Tesla HomeLink 101: All About HomeLink in Tesla Cars!

Tesla HomeLink 101: All About HomeLink in Tesla Cars!

Tesla HomeLink is a great feature that works wirelessly to open or close the garage without stepping out of the car. It usually supports 3 modes (Standard, D Mode, and UR Mode).

In general, it offers auto-fold mirrors, auto-open when arriving, auto-close when leaving, and chime for auto-open and close features. Well, it works using the RF signal to alert the receiver of the garage door from the HomeLink.

Here I’ll explain the ins and outs of HomeLink along with some helpful details and the most-asked questions. Let me lift the veil for you!

Tesla HomeLink 101: All About HomeLink in Tesla Cars!

Tesla HomeLink and Its Features!

Tesla HomeLink is like a wireless or keyless control system for your garage door, gate, and other things. All Tesla cars including Model X, S, Y, and 3 the capability to use this system.

Both Model S and X cars include the HomeLink system to open or close the garage door. But, the other two series (MY and M3) need to add the module after delivery via the Tesla Service Center.

Coming to the topic, when you’re in your car and drive up to the garage door or gate, it will open or close by itself! It’s like having a super helper. The way it works is through the HomeLink Universal Transceiver module.

With this, you can connect RF (Radio Frequency) devices which include garage doors, gates, lights, and security systems. It’s convenient and makes life a little easier!

Now that you understand exactly what Tesla HomeLink is, let’s explore the cool things you can do with its given feature:

Too Many Devices In Tesla Homelink Saved

1. Auto Fold Mirrors

This cool feature makes the car’s mirrors fold in automatically on both sides when you choose to activate it.

To turn this on, you’ll need to go to Controls and click on the HomeLink icon (home sign) at the top. Then, hit on HomeLink Settings.

Next, pick the device based on the garage where you are heading toward. After that, click on the Auto-fold mirrors option and run your car to the garage or bring it out.

2. Auto Open When Arriving

This feature makes your garage or gate open automatically as soon as your car gets close enough to them. To activate it, click on the HomeLink icon > HomeLink Settings > select a device name.

Then, hit on Auto-open when arriving option. After that, select the range of the distance when the gate will open using the left or right bars.

I would suggest setting it to 50 – 70 ft as this way the garage door will open up when the car arrives at a 10 – 20 ft distance.

3. Auto Close When Leaving

To make the garage or gate close when you leave the place, this feature does great work. You can turn this on by pressing on the HomeLink Settings > pick the device name > Auto-close when leaving. For setting the range, ensure to raise or lower the distance option.

4. Chime for Auto Open and Close

This feature helps drivers to listen to a soft sound when the auto open and close works. To turn it on, just go to HomeLink Settings > choose a device name. After that, click on Chime for Auto-open and Auto-close option.

What Are the Modes of Tesla HomeLink?

The HomeLink supports up to 3 different modes that you can choose based on your RF device in the garage door. Here are the transmit modes:

  • Standard Mode: Use this if your garage door’s RF device contains a remote control. Most of the time, Tesla drivers use this mode.
  • D Mode or UR Mode: Use this if your garage door’s RF device doesn’t contain a remote control and the receiver has a Learn/Smart/Program button.

For a better understanding, ensure to check this guide to understand the difference between HomeLink D Mode vs Standard Mode.

How to Use Tesla HomeLink?

You can easily operate the device using the car’s touchscreen and Tesla App. Here’s how you can do it yourself:

  • Via Phone: Open the Tesla App and click on Controls > HomeLink > Yes. This thing helps the garage door to open.
  • Via Touchscreen: Go to Controls > HomeLink icon (at the top) and then click on the device name to simply open or close the garage door.

If the device doesn’t operate to open or close the garage door, then try to troubleshoot Tesla HomeLink bugs like this.

How To Turn On and Off Auto HomeLink with Summon?

  • Firstly, go to Controls > Autopilot option using the car’s touchscreen.
  • Next, scroll down and locate the Customize Summon option.
How To Turn On and Off Auto HomeLink with Summon
  • Then, click on Customize Summon and then select On/Off under the Use Auto HomeLink section.
  • Next, press one device (of garage door, gate, and so on) based on your need.

How Does Tesla HomeLink Work?

When you activate the Tesla HomeLink, it uses a special radio frequency to make your garage door open or close.

As your car gets close to the garage door, the HomeLink module in the car sends signals to the garage door’s RF device to communicate.

Is Tesla HomeLink Worth It

Due to this, the garage door opens up when detects a car arriving or leaving nearby the zone. It uses rolling codes aka Keyless Entry System so that you can stay inside the car and control. That’s what does HomeLink do!

What Are the Benefits of HomeLink in Tesla?

There are many benefits of using HomeLink in Tesla cars. The main plus point is that you can easily open and close the garage doors from 3 different locations with HomeLink.

With this system, you won’t need to step out of the car in order to open or close the garage doors. It’s pretty reliable!

One thing I like about this is that you can choose between automatic or manual work to open and close the garage door.

This thing is beneficial for folks who don’t prefer the automatic work and feel better about manually opening/closing the garage door. In other words, you’re in control!

Another good side of this system is that it doesn’t need an internet connection to work. That means it’ll work as long as your car is turned on. And also, HomeLink doesn’t show lag or delay issues when using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Tesla HomeLink cost money?

Yes, it does cost money! You can get it from Tesla Shop which includes free installation service. For a detailed explanation, learn how much the Tesla HomeLink price is here.

2. Does HomeLink come with all Tesla?

Well, all Tesla cars come with a HomeLink option to open the garage doors. But, if talking about the device (Automatic Garage Opener), some cars are not equipped with it.

3. How to get HomeLink on my Tesla?

You can get the HomeLink device from Tesla Shop or Service Center. For that, just purchase it at home or schedule a meeting to buy it offline. And then, your parts will come to the service center and they’ll add it to your car.

Wrapping Up

Tesla HomeLink is a handy system that all busy folks should use. To know whether your car is capable of this system or not, go to Controls > Software and then click on Additional Vehicle Information.

After learning this, be sure to add it if you prefer using this system to open/close the garage door. Hope you find this guide informative and I’ll see you with a new topic!

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