My Tesla Climate Control Keeps Turning On/Off

My Tesla Climate Control Keeps Turning On/Off: Quick Fix!

Seeing the notification from the app that says the climate control has been running for a long period is a common issue. As it lessens driving range, a lot of folks want to know its reasons and solutions.

Well, the software or system glitches are the most possible reason why climate control turns on. Plus, it can happen when Keep Climate On and Precondition is turned on. To solve it, install the software, reboot/power off, or turn off options that keep it on.

Don’t panic! Here, I’ll break down all the root causes and solutions to why the climate stays on or off in Tesla so you can fix it by yourself. Let’s Start!

Solve Tesla Climate Control Keeps Turning On!

Tesla can cause climate control to activate at random times due to some possible reasons. Let me share them along with their solutions:

Cause #1: Software Bug

The first possible reason why does climate stays on in Tesla is a software glitch that causes your car’s system to not work decently. In that case, you’ll either need to download the latest software (if there’s any) or tell the Tesla Service Center to push the needed software.

How to Fix?

In your car’s screen, go to Controls > Software > Update Available section. Then, hit on the Software Update bar with the clock sign and start downloading the new software.

If the car doesn’t show an update available, then contact the Tesla Service Center and ask them to push the software. In some cases, the 2-button reset trick works to push software to your car’s computer.

Cause #2: System Glitch

Sometimes the climate control system can turn on randomly if the system is corrupted. If this is the reason for your trouble, simply reboot the car and power it off for 2 minutes before waking it up.

Tesla Climate control System Glitch

How to Fix?

To begin with, hold the 2 scroll wheels of the steering wheel or yoke for up to 10 seconds. Keep on doing it until the screen goes off. And then, wait for the screen to come out.

Next, go to Controls > Safety or Safety & Security > Power Off. After that, a prompt will come asking whether you are sure or not. Then, hit on the Power Off and it’ll go off.

Do not hold any part for 2 minutes and then wake it up by hitting the brake pedal. After that, check if the climate control system works properly or not.

Cause #3: Keep Climate On Is Activated

The activation of the Tesla Keep Climate On option inside the setting can cause climate control to turn on automatically. Due to this, the car’s system turns it on even if you leave the car or stay inside after parking. To get rid of it, just turn this option off.

Keep Climate On Is Activated

How to Fix?

To turn off Tesla’s climate control, when parked the car, simply hit the climate control menu at the bottom. Then, press on the Keep Climate On (Keep) located on the right side right above the Dog and Camp mode. After that, turn off the Climate Controls System (right beside Auto).

Note that the Dog and Camp mode also keeps the climate control system running even if you exit the car. Ensure to turn them off too!

Cause #4: Precondition Is Turned On

The last possible reason why the climate control system keeps turning on can be due to the activated Precondition option. When it’s turned on, the car will turn on the AC. To resolve the issue, just turn it off and then manually turn off the climate control setting.

How to Fix?

You’ll need to open the Tesla App on your phone and then click on the Schedule option. Then, turn off the Precondition. After that, use the car’s screen to enter the climate control menu and turn off the climate control manually.

Solve Tesla Climate Control Keeps Turning Off!

In some cases, Tesla can block you from using the climate control option by turning it off or greying it out. This usually happens due to some potential causes. Here’s why it keeps turning off and its solutions:

Cause #1: Low Battery Power

Most of the time, the climate control keeps turning off issue occurs when the battery charge is below 20% or 2 hours have passed. To resolve it, just charge the car and turn the climate control on via the mobile app.

How to Fix?

Drive your car to your home or nearby Supercharger to charge your car. For that, be sure to open the charge port via the car’s screen (just hit on the lightning icon in the small car display).

After that, charge the car until the battery power reaches 20% or above it. Then, open the Tesla App on your phone and go to Climate > Turn On.

To lessen the hot temp in the cabin in summer, the car's fan will turn on to vent the cabin when the car is parked. That's why does Tesla fan runs when parked after the battery is above 20% charge.

Cause #2: Software Mismatched

If the software glitches or doesn’t match with the latest version, it can cause the climate control setting to not turn on at all. To resolve it, just download or install the new software in the car and mobile app.

How to Fix?

Just download the software update in your car like I’ve mentioned above (Controls > Software > Update Available > Software Update).

Then, open the mobile app and hit on Software Update > Install/Yes to start the process of updating to the new firmware version.

In some cases, the software update can cause the AC to not work. If this happens, be sure to check this guide to fix the Tesla AC issue.

Cause #3: Disconnected Interior Temp Sensor

In severe cases, the loose connection of an interior temperature sensor can cause the climate control system to keep turning off. You can resolve this issue by tightening the connection of the interior temperature sensor.

How to Fix?

To begin with, use the plastic pry bar to take out the cupholder front trim. It may take some time and force to remove the trim area properly. Then, detach the front trim panel and locate the temperature sensor.

After finding the sensor, take out the 2 screws to align it properly and then reinsert them. If required, change the inner temp sensor and then reinstall all the parts.

Ending Notes

Now, if your Tesla climate control keeps turning on or off, try the above solutions one after another. And, be certain to call the Tesla Service Center if nothing seems to work.

Hope you find this guide informative to get rid of this annoying issue after finding out the root causes and solutions.

Good Luck with This Project!

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