Tesla Glove Box Won’t Open: (Causes + Fixes)

The glove box in Tesla has a special place in my daily life as I used to carry small things inside it while driving to access.

Recently, the Tesla glove box won’t open even if it makes a clicking noise, but the door won’t open. After some while, I finally get the point and that’s what I’ll be sharing in this guide.

Normally, this kind of error occurs if the glove box is overloaded, the software needs to update, stuck issue, or somewhat internal bugs.

To fix that, you have to take care of these issues. In case you need a detailed procedure to fix the bug in my style, keep on reading. 

Tesla Glove Box Won't Open: Fix It Now!

Open The Tesla Glove Box by Trying These Fixing Hacks

If your glove box doesn’t seem to unlock, then it’s the right time to try the given techniques which help to fix the bugs. Enjoy!

Method #1: Reset the Glove Box Pin

When you have set the glove box in 4-digit passcode, it’s best to reset the pin as sometimes this fixes the issue of not opening. Here’s how do you reset a Tesla glove box pin:

  • Click on the touchscreen Tesla icon to go to the settings aka Quick Controls.
  • Press the Safety & Security > Glovebox PIN bar.
  • Hit the option to turn on the Glovebox PIN option. You’ll see an on-screen prompt that asks for a passcode.
  • Find the ‘Enter Your Tesla Account Credentials’ and click on it. This bar is mostly highlighted in blue text.
  • Then, you’ll find another on-screen prompt that says Reset Glovebox Lock. To reset it, enter your Tesla Account/Email Address and Password. Click on the Confirm bar.
  • Done.

Method #2: Use Hex Pin to Open the Glove Box

If the glove box seems stuck or jammed, then it might need external pressure that helps the door to pop open. So, can you manually open Tesla glove box? Yep, you can! Here’s how to do it in the right way:

  • Locate the side panel on the passenger seat.
  • Remove the front cover that hides the spot on the side panel using a pry bar or your hand.
  • Take a hex pin that is sleek and tiny to fit into the small hole like the Klein Tools 70591 hex pin.
  • Find the hole in the side panel area.
  • Insert the hex pin inside the hole at an upward angle and keep on pressing until the glove box door opens up.
  • Then, then turn it off using your hand.

Method #3: Open It With A Putty Knife

If the issue of the glovebox doesn’t open happens to you often in several years, this might be indicating one of the latches is blocked. 

To fix the error, you might need to use a putty knife on the corner of the dash and simply place pressure on the release button by hitting it hard.

Be sure the putty knife is still on the corner side when you are pressing the button. It should unlock after a few seconds. While doing this method, make sure to not overload the glove box.

Method #4: Update the Available Software

Due to delays in the software update, the Tesla can show weird responses. This can even cause the glove box to act improperly. In that case, you have to go to Quick Controls > Software > Update Available.

Then, hit the Software Update bar to start the process, and be sure to turn on the Wi-Fi beforehand to make that happen.

You might need to update the latest software in the Tesla app by pressing the Software Update > Install and hitting on it to start updating the version.

Exactly How Do You Unlock Tesla Glove Box!

Even if there aren’t a lot of ways for drivers to open the Tesla glove box, still you can try this method that gets the job done.

  • Press on the touchscreen’s T (Tesla logo) at the bottom section.
  • Then, you’ll find Quick Controls.
  • Locate the Glovebox bar which can be on the bottom side or inside the Quick Controls slide.
  • Click on it and you’ll see the magic.

Ending Note

When the Tesla glove box won’t open, it might annoy a driver if you are like me who keeps things inside the storage and uses them often. 

Now that you know the way-out procedure that works, try it. A lot of times the above tricks might not help. 

If that’s what you are going through, then it’s best to get help from an expert who can tell the issue and repair it for you even if it takes a few bucks.

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