Tesla Charger To J1772 Adapter: All You Need to Know!

As an old user of Tesla, you may still own the Tesla charger while using a new EV car. Charging the non-Tesla requires a new connector. But you may want to utilize the old charger if possible. Well, I have good news.

Converting the Tesla charger by using the J1772 adapter is how you can repurpose the charger for your EV. Just insert the adapter on the mouth of Tesla wall connectors, charging stations, and so on. Note that the Supercharger won’t work with this idea.

Apart from using the charger, I’ll share some other reasons why one should use the J1772 adapter. Stay Tune!

Tesla Charger To J1772 Adapter: All You Need to Know!

Tesla Charger To J1772 Adapter Helps!

There are 3 main reasons that I’ve noted why drivers should carry a J1722 adapter to fit their EVs into Tesla chargers. These are:

Reason #1: Use Tesla Charger On Non-Tesla Cars

As non-Tesla owners can’t use NEMA 14-50 Tesla charger to charge their EVs, they look for a universal adapter like the SAE J1772 type.

This allows using the high-powered wall connector, Destination Charging stations, and Mobile Connectors. It ensures no issue of misalignment or stress issue.

Each type of charging option is not universal which is the root reason non-Tesla cars can’t use them. This issue can be solved if using the J1772 type adapter inside the charger and simply plug-in.

It would be ideal to use a reliable and universal type adapter like the Lectron J1772 Adapter on a Tesla wall charger or Destination Charging station.

Reason #2: Safe & Quick Charging

All EVs (apart from Tesla) need a protective method that let the battery charge faster way. Plus, this is possible if you use the J1772 adapter on the Tesla Level 2 charging stations and so on.

Most of the time, the Tesla charger with the J1772 adapter ensures fast and safe charging for up to 19.2 kW per hour. Although this might not be as fast as Supercharger, it allows full charging within 3 – 5 hours.

Reason #3: Ensure Shock Protection In Rainy Season

Another special reason most EV drivers convert the Tesla charger to a J1772 adapter is to ensure shock protection. This mostly occurs due to the wet conditions under the rain.

The adapter maximizes the charging facility while confirming no physical damage to the human body or the car itself outside.

LENZ J1772 to Tesla Charging Adapter

Can You Charge A J1772 On A Tesla Charger?

The answer is both yes and no. It is impossible to fit the J1772 adapter on the Tesla Level 3 charger aka Supercharger (SC).

The reason is that the charger contains a special type of plug that won’t match the adapter and cause misalignment to fit.

In most case, all Tesla Supercharger contain Type 2 or CCS Combo 2 adapter that won’t goes inside the J1772 type. 

Another reason it won’t fit in is due to the payment needed in the SC. For further details, learn whether Tesla’s public charging is free or not!

Apart from this, you can use it on a Level 2 charger including Destination Charging, home wall connector, or Mobile Connector with no issue.

How Do I Change My Tesla Charger To J1772 Connector?

To do that, you’ll need the Tesla wall connector. If you don’t have one, be sure to get the best portable charger for Tesla here. Then, do the following direction:

  • Install the Tesla portable charger on the wall near the garage.
  • Remove the charger handle from the connector.
  • Insert the J1772 adapter inside the Tesla charger mouth. Be sure to align them properly so that they fit together.
  • Wait for 30 seconds so that they work properly.
  • Done!

Note: You can simply use it by plugging it inside the charge port and starting charging. After charging the car, press the red button on the Tesla adapter or the black button on the J1772 end area to remove the charger.

Can I Use J1772 Adapter On CCS Charger?

Technically, you can’t able to use the J1772 adapter on CCS (Combined Charging System) charger to connect the Tesla connector.

For that, it is required a suitable adapter that goes inside the CCS-type chargers. Till now, there’s no special sort of adapter made to use the J1772 adapter on the CCS charger.

Wrapping Up

Switching the Tesla charger to J1772 adapter is easy and takes less than 1 minute to do so. As an owner of an EV, its important you know why one should use the J1772 adapter on charging stations.

A lot of times this adapter can get stuck in the charge port. Just to make sure you are ready if that ever happens in the future, consider checking how to remove a stuck Tesla charging adapter.

Hope this guide helps!

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