Tesla charging error no power

Resolve Tesla Charging Error with No Power Situation!

Are you a Tesla owner who has ever experienced the frustration of your charger not working? This “no power” error can be confusing too, especially when you’re all set to hit the road. 

It occurs if the circuit breaker is Off or the Tesla charger wiring has cuts or loosens up. Sometimes it happens when the outlet requires tiny fixes or replacements.

To fix the Tesla charging error no power, turn on the circuit breaker and repair the wiring of the charger. Also, patch up the wiring of the outlet or change it if needed.

With the right instructions, you’ll be able to debug the issue quickly and easily. So let’s get started and get your Tesla charging up again in no time!

Tesla charging error no power

Troubleshoot The Tesla Charging Error No Power Problem!

If you are facing the no power issue in Tesla charging, then it’s time to fix it. Below are some simple steps to resolve the issue and get you back on the road:

Step #1: Run The Circuit Breaker To On Position

Go near your circuit breaker and check its size. If you put the wrong size breaker on the wall or mobile charger, it might not offer power to the unit. For further details, learn about Tesla wall connector breaker size or Mobile Connector need and change it.

After that, check if it is energized or not. You’ll need to move the wall connector’s breaker and make it in the ‘On’ position. Or else, the unit won’t get power.

Step #2: Take Care Of The Wiring Connection

A lot of times the wiring issues can cause the charger to not get power. If that happens, here’s what you need to do:

  • Take a bit driver and insert a 4 mm hex bit to detach the screws from the four locations.
  • Detach the main unit to find the wire box. Be sure to use pressure when pulling it.
  • Inspect the wiring harness (black, green, and red cables) carefully. If you find a peel-off or broken piece of wire, then be sure to mark it.
  • Insert the torque driver with a 4 mm hex bit to simply take out the terminal screw that holds the problematic wire. You need to torque the screws in a 5.6 Nm point.
  • Pull out the wire and cut extra above using a wire cutter.
  • Use a wire stripper to detach the insulation.
  • After that, put the conductor inside the terminal block and place the screw. Twist it using the same tool so that it stays secure.
  • Attach the wall connector’s main unit and press it. Reinstall the 4 screws using the bit driver with a 4 mm hex driver.
  • Done!

Note: Be sure to remove the extension cord as sometimes this can drop the voltage and cause no power issue.

Step #3: Repair Or Replace The Outlet

If everything seems good, then it indicates the issue with the outlet. As all Tesla chargers get power from the outlet, you’ll need to check whether it’s working or not.

Use the multimeter to check the voltage. If it seems wrong, then the wires are either broken or is not able to give power to the unit. In that case, open the outlet box and inspect the wires to patch them up.

Still, not charging? Then, look for burnt marks or scent that indicates an issue that requires an instant fix.

If that occurs, you’ll need to replace the outlet by doing the opposite of installation. Check the procedure of installing 240v outlet for tesla for ideas.

To Fix Charging Error No Power Tesla Supercharger!

When you find the error message on the Supercharger screen about no power, it gets essential to troubleshoot the issue. Let me share some of the possible steps that you can follow:

1. Check The Charging Cable

Inspect the charging cable connection as sometimes it can cause issues of no power. Make sure the cable is connected to both the Supercharger and your Tesla.

If you notice any visible damage to the cable or connector, quickly unplug it. Then, call Tesla Service Center to schedule a repair. They’ll help you get back on the road in no time.

2. Check The Power Source

Next, get near the Supercharger and look at its power source. Ensure that it is in action mode and working rightly.

If this isn’t operating, then be sure to contact Customer Care. Sometimes the DC charging component can fail to work which causes the Supercharger to show no power error.

3. Call Roadside Assistance

Lastly, if nothing works and you are stuck on the road, then it’s best to contact Roadside Assistance. They’ll fix the error and help your car to charge at another Supercharger.

How Do You Reset A Tesla Charger!

Resetting the Tesla charger is quick and easy that works greatly to resolve any kind of issues related to the charger. Let me show you the procedure: 

Wall Connector

To reset your wall connector, all you need to do is locate the round red button labeled “RESET”. If you have a Gen 1 wall charger, you’ll find the button on the lower right side. Find the RESET button on your Gen 2 wall connector on the lower left side.

Hold down the button for 5 seconds and keep pressing it until the red light turns green. Your charger will then automatically reset. 

If you have a Gen 3 wall connector, you’ll need to turn off the circuit breaker for the wall charger, wait for 5 seconds, and then turn it back on to reset the charger.

Mobile Connector

For Gen 1 and 2 mobile connectors, you’ll need to find the RESET button behind in the red shade. Just hit the button once to reset the charger in the simplest way possible.

Destination Charger

Even if you can’t reset the Supercharger, you can still reset the Destination Charger. To do so, simply locate the red RESET button, which is typically located on the lower left side. Press the button until the light changes to green and wait less than a minute for the unit to reset.

Why Is There No Light When Charging My Tesla!

Just like the Tesla charger lights meaning, the LED light also has a specific meaning. But, if you notice that the light isn’t turning on, it means either the power supply issue or the car is in a locked position.

Thankfully, if the car is locked, it’s an easy fix. You can unlock it using the touchscreen, Tesla app, Key Fob, or any other methods available to you.

However, if it’s a power supply issue, then you’ll need to turn on the power supply. Then, get it fixed via an expert electrician by removing the wall charger from the wire box and testing the voltage.

Overall Thought

So, there you have the fixes guys! Tesla charging error no power is a common problem that most face when using the problematic charger. 

Remember, taking good care of your Tesla and regularly inspecting your charger and outlet can prevent these issues from happening in the future. And if you do encounter any problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to experts for help.

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