Tesla Easy Entry 101: Meaning, Working, and Usage?

Tesla Easy Entry 101: Meaning, Working, and Usage?

For folks who find it hard to get in or out of the car due to lack of space, Tesla offers a brilliant feature called Easy Entry to resolve this trouble.

Well, Easy Entry is a different profile that you can use to get more room when getting inside or outside the car. When it’s turned on, the steering wheel and driver’s seat manually adjust when you attach/detach the seat belt or get out/in the car.

In this guide, I’ll share everything that you should know about the Easy Entry along with interesting topics that will help you in usage. Let’s start!

Tesla Easy Entry 101: Meaning, Working, and Usage?

What Is Tesla Easy Entry and How It Works?

Tesla comes with a universal driver profile option that can be used by any driver (male or female) which is Easy Entry. You’ll basically find this setting on all Model S, Y, 3, and X cars.

So, what is Easy Entry on a Tesla car? Well, it is a setting that lets you get in or out of the driver’s seat in a more spacious way.

It’s a great feature that helps people not be hit by the steering wheel when entering or getting out of the car. As some folks need more space to get inside the car, Tesla with Easy Entry makes it easier.

In the Easy Entry setting, the car’s steering wheel and seat go further away from you when switching the gear to P (Park) mode and detaching the seat belt.

And then, when you return to the car and hit the brake pedal, the setting switch automatically goes back to the latest driving profile. For that, the car’s steering wheel and seat return to the earlier position.

However, the position can differ based on the key that is linked to your driver profile. In that case, you can bring back your earlier profile by selecting it from the add-on driver profile list. Note that the adjustment of the seat only happens on the driver’s side.

Do not use Easy Entry to shift the driver’s seat to the full rearward position when you install a child safety seat on the rear seat (right behind the driver’s seat).

How to Set Easy Entry on Tesla Model Y, 3, S, and X Cars?

You can add one Easy Entry profile in your car which can be shared by all Driver Profiles. Here’s how to do it yourself:

  1. Firstly, use your car’s touchscreen and go to the Controls section.
  2. Then, hit on the Driver Profile at the top.
  3. Next, click on the Driver Profile Settings option (at the bottom of Driver Profile).
  4. After that, select a profile that contains ideal driving positions and settings.
  5. And then, press on the Use Easy Entry checkbox.
  6. Once it’s done, adjust the steering wheel position (using the left scroll button of the steering wheel) and driver’s seat (move the seat back). Afterward, click on Save to have this adjustment as an Easy Entry profile.

If this shows an issue or gets stuck, then learn why Tesla Easy Entry isn’t working by checking this guide.

How to Use Easy Entry Tesla?

After you’ve set up the Easy Entry profile, click on Controls and press the Driver Profile at the top. Then, select the Easy Entry option from the list.

What Is Tesla Easy Entry and How It Works

Next, wait for a few seconds until the car is set to the Easy Entry setting. After that, test it out by removing the seatbelt and getting out of the car.

How to Delete Easy Entry Profile on Tesla?

In order to remove the Easy Entry profile from the list, you’ll need to click on the Driver Profile (go to Controls and click on the driver profile). Next, select the Driver Profile Setting option.

How to Delete Easy Entry Profile on Tesla

After that, select the Easy Entry profile and then click on the Delete option. Then, a warning prompt about Delete Profile will open to ensure that it’s not an accidental press. Next, click on Delete and it’ll be removed from the list.

How to Turn On and Off Easy Entry Tesla?

To turn on the Easy Entry setting, go to the Controls and select the Driver Profile > Driver Profile Setting. After that, click on a profile that you prefer from the list and then hit on the Use Easy Entry checkbox. Then, you’ll see Easy Entry profile name on the Driver profile.

Afterward, turn this profile off by clicking on Driver Profile > Driver Profile Setting and then hit on the profile. Next, press the Use Easy Entry checkbox and it’ll turn off.

Wrap Up

Entering and exiting the car gets easier with the Tesla Easy Entry as it gives users more room by moving the steering wheel and seat away.

I hope you acknowledge all about this setting and find this content helpful. If it’s your first time, then ensure to set it up as I’ve mentioned above. Good Luck!

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