What Is A Frunk On A Tesla: Clever Use of Space and Design

The frunk vs trunk on Tesla debate can increase the curiosity of some folks about the term “frunk” (FYI Tesla uses it too).

So, what is a frunk on a Tesla? It’s the short form of the front trunk or bonnet that most Americans say. This part comes with storage, trims with covers, and seals with hiders.

If this topic seems interesting and you prefer to learn more about the frunk stuff, then keep on reading till the end!

What Is A Frunk On A Tesla

Frunk On A Tesla Is Short Form Of Front Trunk!

On the front side of your Tesla (regardless of what series it is), you’ll see the car contains a bonnet, trunk, or hood. 

To call this part quickly and simply so that all folks understand, most Americans call it frunk (front + trunk). The front trunk has 3 parts that allow drivers to use it in their daily life. Which includes:

  • Storage – After opening the frunk, people use this to keep vital stuff like bags, luggage, or food.
  • Trim and covers – To locate the battery and other gears, the trim and covers play a vital role. You need to remove them to reach the parts.
  • Seals and hiders – In order to keep water or other stuff far from reading the interior, these do a great job.

4 Reasons Why Do Teslas Have A Frunk!

From safety to user-friendliness, Tesla offers the frunk to all series (MX, M3, MY, and MS). Under this segment, I’ll share all the reasons why this part exists in Tesla:

To Keep Items For Storage Purposes

The frunk lets you keep items unlike most gas engines or EVs in the rear trunk. You’ll find the storage larger that helps to keep stuff like a couple of luggage, suitcases, and other basic tools (flashlights, paper towels, cleaning items, and so on).

Reaching Items Get Easier

As you store items in the frunk, this lets you reach these after getting out of the car. This is one of the reasons why Tesla offers frunk and helps usual folks to easily get stuff that is essential.

Plus, the items would never spill or roll like the rear trunk, thanks to the frunk design that keeps stuff straight and evenly.

Confirms Safety In Front During Collision

Another reason frunk exists is due to safety purposes. You see, the front space in the frunk can absorb all the negative force that occurs during collision rather than passing it on the cabin and harming drivers as well as passengers.

Thanks to this part, Tesla gets 5 stars in safety rating after trying accidents and crash tests. The frunk also ensures resisting broken pieces to reach people and prevents injuries to the occupants.

Distribute Weight Evenly

Tesla offers trunks on the front and rear sides to ensure a 50:50 ratio of weight distribution. This helps the car to stay in the ideal position by placing gravity in the center.

That means when you place stuff in the front and rear hood the car will ensure good driving performance instead of reducing the goodness.

What Is The Frunk Used For?

There are a few usages of this part that most drivers use in their daily or occasional plans. Let me share some below:

  1. To camp with up to 5 friends, the frunk space does a great job. One can carry food, drinks, necessary luggage, and other stuff for firewood or camping trips.
  2. In emergency situations, one can put all the dirty clothes on the frunk and drive all the way to home after completing the camp journey. That’s a relief!
  3. When going shopping, this extra space does a great job as anyone can immediately put the items on the front and take them out while at home.
  4. After cleaning the car, you can put all the unnecessary objects inside the front trunk to hide them.
  5. In regular life, this space helps to keep files, laptops, and other stuff.

Are There 2 Trunks In A Tesla?

In the Model X, 3, Y, and S series of Tesla, you’ll find 2 trunks or hoods (front and rear). However, the location of these trunks is different. Here’s what I mean:

  • Front trunk – On the front bonnet side.
  • Rear trunk – On the rear bonnet side.
Rear trunk – On the rear bonnet side on Tesla
Tesla Rear trunk

Exactly How Do You Get Into Tesla Frunk!

To open the frunk on a Tesla and reach the part for storing, I’ll show you 3 ways how you can do it yourself:

  1. Use the touchscreen and hit on the Open icon in the frunk image.
  2. Hit twice on the front trunk button in the key fob.
  3. Open your phone and go to the Tesla app to click on the front trunk button.

If you can’t open Tesla Frunk, there must be some problem that needs immediate attention.

In Conclusion

So exactly what is a frunk on a Tesla? I hope that’s not anymore a question residing in your head. Knowing the standard details about the front trunk gets vital when you are checking the Tesla for the first time. 

These are some basic ideas you will find out gradually, so don’t be too hard just now. I will try to come up with similar basic tesla 101 topics more often.

On that note, I hope this guide was helpful to you!

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