Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck Specs, Pricing, Range, More!

Tesla Cybertruck, soon to be launched model by the brand is in the type these days. More than that, when Elon Musk comes with his tweets, how can you possibly stop expecting the best from Tesla?

But well, it’s unfortunate that the brand is yet to reveal the formal Tesla Cybertruck spec list. But according to car freaks, there are always some expectations. And so far, Tesla Cybertruck is going to be the best and biggest launch by the brand.

And what we will do is discuss the possible specs from weight to the floating capability, payload capacity to the price. Let’s get on with it!

Tesla Cybertruck

Possible Specs of Tesla Cybertruck

We have listed Tesla Cybertruck Specs after detailed research on this latest model. Check it out and remember- most of these are estimations, the actual number can vary a little.

The Design

Go online and you will surely see several possible designs for the new Tesla Cybertruck. And we all know how excited the Tesla fans are! According to the initial concept of this model, the design is quite edgy.

The best part is, here, you will see the addition of a windscreen wiper. Along with this, there is a switch added for it. This is a simple alloy wheel design that will keep the balance. Musk revealed back in days that the truck will be able to shrink so that it can deal with the European roads.

However, his latter revelation contradicts the story. Yes, the size change of the car is quite a in hype now. According to Much, he mentioned that even 3% smaller is too small! For that, we cannot discuss the changes in the size much.

Motor and Power

The motor issue of this new model by Tesla has already gone viral. And yes, we already know that there are not only one or two motors here. Instead, Tesla planned to add three different electric motors to this super-expected vehicle.

With the single-motor truck, you will see the rear-wheel drive. When it comes to the two and three motor models available for this car, you will get to enjoy the all-wheel-drive facility.

Though this one was planned to come with three different models depending on the three motors, there are still twists. In last year December, Elon Musk came up with plans for developing a four-motor Tesla Cybertruck.

And with this, the drivers will get another feature called “crab walk.” Yes, you are guessing right, this one is quite similar to the Hummer EV. In this vehicle, it has four-wheel steering and it helps the truck to go diagonally.

The name comes from here- as the crab can move diagonally, so should a car! This will help in dodging boulders along with the large rocks. After all, who doesn’t face them in the off-roads! But do you know how much HP does the Cybertruck have? Let’s guess!

Compared to the new Hummer, Tesla yet hasn’t revealed the details regarding the power. However, according to automobile heads, the estimated horsepower of Tesla will be 690 and the torque will be 824 pound-feet. This highly depends on the three motors and will surely vary.


Coming to how much this car can do for you; let’s discuss the math of the performance. So, what is the top speed of the Tesla Cybertruck? According to the brand, it can go all the way up to 60 mph from zero. And this process will only take 6.5 seconds!

Along with this, it can top out at 110 mph! This is the deal with the single-motor Cybertruck. However, if we move to the dual-motor model, you can see it reaching 60 mph in only 4.5 seconds! And in this case, the top speed will be 120 mph.

However, who doesn’t want a little better performance when it’s Tesla! This brings us to the ultimate model of Tesla Cybertruck, the three-motor model! It will reach 60 mph just in 2.9 seconds! Isn’t that some amazing news! Yes, it is; and the top speed for this will be 130 mph which is quite incredible too!

So, is Tesla Cybertruck fast or it is average according to the above-mentioned math? Well, easy answer- it will be fast, VERY FAST!

Another best thing that Cybertruck is coming with is the air suspension which is adjustable according to your preference. Yes, you can raise it or lower it down on the fly depending on your preference.

And with this facility, you will get a ground clearance of 16 inches! Besides, there are 28-degree departure angles added with a 35-degree approach! Isn’t that all that an off-road Tesla driver wants?

Battery and the Charge

As Tesla Cybertruck is an EV, we already expect that there will be batteries, no doubt. But we can’t still talk about the battery sizes of this model as it is yet too revealed by the brand. However, with every model of Tesla Cybertruck, you will get a 250-kW charging cable added.

And then, you get the accessibility of the Tesla network of Supercharge! The driving range highly depends on the motors.

Depending on sources, the single-motor model will have 250-plus miles while the dual-motors one will have 300-plus miles. The range of the top-tier tri-motor model will be above 500 miles. With a single charge, you get to enjoy a lot- right?

The Interior

The interior has an angular design- by now, we all know this. However, there are geometric seatbacks added too. Along with this, you will get to enjoy a flat dashboard designed like a shelf. Just like the pick-up trucks, here, you will get the six-seat layout.

And among them, there will be that little jump seat that is adjusted in the front row. These all are like the regular pickups, what’s the twist here? Well, Tesla brings a touchscreen of a massive 17-inch which is fabulous.

Besides, there is a toke-shaped steering wheel added. You can see similar designs in The Tesla Model S Plaid along with the Tesla Model X Plaid. This model has powerpoints of both 120-volt and 240-volts.

We know what you are thinking- just like a mobile mini power station, right? With this facility, you will also see an onboard air compressor here. So, from now on, no worries when you are on a camping trip!

Payload Capacity and Towing Capacity

We can understand that Tesla promises a lot this time. But if we believe in the towing capacity that the brand has discussed, it will beat almost all of the opponents. For the single motor and the dual-motor Tesla Cybertrucks, the towing capacity will be 75000 and 10000 pounds.

In the case of the tri-motor design, it will be able to pull more or less 14000 pounds. Doesn’t it excite you a lot! Cybertruck can haul 3500 pounds in the cargo bed. The cargo bed is 6.5 feet.

And when the discussion is regarding Tesla Cybertruck Weight, it is still to be revealed! However, you can simply go and check the Tesla Car Weight for the other available cars of Tesla and find out the possible weight of the Tesla Cybertruck. 

The Cargo Capacity

The Cargo capacity is included in the interior. But well, we would take the chance of discussing it a little more! In Cybertruck, you get 2830 liters of cargo capacity.

And you already know that this one is lockable. In this, there is a load bed or vault according to Tesla. The frunk and the additional storage space right after the windows will give you a lot of room for sure.


As we can already see, Tesla has amazing specs added this time. And we do not expect the price to be low at all! The cost of a Tesla single-motor design will be close to $39900 to $40,000.

If you want to settle for the dual-motor design, it will cost you about $49900. And in the case of the ultimate tri-motor design, you have to pay a lot extra. It will be around $69900 to $70000.

Ride or Float?

The James Bond concept of floating the car on the water can sound amazing but coming up with the same design in real life can go wrong. So, can the Tesla Cybertruck go on the water?

Well, if we have faith in the words of Elon Musk, we can say that there’s a possibility of the Cybertruck floating or going on the water. Via these tweets, we can only expect that it is made possible, however, there are still confused regarding this.

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Wrap Up

Tesla is yet to reveal the specs of their new Cybertruck model. But some of their specs are already confirmed by them. And there are also specific expectations and estimations regarding this new design from the automobile heads. All we have tried is to list down the possible specs of Tesla Cybertruck- and we hope that it gets better than our assessment!

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