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Here’s An Overview Of EVs With Access To Tesla’s Supercharger Network

Many EV owners suffer from range anxiety. It’s partly due to issues with the current, reliable charging infrastructure and the incompatibility of different charging ports. However, with Tesla’s charging port becoming the North American Charging Standard (NACS), finding a reliable charger will become easier for electric vehicle (EV) owners because Tesla’s vast supercharger network is considered the cream of the crop for EV charging.

According to a report from Car and Driver, many car makers have decided to use Tesla’s plug-in so it’s easier for their customers to charge their EVs.


The German automaker announced that it will use Tesla’s NACS port in 2025. They will also develop an adapter that older EVs can use to plug into Tesla’s supercharger network.


BMW announced they will adopt Tesla’s NACS charge port at the beginning of 2025. All of the other automakers under BMW’s supervision, Rolls-Royce and Mini, will also be switching over to NACS. BMW also reports developing in-car apps to help drivers find Tesla chargers and pay the charging fees.


Upstart EV maker Fisker will adopt Tesla’s NACS standard in 2025 when their vehicles begin to hit the market.


The first automaker who agreed to adopt Tesla’s NACS standard, the blue oval EV owners will begin having access to Tesla’s vast supercharger network in the spring of 2024. Ford will issue the current Mustang Mach-E, and the F-150 Lightning will be an adapter, while they will commence making all their new EVs NACS compatible in 2025.


Genesis announced in October that they would make their EVs in North America NACS compatible by the end of 2024, doing the same for their Canadian vehicles by 2025. They will also give owners an adapter that EV owners can use at NACS or Combined Charging Systems (CCS) chargers in 2025.

General Motors.

GM was the second automaker to agree to use Tesla’s charging network after Ford. Starting in 2024, GM EV drivers will receive an adapter that will allow them to join Tesla’s NACS network. In 2025, all GM EVs will come with NACS standard charging ports.


Beginning in 2025, all of Honda’s new EVs will be NACS compatible. The Japanese automaker will also create an adapter so all their current CCS-compatible EVs can use Tesla’s supercharger network.


The South Korean automaker will also adopt Tesla’s charging network starting at the end of 2024. They will also issue adapters so Hyundai EV owners can use CCS and NACS networks.


The esteemed British automaker announced that starting in 2025, their EVs will use Tesla’s NACS network.


Beginning at the end of 2024, Kia America will install an NACS port on all their new EVs. In early 2025, they plan to make NACS adapters with CCS ports available to EV owners.


As of 2025, all new electric Lexus vehicles will come with NACS ports. Lexus will give owners of previous EV models with CCS ports an adapter to use the NACS network.


Beginning in 2025, new Lucid EVs will come with an NACS port. Like the other automakers on this list, they will issue an adapter to make CCS port vehicles NACS compatible.


The German icon will be issuing an adapter to make their CCS port EVs compatible with NACS chargers in 2024, with all of their new EVs coming with the NACS port by 2025.


Nissan will make their EV offerings NACS compatible starting in 2025. Of course, they will offer an adapter to current CCS port Nissan EV owners in 2024.


Like many other automakers, they will make all their vehicles NACS compatible by 2025 while offering an adapter for existing CCS port vehicles to connect to Tesla’s charging network sometime in 2024.


Porsche will adopt Tesla’s NACS chargers by 2025. Unsurprisingly, they will offer adapters to make their older CCS EVs NACS compatible.

Rivian, Scout Motors, Toyota, and Volkswagen all inked similar deals with Tesla and will offer their customers adapters for CCS vehicles to connect with Tesla’s NACS network.

As of right now, the one major American automaker that has yet to sign a charging network deal with Tesla is Stellantis. They own Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Ram, and Maserati.

Author: Jarret Hendrickson

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