Ans: No, of course not. You will have to wash your car to get the dirt out of the nooks and tricky corners of the car in order to maintain its overall health. 

But the ceramic coating will help you to clean the surface of the car much more easily due to the smoothness it provides. 

3. How long should I wait before washing my newly ceramic-coated Tesla?

Ans: You should wait at least two weeks, giving time for the layer of ceramic to bond with the car’s surface properly. 

When you do wash your car, use special aftercare soap dedicated to the gentle cleaning requirements of the ceramic. 

4. Are there any drawbacks of ceramic coating?

Ans: There are no chemical drawbacks, but due to the high cost of the process, it might not be for everybody. 

5. How long will a ceramic coating endure?

Ans: Good ceramic coating might last about a decade depending on various factors, such as usage of the car, handling of the car, frequency of car washes, etc. However, in most cases, they last 2-5 years. 


While ceramic coating a Tesla is recommended for the best maintenance of its surface, your car won’t become immune to scratches and spots. 

We recommend getting the protective coating even though it is not a mandatory requirement. 

However, with an investment of $300 to $2000, you will be able to keep your beloved Tesla in its top condition.


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