Tesla Gemini VS Induction Wheels for Tesla Model Y!

Tesla always has a great line of vehicle wheels when it comes to their cars. But quite surprising that they have only three options of wheels available for their Tesla Model Y.

They have two options available for long-range and only one option for performance. One of the two long-range wheels needs additional money to get hands-on. And there’s always a debate going on between those two long-range wheels: Tesla Gemini vs Induction wheels.

Meanwhile, the performance wheels can cost 5,000 US dollars more than the other two versions’ cars. Moreover, people buy the performance Model Y for maximum aesthetics.

But people who don’t want to meddle themselves with too much extra money usually prefer the long-range wheels.

Tesla Gemini VS Induction Wheels

What is Tesla Gemini and What are Induction Wheels?

Tesla Gemini and the Induction wheels are the types of wheels you can get with your Tesla Model Y car. The Tesla Model Y has a total of 3 types of wheel options available.

Out of those three, the most popular ones and the ones people often argue about are Tesla 19 inch Gemini wheels and Tesla 20 inch Induction wheels. It’s because the other wheels which are known as the Uberturbine wheels are available for the standard performance Tesla Model Y only. 

Let’s get a brief idea about these two wheels, shall we?

Tesla Gemini Wheels

The Tesla Gemini is recognized as the standard on the Tesla Model Y long range. The dimensions of Tesla Gemini wheels are 4.53 inches on the sidewall, 28.04 inches on the outer diameter, 255 mm tread width, and 45 rations on the sidewall.

The sidewall and the outer diameters on a Tesla Gemini are a little bigger than the Tesla Induction wheels. It makes the ride smoother and more comfortable.

Tesla Induction Wheels

The Tesla Induction wheels are also available for the long range Tesla Model Y. But it’s not the standard one. You have to spend an additional 2,000 US dollars in order to get the Induction wheels.

The dimensions of Tesla Induction wheels are 4.02 inches on the sidewall, 28.03 inches on the outer diameter, 255 mm tread width, and 40 rations on the sidewall. 

These wheels might not be as comfortable as the Gemini wheels, but they look good with the Tesla Model Y. If you are one of the appearance people, then this is the go-to option for you.

Gemini vs Induction Wheels

Both of the wheels are made for different purposes. So, both of them have their ups and downs. But still, let’s make a comparison to see which one might be better for your Tesla Model Y.


In terms of appearance, the Induction wheels will always get the benefit. It’s because the Induction wheels are originally made for giving a cooler look to your Tesla Model Y. 

Whereas the Gemini wheels don’t look too bad on your car, they don’t look as amazing as the Induction wheels. They are more of a comfort wheel. 

But keep in mind that the Gemini wheels are the standard wheels for your Model Y and Induction wheels come with additional 2,000 US dollars. You are aware that Tesla Model Y is a bit more expensive than other cars on the market and spending additional 2,000 US dollars for looks might not seem reasonable for most people.

Comfort and Ride Experience

It’s the field of expertise for Tesla Gemini Wheels. They have a slightly bigger sidewall and outer diameter which makes them more comfortable and offers you a smoother ride experience than the Tesla Induction wheels.

The ride experience on a Tesla Induction wheels Model Y isn’t half bad, but it’s nowhere near the experience Tesla Gemini wheels will provide.

Although while providing us comfort on our ride, the Tesla Gemini wheels sacrifice a bit of aesthetics and range, which depends on what color model of Model Y we are using.


As the Gemini wheels are the standard wheels of a Model Y Tesla, it’s too hard to resell them. You get them for free because it comes with the Model Y itself. People only buy another set of Gemini wheels when their standard wheels get broken.

On the contrary, Induction wheels are always purchased separately. So, it’s a lot easier to resell them as buyers can always use a second-hand item if they can get them for cheaper.

Also, the Uberturbine wheels are the easiest wheels to resell because they usually come for 3,000 US dollars to 5,000 US dollars.


Tesla Model Y has a range of 330 miles, and you can get the best efficiency for that 330 miles of range on the Gemini wheels. Gemini wheels can give you a range of 330 miles on one charge.

As for the Induction wheels, they reduce the efficiency and range of EPA on a single charge from 330 miles to 318 miles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are Tesla Gemini wheels alloy?

The Tesla Gemini wheels’ covers are made out of plastic. And there is provided covered 10-spoke alloy wheels underneath the wheel covers.

Meaning, yes, Tesla Gemini wheels are made of alloy.

2. Can I buy new rims for a Tesla?

People often ask that question: Can I put aftermarket wheels on my Tesla?

The answer is yes. You can, but there’s a catch, as Tesla car’s stock options are special and they require special characteristics for themselves, putting aftermarket wheels might sacrifice some aesthetics and range.

3. What tires come on Tesla Model Y Induction wheels?

It’s the Goodyear Eagle F1 255/40R20 101W M+S tires. These tires usually come with the new Tesla Model Y cars with 20 inch Induction wheels selection criteria.

Our Verdict

We don’t want to play any favorites here. Both the long-range wheels have their own specialty, their own pros, and cons, and their own jobs to do.

If you want a better range, more comfort, and a smoother drive experience, don’t want to spend additional money on wheels and you are okay with a less amusing appearance, then the Tesla Gemini wheels are perfect for you.

And if you want better looking wheels than the Gemini wheels, want better handling on snowy and wet roads, better treadwear, and you are okay with spending 2,000 US dollars more on wheels, then the Induction wheels are perfect for you.

Otherwise, you can always get the performance Tesla Model Y with the Uberturbine wheels.

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