Tesla FSD Beta Update V11.3.3! [What’s New]

To know whether is Tesla FSD worth it or not, it’s vital to keep up with the suage and that includes updating the software to use the latest version.

Recently, the Tesla FSD Beta update V11.3.3 is launched by fixing some issues related to the Full Self Driving system. Via this update, the car improves its detection, intelligence, behavior, and other sectors so that you drive on the road without facing bugs.

So, what’s new in this update? When is this version released? And will there be a new update – these are the topics that I’ll cover today. Let’s Dive In!

Tesla FSD Beta Update V11.3.3

What’s In The Tesla FSD Beta Update V11.3.3?

From the latest Tesla FSD Beta update news, I’ll share all the new features that you’ll get in the new V11.3.3 (2022.45.12) version. Here’s the detail:

1.  Let The FSD Beta On Highway

After the latest update, you’ll be able to see the highway on the car’s display screen. As it improves the legacy stack, vision, and other things, the car will show the roads better on the maps. It helps you to handle easy lane-specific maneuvers.

Besides, this new version improves the multicamera video networks and planners on the car. That way the car can interact with difficult agents with less reliance on lanes.

In general, the car can do better things using intelligent behaviors, smoother control, and make better decisions.

2. Better Recall Ability

The next benefit of this FSD Beta update is the recall ability. After this update, the car can recall learning from 30,000 auto-labeled clips from the fleet. Along with this, it lets your car remember better for close-by cut up to 15%, especially for big trucks and other cases.

3. Better Performance

After the new version, the car improves its inner features as well as its behaviors. Let me explain it in detail –

  • Improve The Ego Position In Wide Lanes – The car can bias in the route of the following turn so that other cars can drive around the ego.
  • Provides Good Handling – Driving high curvature or big trucks is easy as it let the car offset in lanes to ensure a safe gap from other vehicles. This also adds comfort and safety.
  • Improve The Behavior – The car can change the path blockage lane in bad traffic. Due to the update, the ego let the car change the lane better by detecting the traffic condition.
  • Better Lane Changes – In dense traffic cases, it let higher acceleration at the time of the alignment phase. It helps the car to maintain a natural gap to overtake without being close to other vehicles.
  • Better The Back-to-back Lane Changes – It lets the car move carefully via a good fusion between coarse map lane counts and vision.
  • Enhance Driving Actions – It allows the Tesla to stay in the lane instead of taking lane changing or slowing down.
  • Upgrade Offsetting Reading – This helps the car to read less false offsetting around things in wide lanes. It adds object kinematics modeling so that the car can catch low-speed scenarios.

4. Make Turning Smoother

Thanks to the latest update, the car is now able to make better turns. This is because it has improved its ability to detect the correct lanes, lines, and road edge predictions.

5. Detects Moving Semantics Rightly

With the v11.3.3 version of FSD Beta, the car can more precisely figure out the motions of other trucks on the road. In fact, its precision has been improved by 23% when it comes to detecting if other cars are transitioning to driving.

Plus, it can lessen the error reading by 12% in case the Tesla Autopilot features falsely detects the lead car as parked. 

Moreover, the car makes fewer mistakes thanks to the improved video context in the network. Besides, the added data on these cases and the loss penalty for vehicles are the reason for less error reading.

6. Improve Trajectory Optimization Horizon

This recent update helps the car to act smother in control. It allows the car to drive well on high curvy roads and lessens the chances of crossing far-away vehicles. Also, this helps a lot when you need to drive at highway speeds.

7. Better User Interface

It lets the car detect the stopping spots via the visualization and communication of the following slowdowns. Plus, the driver can see the solid line at the spots where the car will come to a stop.

8. Advance The Detection Ability

With better memory and accuracy of object detection, the car can figure out the semi-trucks or cross any cars over 100 meters away.

Moreover, it can also remember the bikes thanks to its 5% upgrade in recalling ability. Plus, the car can execute more than 2 million video clips for quality checks.

What Is The Release Date Of FSD Beta V11.3.3?

The latest FSD Beta version V11.3.3 (2022.45.12) is released on March 24, 2023. This massive update is given to all Tesla owners living in the US or Canada. To know it easily, you can check it using the touchscreen or app.

How Soon Can I Get The Next FSD Beta Update?

Today (March 28, 2023), Elon Musk announced on Twitter that the upcoming FSD Beta update is at the door. To put it simply, you’ll find the next version aka V11.3.4 anytime.

Well, Tesla’s engineers are figuring out and taking some actions to finish the latest FSD Beta V11.3.4 version. Via this update, they’ll fix any sort of bugs occurring with the FSD system.

Wrapping Up

The Tesla FSD Beta update V11.3.3 or the upcoming version will come for your car to do better with the system. Through the recent updates, it fixes any small bugs in the FSD system and ensures you are getting the finest riding experience.

Be sure to use your touchscreen or app to check the Tesla latest software update V11.3.3 or upcoming versions and install it to get these traits in your car.

Hope this piece of information helps you and I’ll see you in the next guide. Goodbye!

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