Tesla Charging Cable Not Fully Secured: [Solved]

Last week, my Tesla screen showed a notification “Charging cable not fully secured. Please adjust the connection to improve charging.” And now, I got the answer that fixes the bug.

Here are a few ways how you can fix the Tesla charging cable not fully secured:

  • Download & install the software.
  • Recalibrate the charging cable. 
  • Do the hard reset.
  • Wipe out the debris stuck inside the charger & port pin.
  • Align the charging cable in the right order.

In this guide, I’ll explain the above solutions in a detail and inform you whether using the extended cord is good or bad. Here I Go!

Tesla Charging Cable Not Fully Secured: How to Fix?

Try These Fixes When Tesla Charging Cable Not Fully Secured

Under this segment, I’ll share 5 most-effective troubleshooting methods that fix the error (charging cable not fully secured):

Fix #1: Update the Software

If the issue is related to BMS, then it’s time to update the available software which causes this kind of bug.

To do that,

  • Go to the touchscreen Controls > Software and hit the download after locating the available ones.
  • Wait for some while to complete it.
  • Next, open your phone and enter into the Tesla app > Software Update > Install and wait for 2 – 4 hours for it to get done.

Fix #2: Reset the Charging Cable

A lot of times this kind of issue occurs when the wall connector has some internal system issue. It fails to operate smoothly and that’s why you get the issue of the charging cable not being fully secured. In that case, you might need to know the reset procedure.

To do that,

  • Detach the charging plug and remove the shell of the wall connector.
  • You’ll probably see an indicator light flashing in red color.
  • Find the red RESET button on the left side of it which is easy to locate.
  • Press on it for 2 – 3 seconds until the light changes to green color.
  • In some cases, you might need to hold the RESET button for 5 seconds and release it when the light changes to a green shade. This is how do you reset a Tesla charging cable.

Fix #3: Perform Hard Reset

Tesla sometimes gets stuck or catch glitch where it is not able to show the right signal due to internal system fault. And so, the message of not fully secured charging cable will show in the app. You might need to hard reset the car to fix the bug.

To do that,

  • Power Off the Tesla (Controls > Safety > Power Off).
  • Open the front hood using the Tesla app and remove the top panel storage.
  • Detach the high-voltage loop plug and take out the battery’s negative terminal ground wire.
  • Let it sit like this for 5 minutes.
  • Attach the high-voltage loop plug and then the battery’s ground wire.
  • Put everything back in its place.

Fix #4: Clean the Charging Connector & Port

Yay, dirt can get inside the charging connector pin insulator of the wall connector or the charging port in Tesla and become stuck which grows. Cleaning is the best way that can fix the issue of not fully secured cable.

To do that,

  • Unplug the charging connector from the wall connector.
  • Inspect the charging connector carefully with a flashlight.
  • If it has dirt inside, grab a pipe brush cleaner like the CiaraQ bottle cleaner. And clean the charging connector pin insulator by twisting inside the gaps. Be sure to do it on all holes.
  • Then, inspect the charging port of the Tesla after opening the charging port cover.
  • Use the same pipe brush cleaner and wipe all the holes inside the charging port.

Pro Tip: You can use a cotton bud or air compressor if you can use to clean the charging connector pin and charging port as an alternative tool.

Fix #5: Connect Charger Plug to The Charge Port Rightly   

The Tesla charge cable may not be plugged in correctly that causing the charging cable not fully secured issue. You only have to inspect whether the cable head is inserted into the charging properly or not.

To do that,

  • Detach the charge cable plug from the Tesla charge port.
  • Insert it inside the charge port and align the plug properly.
  • Keep on pushing until you feel a click-like shake that indicates proper seating of the charge cable plug.

Why Is the Charging Cable Not Fully Secured Tesla?

  • BMS (Battery Management System) become more sensitive.
  • The charging cable unit has an error in the system (lashes red light).
  • Internal system fault.
  • Obstacles in the charging port pin insulator.
  • Incorrect alignment of charging cable.

Is It OK To Charge Tesla with Extension Cord?

Is It OK To Charge Tesla with Extension Cord?

Well, it’s both yes and no! Tesla suggests owners to not use an extension cord in order to charge the car. You can use an extension cord if able to follow these rules and avoid making a mess:

  • If you are planning to charge the car outside, get permission from the landowner first.
  • You might need to move or extend your circuit to the place where you are planning to charge the car. Ensure it has a separate wall connector mounted near the spot where the cable can pass and charge the car without causing folks to suffer in the path.
  • Pick a good size of cable for the extension cord in order to reduce the electrical fire hazard issue. Know that the 120V car will charge at a max of 12A power. It’s because a longer cord requires wider wire. For the 12A, the perfect combination for Tesla is–
  • 25 – 50 feet cable with 16-gauge width.
  • 100 feet cable with 14-gauge width.
  • 150 feet cable with 10-gauge width.
  • Makes sure the extension cord power is capable to charge the car. Meaning looking at the power that it can hold and pass from the outlet.
  • Know that the extension cord will reduce the speed of charging (compared to the previous cord setup). Meaning your M3, MX, MY, or MS will charge like a turtle.

Overall Thought

As you now know the solutions to the Tesla charging cable not fully secured, it’s time to attempt it in real life. Just figure out the cause and then do the solution in order to hit the bull’s eye. Hope you like this guide to get the necessary info that helps. Good Luck!

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