What Is Tesla Destination Charging? [Way To Charge Up Your Tesla]

There are several ways to charge up your Tesla including Wall Connector, Mobile Connector, Superchargers, and lastly, Destination Charging.

New Tesla owners might get a bit confused here. It’s pretty understandable as Destination Charging is mostly available in renowned hotels, restaurants, and resorts.

So, what is Tesla Destination Charging? How is Destination charging the most convenient way to charge up a Tesla?

Unlike Superchargers, it can be found almost everywhere in the United States, although it can’t charge a Tesla as much as a Supercharger can. Destination charging is also free for all and mostly located in public places. 

Still, one Destination charging outlet isn’t made for mass use. There are thousands of stations of Destination Charging to cover up for the slow time and less power to charge a Tesla.

What Is Tesla Destination Charging

How Does Destination Charging Work for Tesla?

As you’ve already known, there are 908 charging outlets located in the United States and 98 charging outlets in Canada, where you can charge your Tesla with Superchargers. 

But the number of Wall Connectors and Destination Charging outlets is over 35,000. It’s because they don’t require much space and you can find one in almost every renowned hotel, resort, and restaurant.

Those charging outlets are free to use for all Tesla car owners, although you need to pay for the charging only. The fastest charger out there is the Superchargers, but as for Destination Charging, the fastest ones are the 22 kW ones. The Supercharger’s speed is nearly 120 kW to 150 kW.

You don’t need any kind of membership in order to get access to a Destination Charging outlet. Other than membership, there is another thing you don’t need anymore in most Destination Charging outlets. Navigate below to know what it is.

Is Tesla Destination Charging free?

Even though there is no need for any membership or subscriptions to enter the Destination Charging, and what’s more, you don’t even need to pay for any electricity you use to charge your Tesla.

To charge your Tesla in a Supercharger Charging outlet, you might need to spend about 28 pennies per kWh. Tesla cars are known to run one mile per hour on 22 kWh. So, to run one mile per hour you need to spend 6.16 US dollars.

Whereas, in Destination Charging outlets, you can get that service for free. Although, there are some technical difficulties with Tesla. If you ordered a Tesla after January 15, 2017, then you need to spend to get the benefit of Supercharger points, otherwise, you can’t get free service from Destination Charging.

Even though the Destination charger doesn’t cost you any money, it sure can cost you time.

Tesla Destination Charger Speed

Destination Chargers aren’t usually built for the mass amount of owners, unlike Supercharger outlets. It’s being installed for only personal, customer service, and sometimes landowners.

So, the speed of a Destination Charger isn’t quite as fast as a Supercharger, but it is surely faster than a Mobile Connector, which can only be powered on 110V electricity.

A Destination Charger can at most add 30 to 44 miles per hour worth of charging. It’s if you charge the Tesla there at its full capacity. In comparison to Supercharger, which can add up to 142 to 175 miles per hour worth of charging, it’s pretty low.

To charge up a Tesla to its maximum capacity, we need to wait for about 12 hours. Mostly, it depends on how much charge is left on a Tesla’s battery. Considering the amount of charge left, it will take between 1 to 12 hours.

In conclusion, it’s completely free to charge a Tesla in a Destination Charger, where you need to pay 6.16 US dollars to charge it from a Supercharger station. Although, it’s a lot slower than Superchargers.

Can anyone charge a Tesla Destination Charger?

Installing Destination Chargers requires special authorization from Tesla. Only Tesla’s Charging Partners can install a Destination Charger. Let’s see how it works.

Charging Partners are typically business owners and landowners who decide to install a Destination Charger in their place.

Basically, it’s for public use. But if anyone wants to get a Tesla charger for their home, they can get this special authorization from Tesla. A Tesla authorized engineer or electrician will come over to install the Destination Charger.

Destination chargers are more or less the Tesla Wall Connectors. You install a Wall Connector in your business place and it could become a Destination Charger for Tesla. That’s the reason why these chargers don’t cost you a single penny.

As you have known there are over 35,000 Destination Charger outlets all over the world. Most of them are installed in restaurants and hotels so that people can easily charge their Tesla from anywhere. 

Although it takes about 12 hours to entirely charge up a dead Tesla. So, it might be a long time for you to wait in a restaurant just to charge your Tesla. You can go for a walk and monitor the charging through the Tesla Mobile App.

Final Words

Unlike every other car in the world, Tesla runs on electricity. Of course, it’s a huge step for the automobile industry, although it raised some concerns. The concerns were regarding the matter that there won’t be any stations to charge the vehicle.

So, Elon Musk just built Superchargers’ stations for his customers. And now the Destination Chargers have made it really easy for Tesla users to travel throughout the United States and Europe. 

Most Asian countries don’t have enough stations, not even Supercharger stations. Recently, India has shown signs to bring Tesla stations all over India to let their people use Tesla cars without any difficulties.

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