How Much Does Tesla HomeLink Cost

How Much Does Tesla HomeLink Cost? [In-depth Guide]

Due to the Tesla HomeLink issue, sometimes folks need to replace the part. Before buying a product from the Tesla shop, it’s vital to know the cost range.

Well, Tesla HomeLink’s cost can differ based on the location. For example, in the US, it costs around $350, and in the UK, the same device takes €300. Likewise, you’ll need to pay $500 in New Zealand and AED1,472 in the UAE.

As this thing is a little complex, I’ll break down the approximate cost of the device and installation fee details so you can prepare beforehand. Plus, you’ll learn some other handy topics with the most-asked queries here. Let’s Go!

Here’s How Much Tesla HomeLink Costs!

Depending on the country type, the Tesla HomeLink price can charge differently. In some countries, it seems costly while this takes a low range in other countries.

Before I share the price range of HomeLink, you should know that the purchase price includes free installation.

In other words, you don’t have to pay for the installation as Tesla’s expert team will do this freely. Here’s how much you need to pay for a HomeLink device:

How Much Does Tesla HomeLink Cost

North America Country

  • In the United States – $350
  • In Canada – $480

Europen Countries

  • In Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, and Finland – €355
  • In Cesko – CZK 9,205
  • In Denmark – DKK 2,700
  • In Ireland – €360
  • In Norway – NOK 3,530
  • In Switzerland – CHF 355
  • In Sweden – SEK 3,805
  • In United Kindom – €300

Asian Countries

  • In Australia – $480
  • In Newzeland – $500

Middle East Country

  • In the United Arab Emirates – AED 1,472

In some rare cases, Tesla can charge an additional $124 – $130 for extra work.

How Long Does Tesla Take to Install HomeLink?

Based on the level of work aka labor of any skilled person who is installing the HomeLink to Tesla car, it can take more than 1 – 4 hours.

In general, Tesla team members take no more than 30 minutes to 2 hours to add a HomeLink device to a car and program it.

However, an ordinary skilled person who wants to do the DIY method will take more than 4 hours especially when he/she doesn’t have qualified skills.

Is Tesla HomeLink Worth It?

In order to open and close the door (garage, gate, or other things) automatically so you can pull up to the driveway and leave, Tesla HomeLink does worth the cost.

You see, it is a unique device that serves greatly and lets you control some settings like auto folding the mirrors or making a chime sound when the door opens and closes.

Is Tesla HomeLink Worth It

Sadly, the protocol of HomeLink can’t figure out if the door or gate is opened or closed, this just offers the trigger signal. Plus, it can lift the gate while you are halfway getting out or in the garage or other spot as it can’t sense precisely.

As it is expensive to get, a lot of folks try to avoid using HomeLink. But, the features and working of this device are decent that won’t disappoint.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I purchase a HomeLink device?

Well, you can buy HomeLink devices for Model 3 and Y cars from the Tesla Shop. Apart from this, you can also purchase it at your local service center.

3. Is Tesla HomeLink free?

No! In order to get the Automatic Garage Opener – HomeLink device, you’ll need to purchase it with some bucks (mentioned above).

4. Can I install HomeLink hardware myself?

Yep, you can install the part if qualified as the procedure is hard. According to Tesla, it is highly forbidden to add a HomeLink device by yourself.

Wrap Up

Tesla HomeLink’s cost can raise up as it has been increasing in the past years. In 2020, it cost no more than $300 in the US. Now, it charges $350 (meaning an extra $50 after two years) for the same device.

I hope you find this content detailed enough to get the approximate rate of HomeLink. Also, ensure to buy it from Tesla Shop or service center and avoid using third-party devices.

Now, be sure to check another guide to know the comparison between HomeLink D Mode vs Standard Mode in case you don’t know. Keep on reading like you always do!

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