Tesla Child Lock Basics - How To Turn On and Off

Tesla Child Lock Basics – How To Turn On and Off!

For parents, nothing is more fearful than kids opening the rear doors accidentally while driving the car. It’s the worst nightmare to think of.

To prevent this sort of mistake, Tesla Child Lock does a great job. Using this feature, you can ensure kids are never able to open the rear doors even if hitting the interior buttons. To turn it on, you only need to hit on the Child Lock on the car’s screen.

If you are interested to know more about Child Lock, I’ll break down everything about this trait here. Let’s dive into it!

Tesla Child Lock Basics - How To Turn On and Off

What Is Tesla Child Lock?

The Child Lock is a special feature that ensures no accidental opening of the rear doors. Via this trait, you can leave your kids or pets inside the passenger seat safely.

As kids or pets tend to roam around the rear seats, they can mistakenly open the rear doors. Which is a dangerous thing to face when driving on the highway!

Thinking of this scenario, Tesla provides a special Child Lock which won’t unlock or open the rear doors no matter what happens.

That’s one of the reasons why you can’t open the Tesla passenger doors even if using the Tesla App, Key Fob, or touchscreen.

Coming to the main point, using the feature ensure the safety of the children or pets behind when you have to get out of the car for buying snacks or for other reasons too.

However, it is suggested to use the Window Lock (Controls > Locks > Window Lock) as well when using the Child Lock as kids or pets can roll down the windows.

How Do I Turn On and Off Child Lock in Tesla?

To activate or deactivate the Child Lock feature in your Tesla, you’ll need to use the vehicle’s screen. Let me break down the procedure below so you can try it:

In Latest Tesla (2021+)

Tesla Model X, Y, S, and 3 manufactured from the 2021 to present day offers different options for Child Lock. To activate this feature, just hit on the Controls or Quick Controls > Locks and then locate the section called Child Lock. Then, click on the Child Lock feature to turn it on.

Turn On and Off Child Lock 2021

In some cars, Tesla only offers the Child Lock option for both rear doors. That means you can’t select which rear door to get locked.

Now, you can select which rear door to have this feature by clicking on the Child Lock. Based on your situation, pick one:

  • Both: Click on this to enable this feature on both rear doors.
  • Left: Hit on this to turn on this feature on the left rear door.
  • Right: Select this to activate the Child Lock on the right rear door.

Note that some cars offer a Child Lock section where you can select Left, Right, or Both options to turn this feature on the specific rear door. To turn off this feature, just click on the Child Lock until it gets grey or hit on the Off bar (if it is in the section).

Child Lock until it gets grey or hit on the Off bar

If your steering wheel has a Voice Command button, hit on it, and say Turn On/Off Child Lock, and the car will do it.

In Previous Tesla (MX and MS Only)

If you have Model X (2015 – 2020) or Model S (2012 – 2020) cars, then hit on Controls > Vehicle and find the Child-Protection Lock feature.

Turn On and Off Child Lock 2012-2020

After that, click on it (make it blue). Keep in mind the older manufactured cars (MX and MS only) don’t have the option to select which rear door to have this feature. In order to turn this off, just hit on it again (make it grey).

In severe cases where you need to open the rear doors, be sure to use the Tesla emergency door release.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all Teslas have Child Lock?

Well, all series of Tesla cars do come with the Child Lock feature. You’ll find this on all cars manufactured from 2012 – present. To put it simply, Tesla Model 3 does have Child Lock along with other series (Model X, Y, and S).

2. How do you get yourself out if Child Lock turns on?

If you are in the front or rear seat, reach for the touchscreen. Then, turn the Child Lock feature on with a simple click.

3. Where Is Child Lock on Tesla?

In the latest cars of all series (2021+), this feature is at the Controls > Locks > Child Lock (besides the Window Lock). Plus, you can find this in the Quick Controls section. However, in the previous cars of MS and MX, it is at the Controls > Vehicle > Child-Protection Lock.

Wrap Up

Tesla Child Lock is a great feature that helps so many people who have to ride the car with kids or pets. Via this trait, one can ensure their safety and feel no fear when need to leave them in the car’s rear seats. Hope you find this guide beneficial to know new things.

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