Tesla Enhanced Autopilot: Worth It or Not?

Tesla Enhanced Autopilot: Worth It or Not?

Enhanced Autopilot is a paid package that Tesla drivers can buy for $6,000. It comes with 5 cool features, such as helping the car stay in the center of the driving lane, making the car come to you (summon), parking itself automatically, and so on.

As a newcomer, you might be struggling to decide whether to get it or not. Don’t worry as I’ll break down whether is Enhanced Autopilot worth it or not along with its good and bad sides.

Let me lift the veil for you!

Tesla Enhanced Autopilot: Worth It or Not?

Is Tesla Enhanced Autopilot Worth It?

Based on your experience when using the features, you can determine whether a package like Enhanced Autopilot is worth $6,000 or not. And this’s what I’ll share in this segment so that you can understand its actual value. Here I go:

1. Navigation on Autopilot

It’s a unique option that makes adjustments so that your car goes forward even if there are vehicles in front. That way your car doesn’t get stuck behind other vehicles that are slow.

When it’s turned on, Navigation on Autopilot can switch lanes and get the car out to reach another freeway. To do that, it automatically adapts the speed of your car, lowering it to 80 MPH and then raising it to 100 MPH (which is pretty cool).

Navigate on Autopilot
Image: Tesla.com

This also switches on the turn signal, exits the freeway, and then activates the Basic Autopilot with a sound when you are moving toward an exit.

But I find it a little stressful, erratic, and strange as sometimes the car moves dangerously especially when behind slow cars. It does need some improvement to perform well.

Plus, the Navigation on Autopilot lacks to detect bikes, carpools, or other emergency cars. In short, it is good, but still has a long way to go!

How to Enable It?

To turn it on, just use the car’s touchscreen and click on Controls > Autopilot > Autopilot Features > Autosteer > Navigate on Autopilot (Beta). And then, press the bar (make it blue).

2. Auto Park

Using advanced cameras and sensors, it lets your car automatically start to park on a public road by moving into the spaces.

How to Enable Park Assist in Tesla Model S and X

And yes, Auto Park works to park the car in both parallel and perpendicular parking zones. But it moves the car in a weird manner which might catch any people’s attention.

Plus, this takes forever to park the car even in parallel parking places. However, if Tesla improves the maneuvering style of this feature, it may perform better to park the car in a human way. So far, not a fan of Autosteer but it works!

How to Enable It?

Drive near the parking space and let the Autopilot detect the spot. Then, the instrumental cluster or touchscreen will show a parking icon (P).

Next, click on AutoPark in the Drive mode strip on the screen for Model X and S cars or shift into Reverse and then click on Start on the screen.

After that, release the button when AutoPark engages, and then a message will show when parking is done.

3. Auto Lane Change

Next up, it’s about the Auto Lane Change feature. This helps in moving the car to an adjacent lane on the highway when the Autosteer is turned on.

Auto Lane Change

It’s a great feature TBH as it lets your car reach the center of the driving lane on the freeway. When using the Auto Lane Change feature, it causes the car to get jerked and roughen if you change lanes.

However, sometimes it can give a mini heart attack especially when a car comes from far away. Overall, this works excellently on an empty and quiet highway.

How to Enable It?

To start the Auto Lane Change, you’ll need to click on Controls > Autopilot > Autopilot Features > Autosteer (Beta) and then turn it on. Next, engage the turn signal whenever you want to turn on the Auto Lane Change option.

4. Summon (Basic)

About the Summon feature, I find it cool, enjoyable, and helpful. Well, this lets your car drive and park in the parking lot or other places in a straight line while you are outside.

Basically, it does great to drive into small garages or other spots. However, the Summon feature might not work if the place contains obstacles that block the way.

One thing that I like about this is the moving ability which can adjust the wheels to fit into the parking lot. For that, it looks into the surroundings and then tried to park at an angle that seems decent.

By and large, this feature is a great feature to use when you want to summon the car into the parking lot or garage without getting inside the car.

How to Enable It?

To activate it, open the Tesla App on your phone and click on Summon option. After that, the screen will show a short message to press and hold controls (up and down) to move the vehicle. Then, use the up to move the car inside the garage or down to bring the car outside.

5. Smart Summon

Moving to the last feature of the Enhanced plan, Smart Summon is one of the popular features. It just moves your car to a specific location by steering the car automatically.

When this was added to the Tesla cars, a lot of people have high expectations of this since no other cars have this option on the market. But guess what? It is the worst of all the features as this doesn’t work properly.

Tesla Smart Summon
Image: Tesla.com

And when it works, the car moves weirdly so much so that most folks prefer not to use it again. However, there are some folks who find it fun to use especially in an empty and big parking lot.

After receiving backlashes on this feature, Elon Mask on Twitter mentioned that they’ll improve on this feature with a possible update soon.

How to Enable It?

Using the Tesla App, click on Summon and then press the Smart Summon icon (at the center of the image). Then, wait for it to start the Smart Summon.

Next, position the location where you want the car to park. After that, you can use one mode either Come to Me or Go to Target by pressing.

In My Opinion:

At $6,000, don’t waste your money to get the Enhanced Autopilot. Yes, this plan offers 5 features, wherein most of them need improvement to do better.

Instead of this, stick with the Basic plan that the car included. To know the differences, be sure to check Tesla Basic Autopilot vs Enhanced Autopilot.

What Are the Benefits of Enhanced Autopilot?

  • Guides your car to off-ramps and on-ramps based on the navigation route.
  • Holds the car in the center of its driving lane when cruising at a set speed.
  • Automatically Park your car into parallel and perpendicular parking places using data.
  • Let you automatically park or bring back the car from a place while you are not inside the car.
  • Allow you to drive the car to a desired location by moving skillfully and stopping for objects if required.
  • Adjust the speed of the car when determining a vehicle ahead in the same lane.
  • Helps you in steering when the car detects lane markings, objects, or vehicles in the front.

What Are the Downsides of Enhanced Autopilot?

  • This package will charge around $6,000 or more based on location (costs raises per year).
  • Folks who don’t like cruise control should avoid the EAP as it will automatically do all the ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System) tasks.
  • Some of the features of EAP sometimes show bugs, especially the Smart Summon option.

Overall Thoughts

If the price range drops to $1,000 – $2,000 or the features work properly, the Enhanced Autopilot might be worth it. But right now it needs a lot of improvement. However, you can still try it if you want to.

In that case, you can any time switch to FSD which will cost $100 per month ($1,200 per year) if your car contains the 3.0 or above version computer. For a detailed explanation, check here to know how you can add full self driving later.

Hope you make the right decision after reading this guide. Best of Luck!

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