Tesla Home Charger Installation Cost – A Complete Breakdown

In case you didn’t know, the most convenient way to charge your Tesla would be to charge it at home. There are many benefits. But what about the cost?

What is the Tesla home charger installation cost?    

A straightforward installation of a Tesla home charger can cost you anywhere from $750 to $1500. The cost can be significantly higher when the requirements and needs of the charger are relatively high.

But do you have multiple Tesla home charging options? If so, what is the installation cost associated with each of them?

You can find all these answers below!

Tesla Home Charger Installation Cost – A Complete Breakdown

Tesla Wall Charger Installation Cost

As mentioned earlier, the Tesla home charger cost can vary depending on your needs and the installation requirements. The thing is, you mainly have three different options for charging your Tesla at home.

Let’s discuss them all and go through the installation costs for each to give you a better idea –

1. Mobile Connector

This home charging option does not have any installation costs! Yes, it is the portable charging cable that comes with your Tesla.

All you need to do is plug it into any standard 120-volt household outlet, and the EV should start charging.

2. Wall Connector Charging Station

The wall connector is a step up from the mobile connector. This station is basically hardwired into your home’s electrical system.

And generally, Tesla owners install it in their garages.

Is It Expensive to Charge Your Tesla at Home

This requires a straightforward installation. So, if your home’s electrical circuits are not that complex, the installation cost of the Tesla wall connector will be just $750.

However, it can also be around $1500 if the professional installer needs extra items.

Talking of which, the Tesla wall charger wire gauge for this wall connector will be 6 AWG. And if you need extra wire, just know that this thick wire can be a little costly.

3. High Power Wall Connector

The Tesla home charger voltage of this station would be 240 volts. And as you can guess, it is faster than the options discussed above.

Likewise, its installation cost can also be a little higher than the others.

For example, the cost of installing the Tesla high power wall connector can be as high as $1700. And if everything goes well, the installation fee can be as low as $550.

Tesla Charging at Home

What Factors Affect the Installation Cost of Tesla Home Chargers?

The installation cost for Tesla home chargers depends on a few crucial factors. Those are –

Electrical Upgrades

Although the standard home voltage is 120 volts, the case can be a little different for some. And in such cases, your home’s electrical system will require an upgrade.

The story is the same if you want to opt for a 240 volts Tesla charging station.

Now, for this upgrade, you will need to shell out a good amount of money. In some cases, this fee will be significantly higher than the other costs. For example, a 240V electrical circuit upgrade can make you spend an additional $300.

The Complexity of the Installation

Even if the home’s electrical system does not require an upgrade, the installation becomes a little complex. For example, the electrical wires can be hard to get access.

And in such cases, the professional installation cost will be higher than usual.

Another great example of installation complexity would be the presence of existing electrical equipment. For example, The installation process can get a little tedious if there is already other electrical equipment in your preferred place.

Electrical Panel

Not all homes have an electrical panel that is capable of handling Tesla charging.

In such cases, you might have to install a sub-panel. And as you can guess, that will increase the total installation cost. If you want to know an estimated range, it will be anywhere from $400 to $1750 for the sub-panel.

Permits and Inspections

Depending on your area, you might have to get permits and inspections for installing the Tesla home charger. These will add up to the total cost and increase the fee.

On that note, the permit and inspection fee will depend on your area. Some areas might not require you to spend anything to get a permit. And when it comes to inspections, it will depend on the electricians.


The place where you prefer to install the Tesla home charger has an impact on the cost. For example, installing the station in the basement and garage will be easy.

However, the total price will be relatively high for other places, such as outdoors.

Is the Cost of Charging Tesla at Home Lower Than Public Chargers?

The upfront cost of Tesla home chargers might seem a little high. However, in the long run, it will be cheaper for you to rely on home charging instead of public chargers.

For example, the average yearly cost to charge Tesla vehicles is around $614. On the other hand, public chargers, such as the Wawa Tesla charging station, will require you to pay extra fees on top of the charging cost.

Some examples of these extra fees are membership costs and session fees. Not to mention that using Tesla home chargers is better than public chargers in many ways.

It’s not just about the cost.

Advantages of Using Tesla Home Chargers

So, there are many benefits of installing a Tesla home charging station. Among all of them, these stated are the ones that make the most impact –


When you install a Tesla home charger, you get the freedom to charge your EV whenever you need it. There is no need to drive to a charging station, nor will you have to wait if the public chargers are all occupied.

Faster Charging

Not all public stations are level 2 or level 3 chargers. Some are just basic level 1 chargers. And if you install a Tesla level 2 charger at your home, you can get your EV back on the road faster.

Cost Savings

It becomes quite hard to charge your vehicle at public stations during off-peak hours. In some cases, you might even have to pay a parking fee. But, with a home charger, you can take full advantage of the off-peak electricity rates.

There will be no need to move an inch from the house. Also, you won’t even need to worry about parking fees.

And let’s not forget that the charging can be basically free if you have a renewable energy source at your home.

Final Words

So, what is the Tesla home charger installation cost again? For a straightforward installation, you will be looking to spend anywhere from $750 to $1500.

However, for complex installations, it can be $1700 or higher. And if everything goes well, the installation can cost as little as $550!

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