Tesla Employee Discount, Perks, & Other Plans!

Tesla Employee Discount, Perks, & Other Plans!

Seeing the current and former employee reports can curious some folks about the benefits a worker gets from Tesla. 

In the Tesla employee discount plan, all workers get deducted in goods, charging stations, full self-driving, apparel, hotel, rental car, amusement parks, flights, mobile phones, and so on. They in most cases get diverse advantages like perks, insurance, and so on.

In this guide, I’ll share in detail about this topic so that you can understand the benefits. Let Me Lift the Veil for You!

Tesla Employee Discount, Perks, & Other Plans!

7 Tesla Employee Discount Plans to Know About

Recently, Tesla offered discounts to beginner, intermediate, or skilled employers on more than 6 platforms. Let me explain each of them below:

1. Discount on Goods

Wondering do Tesla employees get a discount when buying or selling goods? Yep, you’ll get the deduct benefit as a worker there.

It means you’ll able to buy a product that cost high with a 35% deduction thanks to the employee discount benefit.

2. Charging Station Discount

Unlike usual folks, Tesla discount for employees can be found in almost all charging stations by cutting costs. This is a massive advantage for all those employees!

3. Full Self-Driving Discount

Tesla offers a special kind of feature called full self-driving that costs up to $15,000 per year (in some models it is $200/$100 per month).

Some employees who work there will get free full self-driving benefit and sometimes offers a discount to get the subscription.

4. Apparel Discount

This is a different section than merchandise which only includes the clothing. Employees get a special deduction to buy any kind of dress at a 25% discount rate.

5. Hotel Discount

Shockingly enough, Tesla offers employee discounts on hotels. The rate of discount isn’t fixed but you’ll get the deduct benefit as an employee.

6. Rental Car Discount

Just like products and other purchases, the employees will get discounts on rental cars for up to 25%. In fact, when workers are trying to buy new Tesla cars, they will get discounts and leasing benefits.

7. Other Discount

A lot of employees at Tesla get deducted from amusement parks, flights, mobile phones, and other platforms.

They also get some free software features or upgrades unlike usual folks thanks to the employee discount benefit.

Plus, the employees offer a 90% discount on more than 18,000 locations to eat and enjoy. Then again, you’ll get 75% off on the movie tickets.

Do Tesla employees get a discount for friends? Well, there’s no discount for family members or friends even if the employees are parents of Elon Mask.

6 Tesla Employee Perks Plan

Tesla offers perks that motivate employees to work even harder. To know what perks do Tesla employees get, take a look at the given listing:

  1. They get free coffee, granola bars, cereal, water, and soda. Once a month or so offer launches.
  2. Tesla aids employees who want help or need some sort of direction on a topic with commuter checks.
  3. If workers feel anxious, stressed, or depressed, they get free confidential therapy from Lyra.
  4. Employees hire lawyers at an affordable rate.
  5. They enjoy the social events that Tesla offers.
  6. Tesla offers gym subscriptions for its employees to get free fitness classes.

8 Tesla Employee Insurance Plans

In this plan, Tesla cut some amount from the paycheck after the employees enroll for insurance. It can be weekly, monthly, or yearly in the Base or Premium plan. Let me show you some of them with the possible deduct amount from the paycheck:

  • Health Insurance:
    • Single Person: $7,739 per year
    • Employee + Family: $22,221 per year
  • Dental Insurance:
    • Single Person: $5
    • Employee & Spouse: $11
    • Employee & Kids: $12
    • Employee & Family: $18
  • Vision Insurance:
    • Single Person: $2.50
    • Employee & Spouse: $6.25
    • Employee & Kids: $5
    • Employee & Family: $8.75
  • Life Insurance: Maximum of $1,000,000.
  • Health Saving Account (HSA) Insurance:
    • Single Person: $3,650 per year
    • Employee + Family: $7,300 per year
  • Disability Insurance: Up to 66.7% of the salary for 6 months.
  • Accidental Insurance:
    • Single person: $3.26
    • Employee & Spouse: $5.86
    • Employee & Kids: $6.94
    • Employee & Family: $9.53
  • Mental Health Care Insurance: Up to 20% of the salary per session.

5 Tesla Employee Financial & Retirement Plans

Tesla offer plan for financial and retirement purpose to some employees who enroll and cut some charges on each paycheck. Here are a few plans:

  • 401k Plan: Tesla matches 50% of the initial 6% (capped at $3k per year) of employees who contributed money.
  • Stock Purchase Plan: Tesla offers employees to buy stock with 15% of their total amount (contributed money) at 85% of the current stock price.
  • Performance Bonus Plan: Employees usually get around $3,750 – $27,500 per year based on performance and hard work from Tesla.
  • Retirement Plan: Tesla offers employees to save bucks from their paychecks to retire comfortably.
  • Pension Plan: Just like a retirement plan, Tesla gives pension facilities to specific employees.

4 Tesla Employee Family & Parenting Plans

For family and parenting benefits, Tesla lets employees have some facilities in urgent situations that occur in family life. Like:

  • Tesla provides 14 – 18 weeks of paid maternity leave and 7 – 11 weeks of paid paternity leave.
  • For family medical leave, Tesla gives 16 weeks of paid.
  • Tesla gives flexible hours for school or any other commitments.
  • Allow childcare, dependent care, and other situation leave.

5 Tesla Employee Vacation & Time Off Plan

Employees sometimes need time off and vacation stuff that Tesla offers with the permission of the manager in most cases. The plans for vacation and time off include:

  • Vacation: Employees get up to 2 weeks of vacation benefits.
  • Paid Time Off/Flexible Time Off: Unlimited PTO with approval of manager and FTO for full-time employees. Know that employees have to work hard to earn approval.
  • Paid Holidays: Tesla offers at least 10 days of holidays per year.
  • Sick Days: They get 14 – 90 days off for employees who are sick or suffering from illnesses like Covid.
  • Bereavement Leave: Tesla let all employees leave the working place if any family members or close friends die of bereavement.

4 Tesla Employee Professional Support Plans

Lastly, employees get a professional support plan from Tesla in order to perform even better and get some assistance. It includes:

  1. Job Training
  2. Diversity Program
  3. Apprenticeship Program
  4. Professional Development

Wrap Up

Almost all members get the Tesla employee discount with other facilities. Elon Mask treats its employees in a better way even if the previous scenario was different. That’s good for the workers. 

Hope this piece of detail helps you to gain the proper knowledge on this topic. Keep Up the Good Work!

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